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Bridge District (AR0500)

Lieutenant Aegisfield

    When you first enter Bridge District, near the northern gate, you will be hailed by Lieutenant Aegisfield, he warns you to be careful on the streets at night because there has been a string of strange killings. Apparently there is "Jack the Ripper" out there, some maniac who flays people alive. Lieutenant Aegisfield tells you that Faraji has found the latest victim. Lieutenant Aegisfield asks you to report to him with information regarding these killings. He also mentions old Rampah and a woman Rose as would be victims. Perhaps you should go and talk to them.

    Once you talked to Faraji and Mrs. Cragmoon, you can tell Aegisfield about Mrs. Cragmoon, he'll take the appropriate measures. If you didn't collect enough evidence, i.e., you only talked to Rose Bouquet, Aegisfield will say that he needs more evidence to accuse Rejiek, however, at this point you are free to go and confront Rejiek about the murders.
    After you are done with the tanner, you can come back to Aegisfield to collect your reward.

    Confronted tanner but did not present enough evidence to Aegisfield.
NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE: 45000 exp, 500 Gold.
    Confronted tanner and later presented enough evidence to Aegisfield.
ENOUGH EVIDENCE: 45000 exp, Party Reputation Increased by 1, 500 Gold.

    However, if you've presented Aegisfield with enough evidence right away, he'll go to check out the tanner's shop for himself and you will find him dead there. At this point you'll be able to return his body to the Chief Inspector Brega in the Council of Six Building and get your reward that way.

Fallen Paladins

    Near the eastern exit from the district, behind the building you will find the Fallen Paladins (only after you have accepted the mission from Sir Ryan Trawl from the Order of the Radiant Heart). Once you come up here, you will essentially walk in on a scuffle between the Fallen Paladins and the Shadow Thieves. The Fallen Paladin, Reynald de Chatillon, and the Shadow Thief, Rindus, are trying to divide the territory for their not so honest business. Shortly, a fight will ensue and, at this point, you could help the Fallen Paladins by attacking the Shadow Thieves.

    Kill the Shadow Thieves.
RINDUS: 1250 exp, [Pierce Magic], Potion of Invisibility (2), Potion of Extra Healing, Studded Leather Armor, Worn Out Boots, Arrows (20), Short Bow, Long Sword;
SMUGGLERS: 6 x 420 exp, Studded Leather Armor (6), Two Handed Sword (2), Short Bow (3), Mace.

    If you've helped defeating the Shadow Thieves,  Reynald de Chatillon will ask you if you are interested in employment. He tells you to retrieve Anarg's Cup. This cup in inside the building of the Order of the Radiant Heart. At this point you can go to he building of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District and try to procure the cup.
    Once you bring the cup, Reynald de Chatillon will introduce you to Anarg. At this point you shall have two options: to join Anarg's gang or not. If you decide to join, Anarg shall see through your lie when you tell him that you'd like to join him because he still has spies within the Order. At this point a fight ensues. Shall you refuse Anarg's offer, you will still be forced to fight his gang, although at this point Reyanld de Chatillon will refuse to participate in this fight and leave. So you'll end up fighting Anarg's goons no matter what.
    After you slay Anarg you should return to the Order of the Radiant Heart for your reward.

BRING THE CUP: 10250 exp.
"JOIN" ANARG: 7250 exp.
ANARG: ??? exp, Halberd +1, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Potion of Invulnerability, 100 Gold, Gold Ring, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Two Handed Sword;
REYNALD DE CHATILLON: 5000 exp, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Silver Ring, Plate Mail Armor, Wornout Boots, Two Handed Sword;
FALLEN PALADINS: 4 x 2000 exp, Random Treasure (4), Plate Mail Armor (4), Helmet (4), Two Handed Sword (4).

Shadow Thief Corpses

    Here you'll see some peasants discussing the corpses of Shadow Thieves that lie nearby, the reason for their deaths and the strange marks on them.

Muggers (near Balthis Estate)

    While you are on your way south, you will be approached by one Mugger who demands all your gold or else... Well, you can either give all your gold to him or say that he will be the one regretting the fact of mugging the wrong person.

    Kill the Muggers.
MUGGER: 20 exp, 6 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Small Shield, Bastard Sword;
MUGGERS: 3 x 1000 exp, Random Small Treasure (3), Studded Leather Armor (3), Bolts (60), Short Sword (3), Light Crossbow (3).

Carbos and Shank

    Somewhere near the giant arch in the Bridge District you will encounter two fools Carbos and Shank fighting it out for the love of a woman named Bubbles. You can join into the fight, but the spoils of war are meager. During the fight, one of the poor bastards will die (always Shank ?), but the winner will not get the love of Bubbles, she'll just leave.

    If you kill the fighters you'll get some measly loot.
SHANK: 20 exp, 1 Gold, Short Sword;
CARBOS: 20 exp, 1 Gold, Short Sword.

Kidnapper's House

    If you come here (at night???) after rescuing Tridir from his grave, you will see Am-Si, a man in red shirt. If you confront him with the information about his crimes he'll run inside the nearby house. Follow him there.

    Ground Floor (AR0507)

... to the Second Floor Kidnapper's house - Ground Floor (AR0507)

    Once inside Am-Si begins to apologize to his mates for being found out, they don't listen to him and instead simple kill him. After that they run out of the house. Follow them outside and put them out of their misery.

    Kill the kidnappers.
RETI: 1250 exp, Boots of Avoidance, 10 Gold, Andar Gem, Chain Mail Armor, Long Sword;
CAMITIS: 3000 exp, 28 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield, Battle Axe.
    Scour the room for treasure (Am-Si's corpse, sack, chest and a table).
LOOT: 32 Gold, [Identify], Turquoise Gem.

    Second Floor (AR0508)

... to the Ground Floor Kidnapper's house - Second Floor (AR0508)

    Once you come up here you shall see another hostage, Lady Elgea, at which point there are three things you can do. You can set her free right away, for this you'll gain the most experience. You can think on the matter some time and then free her, she'll get upset that you didn't free her right away and you will receive a smaller experience reward. The third choice is to actually collect a ransom for her, as is suggested by Edwin.
    If you open the closet, you will find a ransom note there which explains where and when to collect the ransom. Should you choose to go this route, then you'd need to meet Welther in front of the Copper Coronet after nightfall. He'll ask to show him the Ransom Note so as to confirm that you are real kidnappers and then he will give you the agreed ransom, no not gold, but a pair of Silver Pantaloons.
    Should you be foolish enough to return here after collecting the ransom, you will be met by Cowled Enforcers and Amnish Guards. They'll want to persecute you for your crime.

RECEIVE RANSOM: Party Reputation Decreased by 2, Silver Pantaloons.
    Scour the room for treasure (two locked chests, table and a closet).
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Ransom Note, 100 Gold, Random Small Treasure, Short Sword.
    If you return here after collecting the ransom, kill the Amnish Guards.
COWLED ENFORCER: 2 x 4000 exp, Potion of Agility (2), 50 Gold, Random Treasure (2);
AMNISH LEGIONARY: 4 x 3200 exp, Random Treasure (4), Full Plate Mail (4), Helmet (4), Spear (4);
AMNISH CENTURION: 7300 exp, Random Treasure, Full Plate Mail, Helmet, Spear.

Unmarked House

    This house has two doors, both of them are trapped. One of the locked doors, with the Disintegration trap, leads to the secret location of the Twisted Rune and the other one leads to a crypt with the Elemental Lich.

    Disarm the traps on the unmarked house.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2 x 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.

The Twisted Rune (AR1008)

The Twisted Rune (AR1008)

    This derelict house, that isn't even marked on the overhead map has two trapped doors and one of them leads to the Twisted Rune. But to enter inside you will need a Rogue Stone, you can find it, for instance, in Mae'Var's Guildhall - a merchant named Gorch has it for sale. Once you have the Rogue Stone in your inventory and you enter through the door, the Rogue Stone will disappear and you will be teleported to a secret hideout of the infamous Twisted Rune.
    You should really come here being prepared for the battle of your life. Defeating the Twisted Rune is a difficult task, but the spoils are worth it. Once you defeat them, you will be a proud owner of the Staff of the Magi.

    When you first teleport here, you shall appear in the small circular room. Do not advance forward, make all your battle preparations here, cast spells, drink potions, lay traps. As soon as you walk into the big circular room, you will trigger the appearance of the lich Shangalar, he will be surprised to see you here and since you've found out about the location of the Twisted Rune, Shangalar decides to kill you.
    At this point, run back to the small circular room and fight all the monsters there - this way you will be able to deal with them one at a time. Shangalar is a powerful lich so, in order to defeat him, prepare a little surprise for him - set all the snares possible. After the little chit-chat, Shangalar will teleport to the small circular room and this is why you should've set the snares because, if you've set enough of them, they might even kill him outright. If not, apply the Lich Fighting Techniques to defeat him and try to stay out of sight of the other enemies. Shangalar will cast Project Image and the usual array of defensive and offensive Lich spells, so do not forget to cast True Sight and the anti-mage spells. Spell Immunity: Necromancy would really come in handy here. If you weakened him with traps, he will be much easier to deal with.
    Revanek - this guy is a fighter and falls easily to melee attacks.
    Shyressa is a vampire, regenerates and level drains when hits, so Negative Plane Protection is a must against her. Either use the spell, Amulet of Power or Mace of Disruption +2 to stand up toe to toe with this nasty vampire. She should be your target number two due to the nasty level drain. Just remember to lure them one at a time. Apply the old "Divide and Conquer" principle.
    Vaxall is a big nasty beholder, it's eye attacks are fast and furious, however he can be easily defeated if one of your characters has a shield of Balduran or simply good saving throws. When killed, Vaxall drops his eye that you can use to get out of this level.
    Layene is the mage with the Staff of the Magi, watch out - she has a nasty spell repertoire. She usually gates in a Pit Fiend, casts Meteor Swarm, Time Stop etc., however falls easily once everyone else has been eradicated. Stay away from the Pit Fiend that she summons.
    Congratulations, you've eradicated the Twisted Rune !!!

    After you have defeated the lot of them and grabbed yourself a Staff of the Magi, bring the Beholder's Eye to the Cauldron and drop it there, this will power on the machine along the northern wall. Activating the machine will teleport you back to the Bridge District.

    Eradicate the Twisted Rune.
SHANGALAR: 50000 exp, 3890 Gold;
REVANEK: 6000 exp;
SHYRESSA: 10500 exp;
VAXALL: 14000 exp, Beholder Eye;
LAYENE: 4000 exp, Staff of the Magi, 25 Gold.

Elemental Lich

    Through the other trapped door you shall enter a house eerily similar to the Kangaxx's house in the Docks District.

    Ground Floor (AR0525)

... to the Crypt Elemental Lich's House - Ground Floor (AR0525)

    Although the ground floor looks innocent enough, nonetheless this house hides great evil. Beneath it lies hidden another sarcophagus with a nasty lich. Check out this floor for treasure and descend the stairs into the crypt.

    Scour the room for treasure (two tables and a sack).
LOOT: 19 Gold, Potion of Regeneration, Andar Gem, Shandon Gem.

    Crypt (AR0526)

... to the Ground Floor Elemental Lich's House - Cryptr (AR0526)

    When you lift the lid of the sarcophagus you will be able to see the gilded torso of a skeleton, in the meantime an Elemental Lich appears and says that you are foolish to follow Kangaxx. Elemental Lich is a powerful adversary, but can be defeated if you apply some tips and tricks of the trade (refer to our Lich Fighting Techniques). It casts the usual repertoire of defensive (Improved Mantle, Mirror Image, Protection from Fire, Fire Shield, Globe of Invulnerability etc.) and offensive spells (Time Stop, Gate, Meteor Swarm).
    If you have a Cloak of the Sewers or a Polymorph spell, transform one character into a Mustard Jelly - they have 100% magic resistance and other high resistances as well. Since Lich is a magical creature and will attack you mostly with magic or summons, have one character play the role of a jelly-shield, i.e. transform into a Mustard Jelly, walk up to the Lich and start hitting it. You may miss a lot, but that doesn't matter - you will distract the Lich from the rest of your party, it will concentrate all of its magical attacks on the highly resistant creature while the rest of your party can pummel it with ranged weapons and spells. This is a simple technique to defeat any Lich. Just watch out for those summons - take them out as soon as they appear or your jelly-shield may be in trouble.
    After you dispatch the Elemental Lich, take the Golden Torso from the sarcophagus.

    Kill the Elemental Lich and loot the sarcophagus.
ELEMENTAL LICH: 22000 exp;
LOOT: Golden Torso.

Derelict House (AR0529)

Derelict House (AR0529)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    There is a cut purse near this house that trades in stolen goods.

    This derelict house was bought by Neb with Unger Hilldark's money. Neb is a wanted man, he's a child killer who's on the run from Baldur's Gate. But before you get in you'll have to pick the lock on the front door.

    Pick the lock on the front door.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.

    Once you are inside, Neb will hail you at which point you can expose him as a murderer. Yoshimo will even suggest that Neb's head may be worth something to the authorities. But before you get his head you'll need to kill him. Neb summons spirits of the children that he's killed. At this point you can kill the spirits but you will get more experience if you kill Neb first at which point the children's spirits will be set free. After killing Neb, each one of your party members will have a Lesser Restoration spell cast on them. Once you kill Neb, grab his head and bring it to the Council of Six building in the Government District to get a reward.

    Kill spirits and then Neb.
SPIRITS: 4 x 1500 exp, Pearl (4);
NEB: 3500 exp, Neb's Head, Illithium Ore, Neb's Nasty Cutter, Potion of Invisibility (2), Potion of Extra Healing (3), Oil of Speed, 30 Gold, Iol Gem.
    Kill Neb, thus setting the spirits free.
NEB: 3500 exp, Neb's Head, Illithium Ore, Neb's Nasty Cutter, Potion of Invisibility (2), Potion of Extra Healing (3), Oil of Speed, 30 Gold, Iol Gem;
SPIRITS: 4 x 2500 exp, Pearl (4).

    This room holds some minor treasure and a painting with a non-disarmable trap, even 200% in Find Traps doesn't help, however, you can open it once you pick the lock - you'll have to spring the trap though so prepare to take lots of damage.

    Scour the room for treasure (shelf, trapped painting, two tables and two bookcases).
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Extra Healing (2), [Identify], 471 Gold, Silver Ring, Angel Skin Ring, History of Halruaa, History of the Dead Three, History of the Valley of the Gods.

Merchant's Square

    Pickpocket the storekeep here at the Marchant's square.

PICK THE POCKET: [True Sight].

    If you stumble by here on a quest to solve the murders in the Bridge District then you should talk to the beggar named Rampah, the courtesan Rose and the merchant Bel Dalemark. All of them will provide you with important information that is necessary to solve the murders.

    You can make Rampah talk if you give him a few gold pieces. At first he'll be very stingy with the information but seeing the glow of the gold pieces that you gave him will make him talk. He'll say that he found a piece of hide near the flayed body, he'll sell it to you for 100 gold pieces. (what if you tell him that you do not have that much gold?) When you give him the 100 gold pieces he'll give you the piece of Exotic Hide and say that you should go and talk to the merchant nearby.

    Talk to Rampah to gather evidence.
GIVE GOLD: Party loses 3 Gold.
BUY THE HIDE: Exotic Hide, Party loses 100 Gold.

    The merchant, Bel Dalemark, will identify the piece of hide that you've go from Rampah as Elephant Hide, a rare piece of hide that is used for making armor. He will suggest that there are few places to find such a hide, a local tanner named Rejiek may know about it. You could also talk to the animal tamer in the circus about this hide.
    You can talk to Bel Dalemark after you've talked to Rose at which point he'll say that there are two more things that smell like guril berries. One of them is the oak bark and the other is solik berries. Guril berries are used to make "intimate" potions, oak bark - used to make tannin and you can inquire about it at the local tanner's shop. Finally,  solik berries are used to make mumbleberry pie, however, right now it is the berry off-season. Bel will give you the samples so that Rose can smell them again.

    Talk to Bel Dalemark to collect evidence.
AFTER TALKING TO RAMPAH: Party loses Exotic hide.
AFTER TALKING TO ROSE: Guril Berries, Solik Berries, Oak Bark.
    Check one table near him for some gold.
LOOT: 9 Gold.

    Talk to the courtesan, Rose Bouquet, who hangs out near the merchant. She'll give information only for money, if you insult her - you'll have to pay 40 gold, otherwise - 20. Rose will tell you that she smelled something like guril berries, she may recognize the smell if she smelled it again. Rose says that you should talk to the merchant to see what he thinks.
    After you bring the samples from Bel, Rose will point out that the Oak Bark is what she smelled at the murder scene.

    Talk to Rose Bouquet to collect evidence.
INSULT ROSE: Party loses 40 Gold.
BE NICE TO ROSE: Party loses 20 Gold.
SHOW ROSE THE SAMPLES: Party loses Guril Berries, Solik Berries, Oak Bark.


    You can find this kid right near the Temple of Helm, a couple of gold pieces will make him talk freely. He found the body of old Bilver. Faraji suspects that it was Mrs. Cragmoon who did it, because he thinks that she's an evil witch - she slaps kids for stealing cookies. Go and talk to her to see what she thinks about it.

Mrs. Cragmoon

    Near Neb's house you can find Mrs. Cragmoon, she sells potions and if you have a thief you can drink some potions of Master Thievery and steal the potions from her.
    If you talk to Mrs. Cragmoon after talking to the little kid Faraji, she'll tell you that she lets him steal her cookies. She is indeed a witch albeit not an evil one, she's just an old magic user. That's all there is.

Tanner Shop

    A little bit down near the water you'll find a crate with some gold.

    Check out the crate.
LOOT: 15 Gold.

    Top floor (AR0501)

Tanner Shop - Top Floor (AR0501)

    You'll find Rejiek here and as soon as you walk in he'll ask what the hell you are doing in his house. You can confront him with the evidence that you've got, the elephant hide and tannin at which point he runs away down the stairs. For confronting Rejiek you'll gain experience. You can check the containers here for some treasure.

    Scour the room for treasure (table and sack).
LOOT: Potion of Regeneration, 19 Gold, Andar Gem, Shandon Gem.

    Middle Floor (AR0502)

Tanner Shop - Middle Floor (AR0502)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    This floor is heavily trapped so move carefully here, disarm the traps first. Inside the trapped bed and closet you'll find some treasure. Moreover, the other bed holds a grizzly item - a Human Flesh, so that's what the tanner has been working on ! Inside the closet you will find a really interesting Tanner's Letter. Apparently, in order to finish the "project" you are supposed to meet a man in the Umar Hills, you should signal your identity by purchasing the book The History of Zhentarim. You are then supposed to say the true name of this contact and to do that you are given detailed instructions on how to come up with this name, for this you would need the name of tanner's master. Here are the instructions:
        Our names are the same in their scale and their cut.
        The last of his begins just as the first of mine.
        The second of my first is the second of his first, though regressed a full four steps.
        The third of my first is four more than the last of his first.
        The entire last of my first is the last of his first, except the first one of these is the first of my last.
        The first of his last is mine plus one.
        The next of my last is the last of his first plus one.
        The last of my last are third and second, coming in first for him.
    You shall be able to decipher this, once you know the name of Rejiek's master, see below.

    If you came here after presenting Aegisfield with enough evidence for the murders, you shall find his lifeless body hastily dumped in a stove. You can bring it to the Chief Inspector Brega at the Council of Six building for a reward.

    Disarm the traps and scour the room for treasure (two beds and a locked closet).
DISARM THE TRAPS: 5 x 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Tanner's Letter, Human Flesh, Potion of Fire Resistance, [Protection from Electricity], 130 Gold, Black Opal, Moonbar Gem.
    If you've presented lieutenant Aegisfield with enough evidence, you'll find his body in a stove.
LOOT: Inspector's Body.

    Bottom Floor (AR0503)

Tanner Shop - Bottom Floor (AR0503)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    When you descend here chasing after Rejiek, you will be hailed by a mage Vellin Dahn who will command his accomplices to kill you and will teleport away. When you dispatch the Rune Assassins and Ghasts, you will notice that a ship that was docked to a platform nearby has hastily departed. It seems that Rejiek has slipped away, for now. Check the crates for treasure, but beware - they are trapped.

    Kill the enemies and scour the area for treasure (two trapped crates and a barrel).
RUNE ASSASSINS: 2 x 4500 exp, Short Sword +1 (2), Potion of Extra Healing (2), Random Treasure (2), Leather Armor (2);
GHASTS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2);
DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp;
LOOT: Gesen Bow Shaft, [Monster Summoning II], [Improved Invisibility], Random Treasure, Random Gold Amount, Hide Armor.

    Now that you know the name of Rejiek's master, Vellin Dahn, you can work out the secret name of the contact in Umar Hills. If you'd like to know what it is, then hower your mouse over SECRET CONTACT.

Fish Merchant's House

    This is a house of a fish merchant Reedle. You can talk to him and he'll tell you general information about the murders in the Bridge District, about the thieves war etc. Do not forget to check the barrel nearby for some gold. Also you can waltz inside his house and find nice treasure there.

    Check out the barrel near the house.
LOOT: 3 Gold.

    Ground Floor (AR0527)

... to the Second Floor Fish Merchant's House - Ground Floor (AR0527)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    The first floor of the fish merchant's house is guarded with a couple of traps, so beware.

    Scour the room for treasure (table, dresser, trapped bookcase and a pot), but watch out for traps.
DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp;
LOOT: Wand of Magic Missiles, 87 Gold, Agni Mani Necklace, History of Amn.

    Second Floor (AR0528)

... to the first floor Fish Merchant's House - Top floor (AR0528)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    The second floor of the fish merchant's house also has a couple of traps to deter the unskilled. Inside a trapped chest you'll find a Silver Horn of Valhalla that you can upgrade at the weapons smith in the Waukeen's Promenade to more potent versions.

    Scour the room for treasure (trapped dresser, three night tables, bookcase, a table and a trapped chest).
DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Silver Horn of Valhalla, Bolts +2 (2), Potion of Insulation, Potion of Hill giant Strength, Potion of Insight, 4 Gold, Onyx Ring, Moonbar Gem, Fire Agate Gem, History of the Moonsea, History of the Dead Three, History of Amn.

Temple of Helm (AR0512)

... to the Bridge District Temple of Helm (AR0512)

    This is your regular Temple of Helm. You can speak with Guardian Vottnar to obtain the usual temple services, you could also pickpocket him for some treasure.

    Pickpocket Guardian Vottnar for some treasure.
PICK THE POCKET: [Cure Critical Wounds], Silver Necklace.

Five Flagons Inn

    Ground Floor (AR0509)

... to the top floor ... to the Playhouse Five Flagons Inn - Ground Floor (AR0509)

    Right near the entrance to the Five Flagons Inn you shall find  some interesting characters: Jerry Jamtoes, Hrothgar Firehammer, Lord Sterk and Thalia Thunderburp. You can pickpocket them for some minor loot.
    At the bar you shall find Samuel Thunderburp - a friendly barkeeper. He'll sell you drinks and offer you to take a look at the theater downstairs. You can pickpocket him as well for some nice treasure.
    Do not forget to check the crate near the stairs down, you'll find a gem there.

    Pickpocket the patrons in the inn and check the tables for some minor treasure.
PICK THE POCKETS: [Identify] (2), Potion of Extra Healing (4), Potion of Fire Giant Strength, 16 Gold, Sunstone Gem (2), Bloodstone Gem, Gold Ring.
LOOT: 3 Gold, Agni Mani Necklace.
    Check the crate near the stairs to the basement.
LOOT: Bloodstone Gem.

    Top Floor (AR0511)

... to the Ground Floor Five Flagons Inn - Top Floor (AR0511)

    There is nothing much happening here. Just loot the rooms and don't forget to check out the wagons for some treasure.

    Room 1. Pick the lock for some experience.
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: [Protection from Petrification], 1 Gold. 
    Room 2. Pick the lock and loot the room.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Potion of Insight], Ziose Gem.
    Wagons. Check out the contents of the wagons for some minor treasure.
LOOT: 2 gold.
    Bedroom. Check out the bedroom for minor loot.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Silver Necklace.

    Room 3

    In this room you will find the two Githyanki that are searching for the creature known as the Hidden. They will be here only if you are doing the Hidden quest and have talked to Thumb over at the Sea's Bounty tavern. You'll have no choice but to kill them (the voice in your head will control your actions), they aren't too hard to dispatch.
    After you kill them, ask yourself the following question: "What kind of a creature is the Hidden that he has two Githyanki after his neck ?"
    Return back to the Hidden to report the job done.

GITHYANKI: 2 x 2000 exp, Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, 198 Gold, Spear, Bastard Sword.

    Playhouse (AR0510)

... to the Astral plane ... to the Ground Floor Five Flagons Inn - The Playhouse (AR0510)

    When you first descend here, you will be greeted by a receptionist who will invite you to see a play by a troupe from the city of Sigil. You'll have to pay 5 gold for the ticket though. There is a chest right near the receptionist holding some gold, probably money for the tickets. You can take it if you are that bad.

    Once you enter you shall be treated to such a horrible play that even the odd looking public will be disgusted by it. The actors, Kirinaldo and Lunisia, will try to save the play, however, the substitute actor will just blow it. When it is clear that the play is doomed, Raelis Shai, the troupe leader, will interject with an apology and a plea to find some adventurers willing to help the troupe.

    If you feel ready for an interesting adventure then go ahead and talk to Raelis Shai, be forewarned though - you won't get the ticket refund. Raelis Shai will tell you that one of their troupe members, Haer' Dalis, has been kidnapped by a wizard named Mekrath who lusted for Haer' Dalis' gem. She asks you to return both Haer' Dalis and his gem back to the troupe. She doesn't trust the city guard to do this mission, therefore she's on the lookout for the adventurers of just your type. As a reward Raelis Shai will offer 300 Gold and all the treasure that you can find in the wizard's dungeon, however, if you bring back the gem as well - she'll give even more. You can get to Mekrath's lair through the city's sewer.

BUY THE TICKET: Party loses 5 Gold.
    Open the locked chest near the receptionist.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: 101 Gold.
    Check out the prop room for treasure (crate and a battle tower prop).
LOOT: [Ghost Armor], [Confusion], [Stoneskin], Flamedance Ring, 9 Gold.
    Check out the tables in the actor's room and pick the actor's pockets.
PICK THE POCKETS: Bloodstone Ring, 72 Gold, Dagger;
LOOT: Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, Greenstone Ring, 9 Gold.

    Upon your return from the Mekrath's Lair, you should go talk to Raelis Shai. She'll mention that Haer'Dalis has already made it here and inquire whether you've brought the Portal Gem. You'll receive your small gold reward of 300 Gold pieces. If you (Korgan or Edwin, should you have them in your party) demand money for the gem, Raelis Shai will get upset, however, will give you the money for it. It turns out though that this is not a mere worthless gem and it seems that you have been fooled by these petty actors. This gem opens some kind of a conduit between the Astral and the Prime Material planes. If you decide to give the gem, Raelis Shai will give you less money for it.
    If you confront Haer'Dalis about him having lied to you - he'll explain that his misfortunes began with a single play "A Comedy of Terrors" that he didn't even write. He and his troupe come from the city of Sigil - a planar hub of sorts. Hours after this satirical play the theater was ruined and they were forced to flee. Apparently the satire was about Duke Rowan Darkwood who didn't much like this satire to such an extent that he sent bounty hunters to hunt the troupe down.
    Once you give the gem, Raelis Shai will begin opening the conduit, although she'll warn that whatever is on the other side of the conduit - will come through it. Expecting trouble, she'll ask you for help in holding off whatever comes out of that portal. At this point you'll have three options: refuse to help her, agree to help her or agree o help and then betray. You can get an extra 1000 out of Raelis Shai  if you help he deal with the extra-planar creatures. If you refuse to help, Raelis will begin the summoning when you leave.
    These rewards do not depend on the fact whether you help Mekrath or kill him.

    Once the portal is opened the bounty hunters will appear and try to snatch the troupe members. Raelis's attempts to convince the bounty hunter that they were set up will fall on deaf ears, the fight will ensue. You can help Raelis Shai by defeating the bounty hunters or betray her. The choice is yours. However, bear in mind that if you betray Raelis - the portal will close and you will fully miss one area - the Astral Prison.
    The bounty hunter has captured the actors and if you want to release them you'd have to follow them into the portal to the Astral Prison.

    If you've betrayed Raelis Shai, after their capture Samuel Thunderburp will come to investigate all the commotion downstairs. He'll ask about the actors' whereabouts and the fate of the Playhouse. If you say that Raelis has left the deed to the playhouse to you and you intend to run it Samuel will introduce you to a person who can help you run the day-to-day matters of the playhouse. This man is Higgold, recently from Calimport. He'll tell you that he needs a week to find actors and a play and six weeks after that for rehearsing it. All that he needs from you is to make a financial investment and make certain decision from time to time. If you agree to his proposal, he'll depart to look for actors.
    What if you do not intend to run it ?

DEMAND MONEY FOR THE GEM: 21250 exp, 1200 Gold, Party loses an item: Portal Gem.
GIVE THE GEM: 21250 exp, 700 Gold, Party loses an item: Portal Gem.
    Fight the bounty hunters.
QUASITS: 2 x 2000 exp;
SHADOW FIEND: 2000 exp.

    After your return from the Astral Prison you will be able to find Haer'Dalis at the ground floor of the Five Flagons Inn, that is if you refuse him joining your party.

Balthis Estate (AR0506)

Balthis Estate (AR0506)

    Both of the outside doors lead to the estate.
    This is the home of Acton Balthis, Vice-regent for the Council of Athkatla. You can talk to his butler Pip, then leave or you'll get caught for trespassing the private property.
    If you check out the alcove by the pool with a hidden thief - you'll find some treasure there.

    You can pick Pip's pocket for a scroll.
PICK THE POCKET: [Protection from Evil].
    Check out the alcove by the pool and the bedroom for treasure.
LOOT: [Identify], Angel Skin Ring, 102 Gold.

House south (AR0531)

House south (AR0531)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    This is the house directly south of the Balthis Estate. Besides a trapped crate there aren't too many useful goodies except one - Ankheg shell. You can bring this shell to Cromwell and he'll fashion a nice suit of armor from it.

    Check the treasure in the sack, barrels, bookcases and a trapped crate.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Ankheg Shell, Potion of Healing (3), Turquoise Gem (2), Andar Gem, 2 Gold, History of the Western Heartland, History of the Chosen of Mystra, History of Estagund.

Another house (AR0530)

House (AR0530)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    Here you will find some angry guys who'll attack you on sight. Wipe the floor with them. After you've done that check out the trapped chest and a closet.

VALERIA: 12000 exp, Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace, Plate Mail Armor, Darts (10), Bastard Sword;
FALAHAR: 12000 exp, 1 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Halberd;
DRACANDROS: 8000 exp, Bracers of Defense AC 7, 41 Gold;
PITRE: 6000 exp, Andar Gem, 30 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield, Mace.
    Check out the trapped closet and a chest, sack and a barrel.
DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Spirit Armor], [Breach], [Lightning Bolt], [Protection from Electricity], Laeral's Tear Necklace, Star Sapphire, Black Opal, 461 Gold, Medium Shield, Mace, Two Handed Sword.

Delosar's Inn

    By the entrance to Delosar's Inn you'll run into a poor man by the name Vittorio (this is part of a Limited Wish Quest). He'll ask you to collect the debt that the nasty Dennis owes him. Apparently Dennis refuses to pay for the gong lessons that Vittorio was giving him. Well go inside and talk to this Dennis.

    Ground Floor (AR0514)

Delosar's Inn - Ground floor (AR0514)

    Here you will encounter Captain Denis and his gang of mercenaries. They are itching for a fight so beware as they can be quite tough for a beginner party, especially if you are playing solo mage =).
    If you are doing the Limited Wish quest and have spoken to Vittorio, Dennis will actually tell you that Vittorio stole his mother's gong and used the money from its sale to pay for the bartab. Dennis will become quite angry and demand that the gong be returned. He'll hold Vittorio hostage until that moment. Vittorio will get scared and spill the beans, apparently he sold it to a man named Roger down in the sewer. Go talk to Roger the Fence.

CAPTAIN DENNIS: 7300 exp, Boomerang Dagger +2, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Random Small Treasure, 280 Gold, Full Plate Mail, Helmet, Bolts (40), Heavy Crossbow, Halberd;
MERCENARY OF RIATVIN: 7300 exp, Random Small Gold, Quarterstaff;
MERCENARY OF RIATVIN: 5500 exp, Random Small Treasure, Quarterstaff;
MERCENARIES OF RIATVIN: 2 x 3200 exp, Random Small Treasure (2), Full Plate Mail (2), Helmet (2), Arrows (80), Two Handed Sword (2), Long Bow (2).
    Check out the few chests in the room.
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: [Identify] (2), 89 Gold, Arrows (20), Warhammer.

    Once you bring the gong to Dennis, you'll receive nice experience reward, some gold and a Boomerang Dagger +2. After this, Dennis and his gang depart.

BRING THE GONG: Each party member gains 16500 exp, Boomerang Dagger +2, 1500 Gold.

    Top Floor (AR0515)

Delosar's Inn - Top floor (AR0515)

    There isn't much here to see. Plunder and move on...

PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Random Treasure, 34 Gold.

    Basement (AR0513)

Delosar's Inn - The Basementr (AR0513)

    If you have Jan in your party when you walk in here then you will witness a funny exchange between the barkeep, Calbor, and Jan regarding the turnip lotion. He he he, good fun.
    Calbor will reveal interesting information regarding the guilds in the city, especially about the new powerful guild. You can pickpocket him and the Amnish Guard for some spell scrolls.

    Check out the table near the exit.
LOOT: Iol Gem.



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