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Cromwell's Forge

Item Ingredients Location Result
Mace of Disruption +1
From the pool of blood (AR0801)
Illithium Ore From Neb the Dwarf (AR0529) Mace of Disruption +2
7,500 Gold ---
Ankheg Shell
Windspear Hills (AR1200)
5,000 Gold --- Ankheg Plate Mail
Shadow Dragon Scales
Kill Thaxll'ssillyia (AR1402)
5,000 Gold --- Shadow Dragon Scale
Red Dragon Scales
Kill Firkraag (AR1203)
5,000 Gold --- Red Dragon Scale
Hammer of Thunderbolts +3
Mind Flair Hideout (AR0711)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power    
Girdle of Frost Giant Strength  
Scroll ???  
??? Gold ---

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