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Brynnlaw (AR1600)


    If you've sided with the Shadow Thieves, when you arrive at the Docks you'll be ambushed by some vampires.

    When you arrive to Brynnlaw as Bodhi's ally, Saemon Havarian will have a little chit chat with you and then show you the way to the Vulgar Monkey tavern at which point he'll depart back to his ship. Edwin has a particular funny comment regarding Saemon Havarian. Saemon will tell you that you should speak with the man named Sanik inside the tavern.

Nearby, at the Docks, there is a crate with some basic stuff. There is a pirate nearby, probably guarding his well earned loot.

PIRATE: 650 exp, 45 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Bolts (40), Heavy Crossbow, Scimitar.
    Check out the crate by the docks for treasure.
LOOT: 2 Gold, Bolts (40).

    Lady Galvena's Festhall is closed at night ? When is it actually closed ?

    When you've freed Claire from Lady Galvena's imprisonment she will take you here to meet captain Golin. Golin will reveal some information on how you can get inside the Asylum. Golin will mention that there are two ways to get inside the Asylum either as a Cowled Wizard or as a 'deviant'. He suggests that you go and seek out the former Cowled Wizard Perth the Adept, he uses the wardstone to pass the wards on the way to the Asylum. To be judged as a 'deviant' you must convince Desharik, the Pirate Lord of the Isle, that you are mentally unstable and pose a threat to those around you.

RESCUE CLAIRE: 10000 exp.   
MEET WITH GOLIN: 2000 exp, 22 Gold.

    If you decide to do so, you can kill Golin and Claire.
GOLIN: 1650 exp, Medium Shield, Mace;
CLAIRE: 14 exp, -7 Reputation.

The Store (AR1603)

Brynnlaw - The Store (AR1603)

    Check out the weapon stands and a table for some treasure.
LOOT: 34 Gold, Bastard Sword (4), Spear (4).

The Vulgar Monkey Tavern (AR1602)

Brynnlaw - The Vulgar Monkey Tavern (AR1602)

    Near the entrance to the tavern you'll find a barrel and a guy by the name Chremy. After you've talked with Ginia you should come and have a not so pleasant chat with Chremy.

    Check out the barrel for some treasure.
LOOT: Bloodstone Gem.
    Pick Chremy's pockets.
PICK THE POCKETS: Galvena's Medallion, [Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental].
    You could also kill him.
CHREMY: 1100 exp, Galvena's Medallion, [Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental], 12 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Bastard Sword.

    When you walk into the tavern and talk to Sanik you'll learn that he is trying to bolt from this island. However, his speech will be cut short by an assassin sent by Lady Galvena. The assassin will then turn on you. After you kill him, the innkeeper will reveal that the assassin was sent by Lady Galvena, the local mistress. Apparently Sanik fell in love with one of Lady Galvena's girls and that seemed to be his fatal mistake. It seems that if you want to learn the information of how to get into the Asylum, you'd have to find this girl Claire.

ASSASSIN: 900 exp, Short Bow +1, Arrows +1 (20), 39 Gold, Studded Leather Armor.
    Also check out the bar and pickpocket a few pirates.
PICK THE POCKETS: [Identify], Emerald;
LOOT: 5 Gold.

    Here you'll also find the crew of the "Bleeding Mary", formerly the "Yawning Mary" (Baldur's Gate I).

    After you've dealt with Irenicus in the Asylum and agreed to take Saemon Havarian's ship you should come here to have a chat with him. At this point you'll learn that Saemon's ship has been scuttled by the Pirate Lord and he needs another one in order to escape this cursed island. You are to steal the Pirate Lord's ship in order to have revenge. However, to escape the island you'd need to open the gates to the sea. To do this - you need to steal the horn from the Pirate Lord, this horn will allow the gates to be opened. during the night the horn is located in Cayia's house, the Pirate Lord's courtesan and during the day in the house of Pirate Lord himself. To sweeten up the deal Saemon offers to give you a blade - a part of the Silver sword.


    Here you'll find a smuggler by the name Calahan. You may remember him from Ulgoth's Beard in Baldur's Gate I.

    You'll have to talk to Calahan in order to arrange for Ginia and her brother to be smuggled out. Calahan will demand that you pay him some gold for the arrangements a "100 gold per head" as he puts it. After you pay up, go talk to Ginia so that she can leave the island.

ARRANGE FOR GINIA TO BE SMUGGLED: 2000 exp, Party loses 200 Gold.

    If you don't particularly like Calahan and decide to kill him keep in mind that you will lose out on the quest to smuggle Ginia from the island, unless you've already done it.

CALAHAN: 70 exp, Studded Leather Armor +1, Short Sword +2, 133 Gold, Medium Shield.
    There is also a crate near Calahan.
LOOT: Turquoise Gem.

    Also nearby you'll witness a duel between Andante and Dirbish the Black. You could kill them both plus the Duel Coordinator if you'd wish to.

ANDANTE: 1000 exp, Long Sword;
DIRBISH THE BLACK: 1000 exp, Long Sword;


    Talk to Ginia. She's an unfortunate employee. She'll spill her beans if you promise not to tell Chremy. She'll tell you her family's history. You can help her but you'll have to arrange for Ginia and her brother to be smuggled out of the island, lest the pirates find out about it. In order to do that go talk to Calahan, but first you'll have to solve the problem with Chremy. You can find Chremy near the inn.
    After you've dealt with Chremy make sure you tell Ginia that she ahs nothing to fear from him anymore. At this point Ginia will ask you to arrange safe passage for her and her brother. Go talk to Calahan.
    When you paid Calahan and made the proper arrangements talk to Ginia again and tell her the good news.

TALK TO GINIA: Party loses 1 Gold.

    There is a small nook in a house window near Ginia, be sure to check it out.

LOOT: Wand of Paralyzation.

Temple of Umberlee (AR1604)

Brynnlaw - Temple of Umberlee (AR1604)

    Near the temple there is a pirate, crate and a barrel.

PIRATE: 650 exp, 45 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Dagger, Long Sword.
LOOT: 1 Gold, Darts (30).

Perth the Adept (AR1605)

If you would like to see traps on this level hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    You will meet a mage here, Perth the Adept. His mind is controlled by someone more powerful. Perth will attack you no matter what you do. You will also learn that "Yoshimo is inconsequential". Perth throws up a Spell Trap and can be quite nasty, however, he's alone and will easily fall to concentrated melee attack. You can use the wardstone to enter the Asylum.

PERTH THE ADEPT: 20000 exp, Wardstone for Asylum, Book of Infinite Spells.
    Check out the box, table and a trapped chest.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing (4), Horn Coral Gem, Gold Ring, Andar Gem, History of the Drow.

    Also on near this house you'll find yet another barrel and a bit far off - yet another Pirate and a Sailor.

PIRATE: 650 exp, 45 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Dagger, Long Sword.
    Pickpocket the Drunken Sailor nearby.
PICK THE POCKETS: Horn Coral Gem, Agni Mani Necklace.
LOOT: Club, Light Crossbow, Bolts (40).

Galvena's Festhall

Pickpocket the male courtesan near the entrance to Galvena's Festhall.

PICK THE POCKETS: Guildhouse Key, 1 Gold.

    Entrance (AR1611)

Galvena's Festhall - Entrance (AR1611)

If you would like to see hidden doors on this level hover your mouse over SHOW HIDDEN DOORS.

If you try to enter the Festhall via the secret doorway, Front will summon a couple of guards to fight you. In order to get inside the Festhall you'd have to have the key (you can steal it from Front) or lockpick it.

    Pick Front's pockets for the key or choose to pick the lock on the hidden door.
PICK THE POCKETS: Guildhouse key, Random Gem;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.
    Fight Front and the guards that he summons.
FRONT: 500 exp, Halberd;
GUARDS: 2 x 4000 exp, Plate Mail Armor (2), Halberd (2).

    Once inside, you'll end up in a long corridor with a number of doors.



Cayia's Home (AR1606)

If you would like to see traps on this level hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    Near her house you'll find a crate and a barrel.
LOOT: 3 Gold, Arrows (40), Bullets (20), Throwing Daggers (10).

    This is the house of the Pirate Lord's lassie. When you walk in here during the day, it will be empty.

    Check out the table, locked chest and a trapped closet for treasure.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Rogue Stone, Bloodstone Ring, Iol Gem, 8 Gold.

    Once you are here at night on a mission to steal the Pirate Horn, you will be a witness of Cayia cheating on Desharik with someone named Algor. If you stay and listen you'll also learn that Saemon Havarian have also got dirty with Cayia and got caught by Desharik. If you get caught stealing, the pirate guards will appear. Actually the pirates will get summoned no matter what so it is best to lure them outside and fight them there, this way you won't suffer the reputation loss from killing Cayia and Algor. STEAL THE HORN.

PIRATES: 3 x 974 exp, Short Sword (3), Darts (30);
CAYIA: 14 exp, -7 Reputation;
ALGOR: 14 exp, -3 Reputation.

Pirate Lord's Home (AR1601)

    Near the entrance to Desharik's quarters you'll find a barrel and a crate.

    Check out a crate and barrel nearby.
LOOT: 1 Gold, Throwing Daggers (10).

    The door to Pirate Lord's Home is guarded by a Pirate door guard, he won't let you in unless you have an appointment or grease his palm with some coin OR (or what?).

BRIBE THE DOOR GUARD: Party loses 300 Gold.


    Check out the trapped drawers and a night table for some treasure.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
LOOT: Light Crossbow +1, Bolts +2 (5), Potion of Extra Healing (3), 159 Gold.


    Check out the barrel for some treasure.
LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing.


    Check out the trapped painting on the wall for some treasure.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Long Bow +2, Arrows +2 (5), Potion of Extra Healing, 70 Gold.


    Once inside, your job is to convince Desharik that you should be admitted to Asylum because you pose an immediate threat to society LOL. You can essentially "con"vince him by pretending to be mad. You'll have to play your role well otherwise Desharik will see through your lies (you have to have high enough charisma ???). If you have Yoshimo in your party, he can convince Desharik to admit you into the Asylum. Whether with or without Yoshimo's help, after tricking Desharik you'll be taken straight to AR1515 and end up being locked up in prison cells.

CONVINCE DESHARIK TO LET YOU IN: Each party member gains 38500 exp.


    At night by the docks you'll be met by a gang of pirates. They'll want you to be slaves on their ship, you won't let them take you, will you ?

PIRATE LEADER: 3400 exp, Leather Armor +1, Scimitar +1, 101 (106) Gold;
PIRATE MAGE: 3000 exp, Quarterstaff +1;
PIRATES: 6 x 650 exp, 40 Gold, Leather Armor (6), Scimitar (6).


    This is where you can see a large ship 'parked' right in front. It is Desharik's ship that Saemon Havarian is going to steal in order to escape the island. Bring Saemon the Pirate Horn in order to open the gates in the harbor. However, this 'ship'-jacking won't go without a fight. Desharik will confront Saemon and your party here. Saemon Havarian will decide that running away is a better part of valor. First he will deal with the traitorous Cayia, then turn on Saemon and you. Sharpen your sword and get to work.

DESHARIK: 11000 exp, Studded Leather Armor +1, Scimitar +1 (2);
DUNBAR: 650 exp, Short Sword;
PIRATES: 4 x 500 exp, Short Sword (4).

    Once you deal with Desharik and his goons, Saemon will decide to set sail. At this point he will give you the blade that he's promised. Apparently he possessed it for too long. No matter of what you say, Saemon will give you the blade.

Githaynki boarding the ship (AR1607)

Githaynki boarding the ship (AR1607)

    It seems that the blade that Saemon gave was actually a part of Githyanki's holy weapon and they've come to reclaim it. Saemon blatantly points his finger to you when asked about the sword. That trickster ! Having fooled you once again, Saemon decides that it is better to leave now. Githyanki are boarding the ship you are on. A great melee ensues. You can kill most of the Gith warriors, however, their captain cannot die. As the fight wears on, the ship gets boarded yet again, this time by the Sahuagin - shark people.

GITHYANKI: 2 x 5000 exp, Quarterstaff (2);
GITHYANKI: 2 x 3000 exp, Bastard Sword (2);
GITHYANKI: 2 x 2000 exp, Morning Star (2);
PIRATES: 7 x 974 exp, Short Sword (7), Darts (70).


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