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Asylum 2 (AR1516)*

Asylum 2 (AR1516)

Stairs (from the Tests)

After you return from the tests - you'll be stopped by Saemon Havarian, he'll hint you the way to defeat Irenicus. He suggests raising an army of inmates in order to face Irenicus.


    These stairs lead down to Area 1515.

Storage room

    Check out the crate and barrel for tresure.

LOOT: First Journal of Jon Irenicus, Arrows +1 (40), Arrows of Dispelling (5), Darts of Wounding (60), 90 Gold, Arrows (160), Darts (80), Bullets (120), Bolts (120), Throwing Daggers (20).


    In the corner of the corridor, behind the statue, you'll find a small niche full of treasure.

LOOT: Bolts +1 (40), 334 Gold, Flamedance Ring, Bolts (160).


    If you walk in alone, Irenicus will slay your entire party, apparently you are not strong enough to face him. You'll have to recruit an army in order to face Irenicus.

    When you appear here with the inmates, Irenicus will be truly surprised, but will brush your intimidation aside. By having taken your soul he has become unstoppable. You will end up fighting your party's clones and Irenicus himself (is this true ?!).

MAKE IRENICUS FLEE: Each party member gains 68500 exp.
KILL THE CLONES: Each clone is worth 650 exp.

    After Irenicus flees you'll end up fighting some assassins led by none other than Yoshimo (if he was in your party when you arrived in Brynnlaw). However, Irenicus will slay all the inmates before he flees. You should use all spells that reveal invisible creatures to make this fight easier. Watch out for Yoshimo's backstabs - he can kill wounded or weak characters with one backstab. Defeat the assassins and Yoshimo, do not forget to take his heart - you can redeem Yoshimo's soul in the Temple of Ilmater. Apparently Yoshimo was under a geas spell and so had to follow Irenicus' orders.

YOSHIMO: Yoshimo's Heart + all the equipment he had before;
MURDERERS: 7 x 1400 exp, Leather Armor (7), Dagger (7), Short Sword (7).


    This is a magically locked door and in order to open it you'll need to find Jon's key - it is in his bedroom.


GO TO THE UNDERDARK: Each party member gains 20000 exp.



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