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"Random" Encounters*

#1. Ambush - The first time you travel from Government District ??? (AR0045)

Ambush by Slavers (AR0045)

    When first traveling from Government district you'll get waylaid by a bunch of Slavers. Defeat them to get the Arbane's Sword of Agility.

    EXIT - leads to Athkatla. Make a link !!!

SUNA SENI: 4480 exp, Arbane's Sword of Agility, Random Gem or Gold, Leather Armor;
MAGE: 86 exp, [Minor Globe of Invulnerability], [Vampiric Touch], [Domination], [Shocking Grasp], [Magic Missile], [Flame Arrow];
SLAVER 1: 480 exp;
SLAVER 2: 724 exp;
SLAVER 3: 110 exp;
LOOT: Mace +1, Short Sword +1, Plate Mail +1, Arrows +1 (75), Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Potion of Stone Giant Strength, 826 Gold, Bloodstone Amulet, Necklace, Silver Necklace, Composite Long Bow (2).

#2. Ambush - the first time you travel to the City Gates. (AR0046)

Ambush by Thugs (AR0046)

    The first time you travel to the city Gates you will be ambushed by a bunch of thugs beating up on a poor old Renfeld. After disposing of the thugs, Renfeld will ask you to take him to his friends' house - a large orange building southwest of the Docks District, this is a Harper hideout in case you didn't know. Talk to a guard named Rylock there. Renfeld doesn't have much for a reward, so don't really ask for it.

    EXIT - leads to Athkatla. Make a link !!!

MAGE: ??? exp, [Strength], [Chill Touch], [Ghoul Touch], [Power Word Sleep], [Haste], [Ghost Armor];
THUG 1: 444 exp, Oil of speed, Potion of Insight, 67 Gold;
THUG 2: 324 exp, Potion of Extra Healing (3), 85 Gold;
THUG 3: ??? exp, Dagger +1 (2), Potion of Genius, Potion of Defense, Bluestone Necklace.

#3. Ambush - when you travel in the wilderness (AR0043)

Ambush in the wilderness (AR0043)

    When traveling through wilderness you may get ambushed by some bandits.

BANDITS: 2 x 1400 exp, 181 Gold, Leather Armor (2), Dagger, Short Sword;
BANDIT (MAGE): 974 exp, [Monster Summoning II], [Oracle], [Minor Spell Deflection];
BANDITS: 2 x 650 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Leather Armor, Long Sword, Club.


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