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Asylum Dungeon 1: "The Gauntlet" (AR1512)

Room Imoen Gemstone portal Statues Riddle Statue of Riddles ... down below ... down below Storage Room Odd Statue Yuan-Ti Asylum Dungeon 1: "The Gauntlet" (AR1512)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.


    Right after you have been robbed of your soul, you are thrown into the dungeon beneath the Asylum. Bodhi decide to play a little bit of cat and mouse with you. You are to run her gauntlet before she decides to kill you. Big mistake, right ?

    After Bodhi departs, Imoen will appear and ask to join your party. What if you don't let her join? Where will she be waiting you?


    Near the doors to this room you'll find a big boulder. Check it out for it has some treasure.

LOOT: Bolts +1 (40), Star Sapphire, Heavy Crossbow, Bolts (40).

    Once inside the room you'll be attacked by Goblins.

GOBLINS: 6 x 20 exp, Random Small Treasure (4), Composite Long Bow (2), Arrows (160), Battle Axe (4).
    Check out the rug and a barrel for treasure.
LOOT: Ruby Stone, Spear +3, Bullets +2 (40), Bullets +1 (40), Arrows +1 (40), 758 Gold, Composite Long Bow, Arrows (20), Bullets (200), Throwing Axes (60), Throwing Daggers (90).

    Gemstone Portal

    This portal requires three certain stones to activate it: Ruby, Opal and a Sapphire. It is guarded by some Mephits and a Ruhk so slay them before you can use the portal.

RUHK: 7000 exp, Long Sword;
SMOKE MEPHIT: 420 exp;
ICE MEPHITS: 2 x 420 exp;
FIRE MEPHIT: 420 exp;
AIR MEPHIT: 2 x 420 exp.

    Once you bring the Ruby Stone, the portal will summon a Pit Fiend for you to battle.

PIT FIEND: 9000 exp.

    Bringing the Sapphire Stone summons a genie who gives you the Doomplate +3.

LOOT: Doomplate +3.

    Bringing the Opal Stone summons a Greater Wolfwere - a dangerous opponent.


    Statue Riddle

    Inside this room you'll find a chest containing weird things and eleven statues. You should put each object into the appropriate statue's hands. You can gather hints on what should go where by clicking on the statues. And so, going counterclockwise from the door, here are the riddles and the appropriate object that should go there.

LOOT: Warden's Note, Gagged Man, Golden Circlet, Grinning Skull, Hourglass, Jar of Water, Mirror, Star Medallion, Sundial, Sun Medallion, Sword Medallion, Worn Out Boots.

  1. At night I come without being fetched, at day I am gone without being stolen. ITEM: Star Medallion
  2. No beginning. No end. I am a symbol of the world's cycles. ITEM: Golden Circlet
  3. Two brothers we are, great burdens we bear, all day we are bitterly pressed; yet this I will say - we are full all the day, and empty when we go to rest. ITEM: Worn Out Boots
  4. Here, in this place, you swallow me. Yet, were I more, I could swallow you. ITEM: Jar of Water
  5. I have seen the mountains rise. I have seen the fall of Netheril. You shall die but still shall I march on. ITEM: Sundial
  6. To those within the dungeon I am joy. To those fully beneath my gaze, I can be Hell. ITEM: Sun Medallion
  7. I will save your life but yet you can die by me. I will settle disputes yet not with words. ITEM: Sword Medallion
  8. Name me and so shall you break me. ITEM: Gagged Man
  9. Always do I tell the truth, yet cannot speak. Look to me and see what really is. ITEM: Mirror
  10. I have two heads but one body. the more I stand still ,the faster I run. ITEM: Hourglass
  11. Try to defeat me but try in vain. When I win I end your pain. ITEM: Grinning Skull

    Upon completing the task, check out the chest in the center of the room for your material reward.

COMPLETE THE RIDDLES: 20000 exp, Sapphire Stone, Dusty Rose Ioun Stone.

    Statue of Riddles

    Here you'll find another bunch of statues with riddles, well mouths - the kind that you put your hand in and stuff happens. Well, if you put your hand inside the mouth of a statue, you get teleported into the central area with the winged statue and you'll be asked a riddle. You'll get punished for answering incorrectly and teleported out if you answer correctly. Once you guess all twelve riddles you will be generously rewarded.

    So here are the riddles, starting clockwise from the far left outside circle.

  1. Lighter than what I am made of, more of me is hidden than is seen, I am the bane of the mariner, a tooth within the sea. Speak my name. ANSWER: Ice.
  2. A spirited jig it dances bright, banishing all but darkest night. Give it food and it will live; give it water and it will die. ANSWER: Fire.
  3. The man who invented it, doesn't want it for himself. The man who bought it, doesn't need it for himself. The man who needs it, doesn't know it when he needs it. ANSWER: A Coffin.
  4. The life I lead is mere hours or less, I serve all my time by being consumed. I am quickest when thin, slowest when fat, and wind is the bane of the gift that I bring. ANSWER: A Candle.
  5. The more that there is, the less that you see. Squint all you wish when surrounded by me. ANSWER: Darkness.
  6. They come to witness the night without being called, a sailor's guide and a poet's tears. They are lost to sight each day without the hand of a thief. ANSWER: Stars.
  7. I can have no color, though there may be darkness within. I have no weight and hold nothing, and if placed in a container it becomes all the lighter. ANSWER: A Hole.
  8. Of all your possessions, I am the hardest to guard. If you have me, you will want to share me. If you share me, you no longer have me. ANSWER: A Secret.
  9. Alive as you but without breath, as cold in my life as in my death; never a thirst though I always drink, dressed in a mail but never a clink. ANSWER: Fish.
  10. I am free for the taking through all of your life, though given but once at birth. I am less than nothing in weight, but will fell the strongest of you if held. ANSWER: Breath.
  11. I have holes throughout, from back to front and top to bottom to core. More nothing than something within, and yet I still hold water. ANSWER: A Sponge.
  12. They follow and lead, but only as you pass. Dress yourself in darkest black, and they are darker still. Always they flee the light, though without the sun there would be none. ANSWER: Shadows.

COMPLETE THE RIDDLES: Each party member gains 5000 exp, Ring of Regeneration.


    Here you'll be attacked by a swarm of Yuan-Ti.

YUAN-TI MAGE: 7000 exp;
YUAN-TIS: 5 x 1500 exp, Long Sword (5).

    Crushing Trap

    Beware this trap, it will crush a character in a matter of seconds. If you don't walk along the south wall, the walls will smash you character. Instant death.


    This statue guards the escape route. In order to pass you'll need to find the builder's hand as the statue puts it, and you'll need to restore the focus of power. To get to the statue, however, you'll have to fight through a swarm of Yuan-Ti. Once you defeat them, be sure to check out the pots near the wall for some goodies.

YUAN-TI MAGES: 3 x 7000 exp;
GREATER YUAN-TI: 5000 exp, Long Sword;
YUAN-TIS: 2 x 1500 exp, Long Sword (2).
    Check out the pot for treasure.
LOOT: [Project Image], [Delayed Blast Fireball], 3 Gold, Darts (10). 

    Once you have the Hand of Dace and the Crystal Shard, then you can activate the giant head. For doing this you'll get nice experience. A way to the lower level opens.

ACTIVATE THE HEAD: Each party member gains 29500 exp.

    Storage Area

    In this room a golem is guarding possibly the best item in the game - the Bag of Holding. Defeat it and loot the area, although pay close attention for traps.

CLAY GOLEM: 8000 exp.
    Check out the two barrels (one trapped) for treasure.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
LOOT: Opal Stone, Bag of Holding, Arrows +2 (40), Bolts +2 (40), Bolts of Biting (40), Arrows of Piercing (40), Darts of Stunning (40), Darts of Wounding (40), [Prismatic Spray], Rogue Stone, Darts (80), Arrows (240), Bolts (160).


    These exits lead to the dungeon level below (AR1513).



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