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Asylum 1 (AR1515)

Asylum 1 (AR1515)

    You'll get inside the Asylum via one of two ways, either by Desharik letting you in or by walking in alone. If you've ended up here via Desharik, then you'll be locked up in cells where Lonk the Sane will lecture you a bit and then let you explore the level a bit, after all it is recreation time.

    When you enter the Asylum by using the wardstone, then you'll be "greeted" by the Coordinator. Coordinator's voice is quite similar to the voice of Jon Irenicus. Keep in mind that if you enter the Asylum by using the wardstone you will not get the experience. The Coordinator, i.e. Irenicus, will introduce you to the prisoners: Dili the shapechanger, Wanev - previous asylum coordinator (Korgan will have an interesting comment), Naljier Skal - a former bard, Aphril - that can see through the Planes, Tiax (from Baldur's Gate I) - raving megalomaniac gnome,  Dradeel - an elven mage from Tales of the Sword Coast.
    At last, the Coordinator will introduce you to Imoen. At this point Irenicus will reveal himself and tell you that it is the protagonist that he is after. This is also when it will be revealed that Yoshimo (should you have him in your party) has betrayed you and slipped something into your food while you were aboard the ship. At this point, for obvious reasons, Yoshimo will leave your party.

    Irenicus will proceed with the ritual to take your soul at which point you will fall unconscious and trail off into the dream territory. Once you wake up, you'll end up getting lots of experience and you'll learn that Irenicus was not aware about what kind of creature you've faced. Irenicus has drained your very soul and taken your divinity. Apparently Irenicus and Bodhi are planning their revenge by assaulting from the "dark".

DEFEAT BHAAL IN YOUR DREAM: Protagonist receives 48500 exp, the rest of party members gain 28500 exp.



    Dradeel will give you his recipe.

    Check out the giant table for treasure.
LOOT: Sunstone Gem, 211 Gold.

    Lonk the Sane

    When you appear here after finishing the tests and speaking to Saemon Havarian, you'll be met by Lonk the Sane. He'll be quite disappointed that some of his prisoners have escaped. If you insist on releasing the prisoners, Lonk will attack you so you'd have to kill him. There are two more ways of "con"vincing Lonk the Sane to do as you wish. One of them is to bribe him - you'll have to pay 2000 gold to do it. The third way is to tell Lonk that with the help of the inmates you'll defeat Irenicus so that Lonk would not have to fear retribution.

BRIBE LONK: Party loses 2000 Gold.
KILL LONK: 20000 exp.


    Here you will find the inmates that are ready for a revolt. All that you need to do is to pour some fuel in the burning fire of their rage at Irenicus. After you've convinced the inmates to join you in the fight with Irenicus, you will be teleported to the big experiments room where you'll face Irenicus himself.

    Check out the table for nice treasure.
LOOT: Rogue Stone, 2 Gold.

    Saemon Havarian

    Here you will once again meet Saemon Havarian, after you have defeated Irenicus that is (is that so ?!). Saemon will explain a bit about Irenicus' further plans. Apparently he overheard his conversation with Bodhi and knows the final destination of Irenicus. It is the elven city of Suldanessellar. Apaprently Irenicus wants to become even more powerful than the Gods themselves. Saemon will be spilling all his knowledge it seems. He'll tell you that Irenicus left through a magical portal, the door to which is locked, this portal leads to the Underdark - a dangerous place to be. However, Saemon suggests that you come with him on his ship, this way you'll be able to get ahead of Irenicus.
    Jan Jansen will tell a hilarious story about Golodon. Korgan will now want to get on that blasted ship again. Edwin will also have a hilarious comment regarding the conversation with Saemon Havarian. Viconia will be unwilling to return to her homeland though.

    If you agree to follow Saemon, he'll teleport you just outside of the Asylum and tell you to seek him out in the Vulgar's Monkey Tavern in Brynnlaw.

    Jon's cabinet

    Defeat the guardian golem and check out the table and a locked closet.
STONE GOLEM: 8000 exp.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: First Journal of Jon Irenicus, Second Journal of Jon Irenicus, Staff of Thunder and Lightning.

    Jon's bedroom

    Here you will find the key that opens the door in AR1516 and a very nice Horn of Silence (you can use him three times a day).

    Check out the night table and the niche in the wall for treasure.
LOOT: Jon's Key, Horn of Silence, Rogue Stone.


    This exit leads out of the Asylum to its perimeter. It is enabled only after you agree to follow Saemon Havarian to his ship. You'll be able to enter here via the door in the Asylum perimeter.

    At this point (is it?), when you rest you'll be teleported to a dream sequence, where an Imoen look alike will teaach you the power of Bhaal's essence. From this moment on you can transform into a Slayer, Bhaal's avatar, once per day. However, since your soul was taken - you've lost your previous innate abilities.


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