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The City of Caverns (AR2300)

    Apparently you have been 'rescued' from the sinking ship by these shark men. You will be greeted by the Royal High Priestess Senityili and Captain Feerlattiys. Apparently you should thankful to them for not eating you at their dinner table. It seems that you may have a use in some of their plans. Their god Sekolah has prophesized your coming. The priestess will tell you about the prophecy. Sekolah said that surface dwellers will stand between the city's destruction and survival. All the signs have been met and, it seems, that you are the one that Sekolah has spoken about in the prophecy. Captain will insist that you should be taken before the king.
    Watch for particular funny comments by Jan and Edwin =)

Royal Throne Room

    You will be taken before the King Ixilthetocal of the Sahuagin. The Royal High Priestess Senityili tries to convince the king that you are the one that the prophecy speaks of. Baron Thelokassyil, on the other hand, wants your death. High Priestess Tlyysixxous does not believe that you are the One. The two priestesses will get into a word fight so the king would have to decide their feud with a challenge, a chance to prove your power. You'll be taken to fight the surface slave - an Ettin.

    Once you prove your worth to the King, he will decide to sacrifice the priestess that lost the argument. Such are the ways of the mysterious Sahuagin. Then he will turn to the real matter at hand, the pesky rebels. Priestess Senityili would prefer to spare rebels' lives and use them to diversify and replenish the city's population. The King, however, has a different point of view - he's a stubborn fool and would rather destroy the rebels. Your part in this is to hunt down the rebel prince Villynaty and bring his heart to the King for dinner. The King sweetens the deal with the promise of great riches should you do as he says. Priestess Senityili then asks that you come and talk to her before you set out on your mission.

    The door to the treasure is closed and will not be opened without proper key.

TREASURY: Magical Rope, Sahuagin Scribe's Notes, Rod of Lordly Might, [Protection from the Elements].

    If you've decided to betray the Royal High Priestess Senityili and divulge her plans to the king, then you will witness her death and the death of her loyal Captain Feerlattiys. As a result of your betrayal, you will lose the Rebel's orb and the chance to come to peaceful terms with the Rebels. You will now have to cleanse their base by force.

BETRAY SENITYILI: Party loses Rebel's Orb.
SENITYILI: Random Treasure, Spear;
CAPTAIN FEERLATTIYS: Bolts of Biting (3), Random Treasure, Spear, Heavy Crossbow, Bolts (20).

    When you report to the King of your success in wiping out the Rebels, you'll be showered with numerous rewards, as promised. The n the King himself will show you the way to the surface, i.e. entrance to the Underdark, what an honor...

DESTROY THE REBELS: Each party member gains 58500 exp, Magical Rope, Rod of Lordly Might, Gauntlets of Crushing, 2000 Gold.

    If you've decided to help the rebel Prince Villynaty, bring the fake hear to the king and he will be satisfied so much that will order the festivities to begin, after sacrificing some more of his city dwellers. However, the festivities will be spoiled by a 'sudden' rebel attack. After a crushing victory, prince Villynaty will shower you with affection and rewards. Among other things you'd be given a magic rope to descend to Underdark.

DEFEAT THE KING: Everyone gains 60500 exp, Sahuagin Treasury Key, Magical Rope.
KING IXILTHETOCAL: 4000 exp, Sahuagin Treasury Key, Fake Rebel's Heart, Spear +3, Impaler, Horn Coral Gem;
CAPTAIN ALYITTYL: 3000 exp, Paralytic Bolts (2), Bolts of Biting (3), [Fire Shield (Blue)], Iol Gem, Bolts (20), Spear, Heavy Crossbow;
BARON THELOKASSYIL: 974 exp, Paralytic Bolts (2), Bolts of Biting (3), Jade Ring, Bolts (20), Spear, Heavy Crossbow;
SAHUAGIN ROYAL GUARD: 3 x 3000 exp, Bolts (40), Spear (3), Heavy Crossbow (2).

    After deposing the King, you may decide to cleanse the City-of-Caverns of its rebel inhabitants.

PRINCE: 2000 exp, Rebel's Heart, Wave Blade, Sphene Gem;
SAHUAGIN CHIEFTAIN: 420 exp, 1 Gold, Spear.


    You will be issued a challenge in order to prove your worth. You'll have to fight an Ettin - easy enough at this stage of the game.

ETTIN: 5000 exp.

Drow City


    On the way to this part of the City-of-Caverns you'll be warned by two Royal Guards that now the Drow part of the city begins. There are two traps on the way. After you've dethroned the King Ixilthetocal, if you have decided to wipe out the rebels as well, you can kill these guards.

REBELS: 2 x 3000 exp, Paralytic Bolt (1), Bolts of Biting (3), 7 Gold, Spear (2), Heavy Crossbow (2), Bolts (40).


DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.
SWORD SPIDERS: 2 x 2000 exp;
ETTERCAPS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2).

    Bone Golem

BONE GOLEM: 18000 exp.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.


    These funny little imps want to play a game with you. You are to match five items with five famous personages by placing the corresponding item in the chest behind. If you disagree to play the little imps' game and open the treasure chest yourself - the character that does it will die to a 'nasty nasty nasty'. So play the game, it's easy and fun =) Once you place all five items go talk to the imps to see if you've got it right.
    Here is what each of the characters has to say:

  • ELMINSTER: I am Elminster ... you know me, friend, the oldest sorcerer to have walked the land. In my heart, I am but an old man ... and I require an item to while away time's sand.
    I give to you this curved sword, I am too old to fight. Give it to another warrior, one whose skin is black as night.
  • KHELBEN: I am Khelben, a wizard of great power ... one of the rulers of the finest city of the north. I need the item that supplies my fondest name ... and an extra leg as I walk forth.
    I give to you this pendant of silver, for it belongs to another. Place it around the neck of one who is Sister but not Mother.
  • ALUSTRIEL: I am Alustriel, a daughter of Mystra, one of Seven. Lady of the Moon, give me my symbol of the sword bequeathed by my mother from her home in Heaven.
    I give to you this pipe of root and magic ... it's power is strong, I will not lie. Bequeath it to a man, instead, one older even than I.
  • PIERGEIRON: I am Piergeiron, a Paladin of Tyr's faith and the Open Lord of my northern land. If you will, place a symbol of my rule within my hand.
    I give to you this staff of darkest hue which has faced many an evil foe. It is not mine, but I tell you now, it belongs to one I know.
  • DRIZZT: I am Drizzt, a Drow who left my hated home below to become a hero true. I require something with which I have vanquished many, one of two.
    I give you a helmet, here ... a symbol, so I'm told, of rulership on the surface land in a city far North and cold.

    Alustriel    -    Pendant
    Elminster    -    Pipe
    Drizzt    -    Scimitar
    Piergeiron    -    Helmet
    Khelben    -    Staff

SOLVE THE RIDDLE: Each character gains 18500 experience, Boots of Etherealness, Cloak of Protection +2.
    Disarm the traps on the platform.
DISARM THE TRAPS: 5 x 2750 exp.


    On the way to the next platform there is yet another trap.

DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.

    Here you shall probably the funniest Beholders of all, a Spectator. He is stuck guarding a chest and has been doing it for well over sixty years already with forty more to go. He got too bored and too tired of the troublesome imps and his duty. Find a way to release him from it and be sure to listen to what the Spectator has to say, it is hilarious.
    There are two ways that you can go about it: kill him or talk him into letting you see the contents of the chest, you'll need to be pretty wise in order to do that. If you do reason the beholder and he allows you to take a 'look inside', be sure to convince him that his duty is done and he is released from his contract.

    If you decide to kill the Beholder, you'd then have to pick the lock on the chest.
SPECTATOR: 4000 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Sekolah's Tooth.
    Otherwise, talk him into opening the chest for you.
LOOT: Sekolah's Tooth.


    Sahuagin 1

    You can find the Rebels and King's men fighting it out near the giant mouth.

SAHUAGIN: 3 x 3000 exp, Random Treasure (2), Spear (2), Heavy Crossbow, Bolts (20);
REBELS: 3 x 3000 exp, Random Treasure, Spear (2), Heavy Crossbow, Bolts (20).

    Sahuagin 2

    A bit further east you'll find more hostile Rebels.

REBELS: 4 x 174 exp, Bolts of Biting (3), [Control Undead], Random Treasure (2), Bolts (140), Spear (4), Heavy Crossbow (4).

    Sahuagin 3

    There are three fights near the strange dome shaped thing. This is the first one of them.

REBELS: 4 x 174 exp, Paralytic Bolts (2), Bolts of Biting (6), 47 Gold, Horn Coral Gem, Bolts (120), Spear (4), Heavy Crossbow (4).

    Sahuagin 4

    Second fight.

REBELS: 4 x 174 exp, Random Treasure (2), Bolts (160), Spear (4), Heavy Crossbow (4).

    Sahuagin 5

    Third fight.

REBELS: 4 x 174 exp, Short Bow +1, Paralytic Bolts (2), Bolts of Biting (6), Random Treasure, Bolts (120), Spear (4), Heavy Crossbow (4).


SAHUAGIN: 4 x 3000 exp, Bolts (40), Heavy Crossbow (2), Spear (2);
REBELS: 3 x 3000 exp, 38 Gold, Bolts (20), Spear (2), Heavy Crossbow.

    Sahuagin 6

    This fight is near the area by the Priestess.

REBELS: 4 x 174 exp, Paralytic Bolt (1), Bolts of Biting (3), Random Treasure (3), Spear (4), Heavy Crossbow (4), Bolts (140).


    As soon as you cross through the giant jaw, hostile Rebels will appear and attack you. This fight is worth it for the treasure. The treasure that two rebels drop cannot be reached however.

PRIESTESS: 8000 exp, Cloak of Mirroring, Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, Spear;
REBELS: 2 x 3000 exp, Random Gold (2), Spear (2), Heavy Crossbow (2), Bolts (120);
REBELS: 2 x 2000 exp, Paralytic Bolts (4), Bolts of Biting (6), 1 Gold, Bolts (40), Spear (2), Heavy Crossbow (2).

    Sea Zombie Lord

    Here you can find a hungry bunch of undead wanting to feast on your flesh.

SEA ZOMBIE LORD: 6000 exp, Potion of Extra Healing, Antidote (2), Angel Skin Ring, 40 Gold;
GREATER LACEDONS: 2 x 1800 exp, Random Treasure (2);
LACEDONS: 2 x 1000 exp, Random Treasure (2);
SEA ZOMBIES: 2 x 420 exp.

    High Priestess

    Here you can find the Royal High Priestess Senityili. After you've been introduced to the King Ixilthetocal and accepted the mission to cleanse the city of rebels, you should go and talk to the priestess before you set out on your mission. You will be a witness of a ritual where the loser, High Priestess Tlyysixxous, is offered to Sekolah as a sacrifice. After this, Senityili will tell you that in order to get inside the Rebel base you need to find Sekolah's tooth and that you should search for it in the Drow part of the city.
    The priestess, however, gives you an alternate offer. Instead of destroying the Rebels you should help them overthrow the mad king Ixilthetocal. Overthrowing him will help restore the genetic diversity of the Sahuagin. apparently the Pristess have been in contact with the rebels and believes that now is the time to strike. At this point you could go to the king and tell him of the little plans of the priestess, or you can agree to go and speak with the Rebel Prince. The priestess gives you the orb that will let you pass unharmed into the rebel base, should you choose to do so.

    Check out the Tlyysixxous' corpse for a ring.
TLYYSIXXOUS: Bloodstone Ring.

    A bit to the west, in a dead end, you'll find yet another Sahuagin Priestess. She will be hostile as soon as you dethrone the king.

PRIESTESS OF SEKOLAH: 2000 exp, 9 Gold, Spear.

    Entrance to Rebel base

    The entrance is guarded by a lone sentry.

REBEL: 3000 exp, Paralytic Bolts (2), Bolts of Biting (3), Bolts (20), Spear, Heavy Crossbow.

    Rebel Base

    These rebels will be hostile no matter what (is that true ???) so you'll have to kill them before you reach Sekolah's door.

    A couple of rebels' corpses will be unreachable.
REBELS: 8 x 3000 exp, Paralytic Bolts (12), Bolts of Biting (18), Random Treasure (2), Bolts (160), Spear (8), Heavy Crossbow (8).

    Once you have Sekolah's Tooth you can open the door to the inner sanctum of the Rebel base.

    Prince's Stronghold

    If you've come here with hostile intentions, the rebels will respond the same. First you will be 'greeted' by a chieftain.

SAHUAGIN CHIEFTAIN: 420 exp, 1 Gold, Spear.

    Then, inside the holy of holies of the Rebel base, you'll have another big fight on your hands. After you emerge victorious you should go and collect your reward from the king.

PRINCE VILLYNATY: 2000 exp, Rebel's Heart, Wave Blade, Spear +3, Impaler, Sphene Gem;
REBELS: 6 x 3000 exp, Paralytic Bolts (3), Bolts of Biting (9), Random Gold (3), Bolts (120), Spear (6), Heavy Crossbow (6).

    Otherwise, if you've come here with peaceful intentions, the Chieftain by the door will introduce you to Prince Villynaty. The Prince, together with his Senior Priestess Sallinithyl, will give you a fake heart that should fool King Ixilthetocal. The following celebration of Prince's 'death' should lower the guard of the city and this is when the rebels will strike. It only remains for you to bring the fake heart to the King. You should help the rebel prince in their assault but only after they've made the first move. It should be noted, however, that Prince Villynaty does not seem concerned with replenishing the genetic pool of the city dwellers, to him the throne is what he wants. This makes him not too much better than his rival, King Ixilthetocal.

AGREE TO HELP: Fake Rebel's Heart.



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