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Asylum Dungeon 3 (AR1514)

If you would like to see the hidden doors on this level, then hover your mouse over SHOW HIDDEN DOORS.


    This exit leads back to Level 2 (AR1513).


    In this hallway you'll find two hidden doors, one of which can be lockpicked. Pick it and use the lever inside the room that just opened in order to open the second door. The door leads to a secret room.

PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.

    Secret Room

    Here you will find a whole bunch of trolls guarding an urn. Inside the urn, besides other stuff, you'll find mithril tokens - you'll need them later. Beware, the Spirit Troll can drain your stats.

SPIRIT TROLL: 12000 exp;
TROLLS: 4 x 1400 exp.
    Check out the urn for treasure.
LOOT: Mithril Tokens (2), Arrows +2 (40), [Breach], 432 Gold.


    This room is guarded by Minotaurs, slay them.

MINOTAURS: 4 x 3000 exp, Battle Axe (4).
    Check out the fire pot for treasure.
LOOT: Mithril Tokens (2), Bolts +2 (40), [Sunfire], 78 Gold.


    This pond is surrounded by three statues which hold oil paintings. You can reach out and grab them, however, the paintings are trapped so beware. Can you disarm these traps ? Well, you can also search the pond, there is some stuff swimming there as well.

    Check out the three statues and the pool for treasure.
LOOT: Minotaur Horn, Mithril Tokens (2), Mind Flayer Painting, Umber Hulk Painting, Djinni Painting, Troll Painting, Bolts +1 (40), Bolts of Lightning (40).


    Near this room, in the corridor, you'll find a Troll plus another Troll inside.

TROLLS: 2 x 1400 exp.

    Minotaur Statue

    When you first approach this Minotaur statue you will find Bodhi. Apparently she got fed up waiting for you to escape and decided to end your existence. During the fight with Bodhi and her two pet vampires, the protagonist will change into the Slayer - an embodiment of evil. Beware, for when Bodhi runs away, the Slayer will turn on your party and rip it to pieces, so run... Bodhi will run away to report to Irenicus what she had just seen.

VAMPIRE: 10500 exp;
VAMPIRE: 8500 exp.

    The Minotaur statue is missing its horns. You'll need to find both of the horns if you wish to open the door barring you from descending further down into the dungeon.

OPEN THE DOOR: Each party member gains 29500 exp.


    This exit leads you to the Asylum Tests.


    On the way to the cave, in the corridor, you'll see a pool of water. Search it for the drowned treasure. There is a Minotaur guarding it too.

MINOTAUR: 3000 exp, Battle Axe.
    Check out the pool for treasure.
LOOT: Mithril Tokens (4), Bullets +2 (40), Bullets +1 (40), [Chain Lightning], 365 Gold.

    Inside the cave you'll meet more enemies.

GAUTH: 9000 exp;
MINOTAURS: 3 x 3000 exp, Battle Axe (3).


    Inside this room you'll find more Minotaurs guarding something.

MINOTAURS: 4 x 3000 exp, Battle Axe (4).
    Check out the pot for treasure.
LOOT: Minotaur Horn, Mithril Tokens (2), Arrows +1 (40), Acid Arrows (40), [Limited Wish], 119 Gold.


    This giant hall is guarded by a group of Yuan-Ti. Once you slay them, you can use the paintings that you've found over by the Pond in order to open the corresponding doors.

YUAN-TI MAGE: 7000 exp;
YUAN-TI: 5 x 1500 exp, Long Sword (5).

    The effect is as follows:

  • Mind Flayer Painting    -    an Ulitharid appears.

ULITHARID: 11000 exp, Flame of the North.

  • Troll Painting    -    a Spirit Troll appears.

SPIRIT TROLL: 8000 exp, Malakar +2.

  • Umber Hulk Painting    -    an Umber Hulk appears. This room is actually a corridor that leads further east.

UMBER HULK: 10000 exp.

  • Djinni room    -    a Noble Djinni appears.

NOBLE DJINNI: 10000 exp, [Spell Sequencer].


    In this corridor you'll find some Wolfweres. Slay them.

WOLFWERES: 4 x 1400 exp.


    Inside this room you'll be met by a golem.

STONE GOLEM: 8000 exp.
    Check out the table and an urn for treasure.
LOOT: Mithril Tokens (5), darts of Wounding (40), [Maze], Diamond, 213 Gold, Throwing Daggers (80), Throwing Axes (60), Darts (40).

    Token Machine

    Here you will find a strange device that accepts tokens and, apparently, dispenses boots in return. Depending on the ammount of tokens that you put in, you'll get a different item.

  • 5 mithril tokens    -    Boots of the North (Should they be switched ?)
  • 10 mithril tokens    -    Boots of Grounding
  • 15 mithril tokens    -    Boots of Speed
  • 20 mithril tokens    -    Jester's Chain +4


    Near the door leading to this room you'll find an urn be sure to check it out.

    Check out the urn for treasure.
LOOT: Darts +1 (40), Bullets +1 (40), Arrow of Biting, Bolt of Biting, [Mislead], [Phantom Blade], Diamond,

    Inside the room you'll see a single small chest and three large golems standing on guard. As soon as you open the chest, the door slams shut and the golems attack. When you kill all three of them, the door opens. The reward is worth it as you'll find a Gesen Bow String.

CLAY GOLEMS: 3 x 5000 exp.
    Check out the locked chest for treasure.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Gesen Bow String, Mithril Tokens (4), Star Sapphire.


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