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Asylum Dungeon 2 (AR1513)

Asylum Dungeon 2 (AR1513)

If you would like to see the hidden doors on this level, then hover your mouse over SHOW HIDDEN DOORS.

    Grimoire Room

    The ancient tome in this room will summon monsters for you to fight if you click on it. The monsters will get progressively harder each time you click. Once you defeat them all, you'll get a bunch of nice items.

KOBOLD CAPTAIN: 14 exp, Composite Long Bow, Short Sword, Arrows (20);
SWORD SPIDER: 2000 exp;
UMBER HULK: 4000 exp;
MIND FLAYER: 9000 exp;
BEHOLDER: 14000 exp.
REWARD: Ring of Free Action, [Simulacrum], [Summon Fiend].


    This large room is almost empty, except for a Wandering Horror.

    Check out the three jars for treasure.
LOOT: Bullets +2 (80), Bullets +1 (40), Bolts of Lightning (40), Darts of Wounding (40), [Simulacrum], [Monster Summoning III], [Spirit Armor], Bluestone Necklace, 206 Gold, Bullets (80), Darts (80), Bolts (80).


    Some more Yuan-Ti guarding the doorway.

YUAN-TI MAGE: 7000 exp;
YUAN-TIS: 5 x 1500 exp, Long Sword (5).


    This is a tough encounter, for you'll be fighting a Lich and his cronies. Refer to the Lich fighting techniques. The Lich casts the usual arsenal of spells: Time Stop followed by Spell Triggers, Symbols etc. Very tough undead to slay. Once you defeat the undead be sure to check out the jars for treasure.

LICH: 22000 exp;
GREATER MUMMIES: 2 x 8000 exp;
SKELETON WARRIORS: 2 x 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1, Arrow of Ice (1), Potion of Healing, 73 Gold, Two Handed Sword, Composite Long Bow, Helmet (2), Arrows (20).
    Check out the three jars for treasure.
LOOT: Cleric's Staff +3, Darts of Wounding (40), Bolts of Biting (30), Arrows of Biting (30), [Resist Fear], Emerald, 243 Gold, Bullets (40), Darts (80).


    This is a usual library. Search the bookcases for something interesting. Once you have defeated Dace Sontan, when you walk by the library you will see his apparition. It demands that you release him from undeath by staking his heart.

    Check out the three bookcases, jar and a table  for treasure.
LOOT: Arrows +2 (40), Bolts +2 (40), Bullets +2 (40), Arrows +1 (40), Arrows of Piercing (40), Darts of Stunning (40), [Finger of Death], [Power Word Stun], [Ray of Enfeeblement], Moonbar Gem, 869 Gold, Bullets (80), Bolts (80), Arrows (40), History of the Unicorn Run, History of the Red Ravens, History of Amn, History of the Bell in the Depths, History of Shadowdale, History of Sembia, History of Dambrath, History of Tethyr.

    Dace Sontan

    Dace Sontan has apparently been a builder of this wicked place and so you shall require his hand in order to escape the Asylum. You'll have to fight him as he won't reason with you. Being a vampire he can be a challenge, although, luckily he is alone. When you defeat him, Dace will retreat to his coffin. In order to obtain his hand, you'll have to stake him. You can find the stake over by the crystal on one of the Kobolds.
    When you stake him, Dace's soul will thank you for releasing him. After you've gotten the hand and the crystal shard, you should return to the level above.

DACE SONTAN: 8500 exp.
STAKE DACE: 9000 exp, The Hand of Dace.


    These innocent looking rooms are actually a trap. As soon as you walk in, the doors slam shut and Umber Hulks appear and attack you. You can pick the locks on the door however.

UMBER HULKS: 6 x 4000 exp.
PICK THE LOCK: y x 950 exp.


QUASIT: 2000 exp;
IMPS: 2 x 1400 exp;
KOBOLD COMMANDOS: 3 x 34 exp, Arrows of Fire (6), Short Bow (3), Short Sword (3).


    When you enter this room you will encounter a multitude of pesky little Kobolds worshipping a giant crystal. Slay them and then activate the crystal shard in the center of the room.

IMP: 1400 exp;
KOBOLD CAPTAIN: 1400 exp, Composite Long Bow, Short Sword, Arrows (20);
KOBOLD WITH DOCTOR: 64 exp, Short Sword +1;
KOBOLD COMMANDOS: 3 x 34 exp, Arrows of Fire (6), Short Bow (3), Short Sword (3);
KOBOLDS: 4 x 6 exp, Composite Long Bow (4), Short Sword (4), Arrows (80).

    Once you've activated the crystal, more Kobolds will spawn. Defeat them and take the crystal shard. You can also take the Wooden Stakes and use them to release Dace Sontan from his undeath.

KOBOLD: 450 exp, Short Sword;
KOBOLD: 400 exp, Composite Long Bow, Short Sword (2), Arrows (20).
KOBOLD SHAMAN: 270 exp, Wooden Stake, Quarterstaff;
KOBOLD WITCH DOCTOR: 114 exp, Short Sword +1;
KOBOLD SHAMAN: NO ??? exp, Club.
REWARD: Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard.




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