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The Crooked Crane*

    Ground Floor (AR0021)

Stairs Up The Crooked Crane - Ground Floor (AR0021)

    If you want to see the hidden door on this level hover your mouse over SHOW HIDDEN DOORS.

    Maunu - drunk sitting at the table.

    Gwera -

    Groncaner -

    Rilmi will hail you by telling that Aulava and Tiiro are finally breaking up, a Romeo and Juliet story =) apparently it is the best thing for both families if they stop seeing each other.

    There is a hidden door behind the painting. This door leads to a crypt (AR0082) with a sarcophagus and a chest. The sarcophagus is a resting place of a Lich, who has been in these halls for a long time as he himself will tell you. Lich decides to punish you for disturbing his peace.

    Exit - leads to City Gates. Make the link !!!

    Upper Floor (AR0022)

Stairs Down The Crooked Crane - Upper Floor (AR0022)

    Aulava and Tiiro - When come up to this floor, you shall see two young people, Aulava and Tiiro talking. Apparently they are breaking up because nobdy wants them to be together. Their families do not want them going out together. Can someone say "Romeo and Juliet" ? They notice your presence and are pleased to find out that they've become something of a local celebrities. Apparently, Aulava and Tiiro managed to slip away from guards that were following them for while. Aulava then asks you whether he should be quiet about this. You can help them gain confidence in their love and thus set them free from their families' pressure. You won't get any experience for it though, only a moral satisfaction.

    Crypt (AR0082)

The Crooked Crane - Secret Crypt (AR0082)

    This crypt is a resting place of a Lich and you have disturbed his sleep - so beware! As all Liches do, this one protects itself with Improved Mantle, Spell Turning and casts Meteor Swarm, the many Symbols, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting and other nasty spells. Refer to the general Lich fighting techniques in order to get the idea on how to defeat this undead nasty.

    Check out the locked chest.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Daystar Long Sword, Skydrop Gem;
LICH: 22000 exp, Ring of Invisibility, Wand of Fire, Wand of Cloudkill, Wand of Lightning, Rod of Terror.










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