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Copper Coronet (AR0406)*

Copper Coronet (AR0406)

If you want to see the hidden doors on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW HIDDEN DOORS.

    Regarding Korgan: He is scouting for a band of adventurers to help him in his quest, a "gallant task" as he puts it. He is trying to find a rare book, somewhere in a crypt not far from here, for a book collector named Pimlico. Apparently Korgan is selective with what books he is after - he won't risk his neck for Elminster's Memoirs or Drizzt's recepies, this book is a Book of Kaza. =)


    You need to go here if you are trying to find the Book of Kaza for Korgan. After raiding Pimlico's Estate, Korgan will suggest going here to meet up with his former companions and take the book from them. When you come here (at night ???) Korgan will talk with Shagbag and his former companions and for this you'll get a small experience bonus. The chit-chat turns violent and you'll have to slaughter Shabgbag and his crew, although one interesting tidbit of information does escape Shagbag's mouth. Apparently Korgan slaughtered three of his companions, Stitch, Hogbelly and Cutter.
    After disposing Shagbag's motley crew, Korgan will say that he is really satisfied with what happened, they did all the killing and he got the gold, the book and the satisfaction of kicking their butts. You'll find the Book of Kaza on Shagbag's corpse and you can sell it for good money. This ends Korgan's quest to find the Book of Kaza.

SHAGBAG: 4000 exp, Book of Kaza, 250 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Short Sword, Medium Shield;
SCROOLOSE: 1950 exp, 200 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Short Sword, Medium Shield;
CLERIC: 120 exp, 2 Gold, [Flesh to Stone], Quarterstaff;
GOONS: 2 x 164 exp, 200 Gold, Chain Mail Armor (2), Helmet (2), Short Sword (2), Medium Shield (2).

Inside the Copper Coronet

    Northern Exit

    Near this exit you'll find Unger Hilldark and other important clients of this establishment: Lehtinan, Lord Jierdan Firkraag, Salvanas, Bernard.
    Bernard is just a regular innkeeper, he offers a bed to sleep on, a drink to wet your tongue and some basic weapons to arm yourself with, nothing extraordinary though. You can steal from him although you will need a very good thief to do that.
    Salvanas is onto the female members of your party. He just wants to become "familiar" with the party's female companions.

    Pick Salvanas' pockets.
SALVANAS: Potion of Invisibility, Greenstone Ring.

    Unger Hilldark

    You will need to talk to this duergar merchant if you are on a quest to commision a work from Sir Sarles for one of the temples in the Temple District. Unger Hilldark will tell you that he doesn't have any illithium as his last shipment was stolen from him by someone looking like a hill dwarf. Unger will point you to the Bridge District to a derelict house. Apparently this thief is on the run from Baldur's Gate.

    Scour the room for treasure (table near Unger Hilldark).
LOOT: 2 Gold.


    Lehtinan is the guy who runs this place. If you've got gold, he can offer some extra services and if you ask him about that, he'll tell you to talk to Frankie or Madame Nin if you wish to partake. He also allows you to roam around. If you confront him about slaves being moved at nigh, he'll just shrug off these accusations.

    A drunk by the name Garoll can tell you about Lehtinan's entertainment services if you buy him a drink.

BUY GAROLL A DRINK: Party loses 5 Gold.
    Lighten Lehtinan's pockets of some nice gems and spells.
LEHTINAN: [Summon Nishru], [Death Fog], Diamond, Water Opal, Emerald (3).

    Lord Jierdan Firkraag

    Jierdan Firkraag is a lord of a small community of Windspear Hills. He says that his community is plagued by marauding Trolls and Ogres and wants you to help him out to get rid of them. He offers a reward of an astounding 10000 gold. Sounds too easy, doesn't it ? 10000 gold for killing some Ogres and Trolls ?! Nevertheless, Firkraag marks Windspear Hills on your world map and departs.

TALK TO FIRKRAAG: World map updated (Windspear Hills).

    Back Room

    This is a simple storage area with almost nonexistent loot.

    Scour the area for treasure (shelf).
LOOT: 1 Gold.


    Nalia will come up to you to ask for help with saving her family's keep. She'll suggest that you can get inside the keep from a secret entrance. Should you accept her mission Nalia will offer to join your party, she will also mark the de'Arnise Keep on your world map.

    Southern Exit

    Near this exit you'll find the dog fighting pit, Surly, Amalas and his two Ruffians and a merchant from the Ten Towns of the Icewind Dale by the name Joluv.

    If you talk to Surly, you will be able to put a wager on dog fights and, perhaps, make some money this way.

WIN A WAGER: 10 Gold.
LOSE A WAGER: Party loses 10 Gold.


    If you've got Collector's Edition (is it correct ???) you can find this merchant from the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.


    Near these stairs you will find an angry woman Tiana, she is looking for her cheating husband Lord Rumar. You can choose to help her, but you will not get anything out of this. It is a mini quest of sorts.

    When you ascend the stairs you'll se Lord Rumar and his lover, Priss, chit chatting near the door. Near this door there is a barrel with some minor loot. If you lie to him about Tiana by saying that you haven't seen her or that she left, he'll immediately start playing around with his Priss. At this point you can go to Tiana and tell her where Lord Rumar is. Tiana will come in and command Rumar to come with her at which point Priss will jump in with a dagger. The two women will fight it out and whoever lives will take Rumar with her.

    Also after you free Hendak, the Bouncer that stands here will turn hostile so you'll have to dispatch him.

    Check out the barrel for treasure.
LOOT: 1 Gold, Sunstone Gem, Dagger.
    When the two women fight it out one of them will die.
PRISS: Dagger;
TIANA: Dagger.
    BOUNCER: 14 exp, 38 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Arrows (20), Long Bow, Long Sword.


    Rooms are described in a clockwise pattern.

    Room 1

    This is Yarin's room. He'll warn you to be careful with your dealings with shadow Thieves, especially so with Renal Bloodscalp. There is a trapped table in his room full of treasure, do not miss it.

    Scour the room for treasure (trapped table).
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
LOOT: Gloves of Pick Pocketing, Potion of Extra Healing, [Melf's Acid Arrow], History of Shadowdale.

    Room 2

    In this room you will find Llynis, Wellyn's murderer. Apparently Llynis has seen a lot of ghosts lately so he's a bit edgy. If you got the quest from Wellyn, you can deal with Llynis. If you tell Llynis that you've been sent to retrieve the stuffed bear, he'll give it to you at which point you will be presented with a choice of letting him go, although why would you let a child killer go ? Otherwise, you can end Llynis' miserable life.

    Dispose of Llynis and check out  the locked dresser.
LLYNIS: 650 exp, Littleman the Stuffed Bear, 39 Gold, Andar Gem, Darts (40), Studded Leather Armor, Buckler, Short Sword;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [True Sight], [Luck], [Resist Fear], Emerald, Greenstone Ring.

    Room 3

    Besides the sleeping dwarf here, there is nothing to see.

    Room 4

    This room is empty.

    Madam Nin

    She is a part of the entertainment program organized by Lehtinan. For a mere 50 gold she can organize you a room and a companion be you male or female. How does this affect romances??? Near her you'll find some more rooms.
    The male escort is Jenthan and the female one is Cominda. Cominda will tell you that she is a slave and that there is a slave trading compound here in the city, even though slave trade is illegal.

    Pick the pockets of Madam Nin.
MADAM NIN: Flamedance Ring, Pearl Necklace, Ruby Ring.

    Zaviera's Room

    In this room you shall find two lovers, Zaviera trying to make a living that is.

    Scour the room for treasure (dresser).
LOOT: 1 Gold.

    Virah's Room

    If you do enter this room you will see Virah and a Peasant doing err... the dirty.


    These stairs are guarded by a guard. He'll let you through if you've talked to Lehtinan about the entertainment. Near here you'll also find a sack with some gold.

    Check out the sack neat the stairs.
LOOT: 4 Gold.


    Frankie is the man behind the fights in the pit. As soon as you approach the pits you shall see a Gladiator fight the Troll and die. Frankie will let it slip that the Gladiators are slaves ordered to fight in order to entertain the wealthy. You can obtain the same information from the Announcer once he announces and comments the fight.

    Entrance to the Sewers

    This is the entrance to the sewers beneath the Copper Coronet.
    After you free Hendak, near this entrance you'll find two Copper Coronet Guards. Kill them.

COPPER CORONET GUARD: 1000 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Long Sword;
COPPER CORONET GUARD: 14 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Long Sword.

    Amalas and his gang

    Right near the southern exit you will see this sorry bunch. Amalas is trying to pick a fight with a male character in your party. You may help him with that - pick a fight. Surly will set up a pit for a fight. After Amalas' death you can safely remove his two goons.

AMALAS: 9500 exp + 1800 exp ???;
RUFFIANS: 2 x 25 exp, 15 Gold, Leather Armor (2), Battle Axe, Club.


    Anomen can be found near the guarded door. If you tell him that you serve evil - he'll run away. Otherwise, you may allow him to join your party.

    Nearby there is a door guarded by a Bouncer. Don't forget to check out the chest near him for some treasure.

    Check out the chest near the Bouncer.
LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing, 34 Gold.
    After you free Hendak, you'll have to fight the guards.
COPPER CORONET GUARD: 14 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Long Sword, Arrows (20), Long Bow;
COPPER CORONET GUARD: 14 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Long Sword;
BOUNCER: 14 exp, Random Treasure, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Long Sword.

    Jail Cells

    When you go through the door, you will be hailed by a Copper Coronet Guard. No matter what you say to him, he and his buddies will attack you. Dispatch them. After killing them you will see a row of jail cells with magically locked doors. In one of them you will find Hendak, a locked up slave Gladiator.

COPPER CORONET GUARD: 2 x 1000 exp, Random Treasure (2), Chain Mail Armor (2), Helmet (2), Arrows (40), Long Bow (2), Long Sword (2);
COPPER CORONET GUARD: 14 exp,  Random Treasure, Chain Mail Armor, Arrows (20), Long Bow, Long Sword;
COPPER CORONET GUARDS: 2 x 2000 exp, Random Gold (2), Quarter Staff (2).


    Hendak is locked up in his cell and begs you to free him and the other slaves. He then promises to exact revenge on Lehtinan and take control of the Copper Coronet so that it is not used in such a despicable way again. Hendak tells you that you can find the keys to the cells with the Beastmaster.
    Once you get the key from Beastmaster you can come here to free Hendak. Once free, Hendak will charge after Lehtinan. At this point, however, all the guards in Copper Coronet will turn hostile. If you are fast enough you can kill all of them and be able to run up and watch the confrontation between Hendak and Lehtinan. What if you don't rush to see it ???

FREE HENDAK: 7500 exp.

    The Arena

    When you approach the arena you will be attacked by a single Winter Wolf. Kill him and move on.

WINTER WOLF: 974 exp, Winter Wolf Pelt.


    Beastmaster will stand near the innermost animal cells, where the creatures for the fights are kept. When you reveal yourself, Beastmaster will set his beloved Tabitha on you, open all the cells and attack you. You should be ready for this fight. Note, that because the Beastmaster has a fast firing bow, it should be better to attack him in melee.
    Once you dispose of Beastmaster and his motley crew you should return and free Hendak.

    Kill the animals and their Beastmaster.
BEASTMASTER: 2000 exp, Beastmaster Key, Tuigan Bow +1, [Stone to Flesh], 110 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Arrows (20), Spear;
PANTHER: 420 exp;
BLACK BEAR: 200 exp;
GRIZZLY BEAR: 1150 exp;
TABITHA: 650 exp;
LEOPARD: 270 exp;
MINOTAUR: 3000 exp, Battle Axe.

    The Bar

    After you free Hendak, he will run to the bar to confront Lehtinan, the current owner of the Copper Coronet. If you are faster than Hendak - you can kill Lehtinan yourself, although in this case ... what??? This whole thing with Hendak is a bit unclear. If you kill Lehtinan, Hendak will attack you?

    After getting rid of Lehtinan, Hendak will ask you to destroy the hidden slaver base that is located here in the Slums district. For doing this, your party will receive a lot of experience. You can enter the hidden base through the sewers beneath the Copper Coronet or through the front entrance in the Slums.

    After helping Hendak, he will tell Bernard the merchant to give you a discount on the goods. Moreover, Bernard's inventory will e inproved with some nice new items. Is that so ???

YOU KILL LEHTINAN: 420 exp, 1287 Gold, Dagger.
HENDAK KILLS LEHTINAN: 48750 exp, Lose Item: Beastmaster Key.
    Hendak's second task is to destroy the hidden slaver base. After you do so, Hendak will give you your reward.
DESTROY THE BASE: Each Party Member Gains 38000 exp, Party Reputation Increased by 1.
REWARD: Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters, Plate Mail Armor, 3900 Gold, Lose Item: Slaver's Key.
    Should you want to kill Hendak...
HENDAK: 420 exp, Beastmaster Key, [Grease], 87 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Short Sword (2).


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