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Docks (AR0300)*

Prebek's House Kangaxx' house Athkatla - Docks District (AR0300)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    When first entering the Docks District, if you have Yoshimo in your party, he will warn you that this is Shadow Thief territory and Shadow Thieves do not appreciate solo operators like himself. After being caught by them, Yoshimo now has to report to the head of the Guild, Renal Bloodscalp, or suffer the consequences. Yoshimo proposes to go see Renal Bloodscalp as meeting with him may even bring some kind of a reward. Also if your main character is a thief, talking to Renal Bloodscalp will initiate a Thief Stronghold quest.

    Near the Shadow Thief Guild you will be assaulted by a Mad Priest of Cyric. Depending on your wisdom, you can either fool him into believing that you already worship Cyric or, otherwise, you'll have to kill him.

MAD CLERIC: 750 exp, 20 Gold, Onyx Ring, Sunstone Gem, Quarterstaff.

Shadow Thief Guild

    If you have sided with Bodhi, the minute you approach an entrance to the Shadow Thief Guild, you will be assaulted by a number of thieves. You'll have to dispatch them in order to gain entry inside.

    If you have sided with Bodhi, you'll have to kill the guards near the guild.
SHADOW THIEF: 3 x 250 exp, Potion of Extra Healing (3), 90 Gold, Arrows (60), Leather Armor (3), Long Sword (3), Composite Long Bow (3);
SHADOW THIEF: 5 x 14 exp, Potion of Invisibility (5), 500 Gold, Random Small Treasure (5), Leather Armor (5), Long Sword (5).


    You can also return Renfeld to Rylock at the Harper's Hideout. For this you will get good experience and some gold. However, bear in mind that should you ask Rylock for a reward, then you'll receive less then had you not asked for it.
    If you happened to run into Xzar nearby and he told you about his quest to save Montaron, you can confront Rylock about this house being a Harper hideout. If you confront Rylock with this information, he'll say that he can't let you inside the building until you do a task for him. He tell you to eliminate the mage Prebek who performs vile experiments on creatures. Yoshimo smells a rat though, he says it is too simple of a task to be granted entry into the Harper's hold. Anyhow, go to Prebek's house and dispatch him and his creatures.
    After you've killed Prebek, talk to Rylock and he will allow you to enter the Harper's Hold, however, he warns you to keep to the first floor only as the second floor is too dangerous and only Harpers can go there. At this point Edwin gets excited at the possibility of learning Harper's secrets.

RENFELD - DIDN'T ASK FOR A REWARD: 14550 exp, 125 Gold;
RENFELD - ASKED FOR A REWARD: 14550 exp, 100 Gold.
KILL PREBEK: 14500 exp.
    Should you kill Rylock, you'll get the following reward.
RYLOCK: 4300 exp, Long Sword +1, Ring of Protection +1, Bracers of Defense AC 6, 125 Gold, Jade Ring.

    After you've managed to gain entry into Harper's Hideout, you can access the roof of Harper HQ from their Second Floor. There you will see an empty table and a barrel with small amount of gold.

    Check out the barrel on the roof of Harper Hideout.
LOOT: 6 Gold.

    Xzar - He tells you to go look for his friend Montaron in the Harper's Hideout on the west side of Docks District. Xzar tells you that somebody has killed his two apprentices and all the creatures. Hmm, who might have done that ? =)d When you return the bird to Xzar you'll see it transform into the assassin named Lucette instead of Montaron. Lucette then promptly kills Xzar. Such is the justice of the Harpers. If you have Jan in your party pay attention to his funny comments. Lucette also tells you that Xzar was a necromancer in the services of Zhentarim. She also mentions that the Harper Amulet that you've found on the Harper's Hideout is worthless as the true Harpers wear Harper Pins.

RETURN THE BIRD: 35500 exp for each party member;
XZAR: Staff Spear +2, Bracers of Defense AC 6, [Friends], [Vampiric Touch], [Slow], 907 Gold, Pearl, Black Opal, Water Opal, Silver Necklace.

Ikert - a merchant selling some really low level items. He can tell you that he heard of a thieves war and about a powerful new guild that came out of nowhere.

    Should you choose to kill Ikert, you will not receive much treasure for it.
IKERT: 100 exp, 48 Gold, Short Sword.
    Nearby there is a locked chest and a crate.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Battle Axe +1, 29 Gold.

Mae'Var's Guildhall. You shall be sent here by Renal Bloodscalp to investigate Mae'Var.

    Near this guildhall, you'll find a box and a barrel with some minor loot.
LOOT: [Identify], 1 Gold.

    The first time you wonder around at night in the Docks District, you shall be a witness between of a fight between three Shadow Thieves and Hareishan. You can join in the battle. Hareishan is a vampire, and if you help the thieves kill it, you'll get their thanks. What if you kill the thieves instead??? As all the Vampires, Hareishan level drains the person she hits, so beware.

HAREISHAN: 8500 exp;
SHADOW THIEF: [Contingency], Note, 173 Gold, Black Opal, Water Opal, Leather Armor, Short Sword.

    Crazy Celvan - Near the stairs to Mae'Var's Guildhall, at night.

    Near the exit out of the docks you will be assailed by another lunatic, Habib, well Habib Khalid Achmed Allafif to be more exact. He throws his mighty scimitar at you and runs away.

    When you walk in the Docks at night you may get mugged by a bunch of thugs. Show them the shortcut to heaven (or hell).

RUFFIAN CAPTAIN: 1000 exp, Random Small Gold Amount, Studded Leather Armor (2), Light Crossbow (2), Bolts (40), Short Sword (2);
THUG: 2 x 200 exp, Random Small Gold Amount, Studded Leather Armor (2), Light Crossbow (2), Bolts (40), Short Sword (2);
MUGGER: 1000 exp, Protection from Fire, Studded Leather Armor (2), Light Crossbow (2), Bolts (40), Short Sword (2).

    Soon after you finish the big quest for Renal Bloodscalp, as soon as you step out of the Shadow Thieves' Guild, you will be greeted by Valen. Valen asks that you go and meet her mistress in the Graveyard District after dark. Hmm, who might that Mistress be?
    Right after this encounter, Brus, the little kid from Slums, will run up to you and say that his uncle, Gaelan Bayle wants to talk to you. Apparently he wants to sweeten the deal. Brus says that you should go to talk with his uncle before you meet the Mistress.

Storeroom (AR0318)

Storeroom (AR0318)

    Right near the Shadow Thieves Guild there is a storeroom that you can explore. Also there is a barrel nearby that has a gem in it.

    Check out ht barrel near the storeroom.
LOOT: Fire Agate Gem.
    Check out the table, barrel, locked chest and a closet.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Bullets+1 (10), Arrows +1 (8), Bolts +1 (9), Darts +1 (7), 1 Gold, Darts (30), Bolts (60), Arrows (40), Bullets (30).

    Right near Valygar's house you can find a merchant Jahaboam - he sells some basic items should you be interested.

Valygar's House

    Ground Floor (AR0325)

... to the Second Floor Valygar Corthala's House - Ground Floor (AR0325)

    Hervo is Valygar Corthala's manservant =) By talking to him, you can glean some information about Valygar's conflict with the Cowled Wizards, apparently they accuse him of murder, and his whereabouts. In this way you'll get the location of Umar Hills noted on your world map.

    Check out the two tables and a locked chest.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Potion of Insight, 30 Gold, Zios Gem Studded Necklace.

    Second Floor (AR0326)

... to the Ground Floor Valygar Corthala's House - Second Floor (AR0326)

    By rummaging through Valygar's belongings in this room, you'll find out that Valygar Corthala has a cabin in Umar Hills.

    Check out the locked dresser and a bookcase.
LOOT: Corthala Tax Notice, 23 Gold, Angel skin Ring, Bloodstone Gem, Dagger, History of Dambrath.

Temple of Oghma (AR0319)

Temple of Oghma (AR0319)

    You can talk to a Priest of Oghma here to gather some information about the Cowled Wizards, the Shadow Thieves and Oghma - the Wise God.

    Check out the five bookcases and a table.
LOOT: Potion of Invisibility, 20 Gold, Last March of the Giants, History of the Moonsea, History of the North (3).


    Check out the barrel near the barracks.
LOOT: 7 Gold.

    First part (AR0332)

... to the second part of the barracks Barracks - Part 1 (AR0332)

    Loot the room here, although there are a lot of empty containers.

    Check out the two chests, three closets and a table.
LOOT: 13 Gold.

    Second Part (AR0333)

... to the first part of the barracks Barracks - Part 2 (AR0333)

    Loot the room here, although only chests actually have something in them.

    Check out the three closets, four chests, table and a bathroom table.
LOOT: 16 Gold, Sunstone Gem.

House near the Barracks

    This is an empty two story house that is located right next to the Barracks. This house is rather unremarkable, although nothing stops you from looting it.

    Ground Floor (AR0415)

... to the Second Floor House near Barracks - Ground Floor (AR0415)

    There is nothing special here at all, just don't forget to look around.

    Check out the night table and two dressers (one of them is locked).
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: 1 Gold, Heavy Crossbow, History of Shadowdale, History of the Dragon Coast.

    Second Floor (AR0416)

... to the Ground Floor House near Barracks - Second Floor (AR0416)

    There is nothing special here at all, just don't forget to look around.

    Check out the locked closet.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Potion of Heroism, Jasper Gem, Mace.

Kangaxx' House (AR0330)

... to the Crypt Kangaxx's House (AR0330)

    This is a usual looking house with an unusual enemy. The first thing that should alert you is that the door to this house is trapped and locked. When you first enter you will do battle with some Minotaurs, they are easy foes. However, the true foe lies in the basement of this house.

    Disarm the trap and pick the lock  on the front door.
DISARM THE TRAP: 1750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp.
    Inside the house check out the table and a sack.
MINOTAURS:  3 x 3000 exp, Battle Axe (3);
LOOT: Potion of Regeneration, 19 Gold, Andar Gem, Shandon Gem.

Kangaxx' Crypt (AR0331)

... to the house Kangaxx's Crypt (AR0331)

    When you descend into this crypt, you'll see that the center of it is occupied by a massive sarcophagus. Should you be foolish enough to lift the lid of this sarcophagus, despite all the warning runes on its side, you'll see a Golden Skull. The Golden Skull is Kangaxx who is trapped in this tomb, it says that it needs your assistance. It tells you to find its arms, legs and torso in a similar looking crypts. Kangaxx says that you will be generously rewarded for your efforts.

    You can find the Golden Torso in one of the unmarked houses in the Bridge District, you'll have to defeat an elemental Lich to get it. The Arms and Legs can be found in the Upper Reaches area beneath Athkatla Sewers. To obtain this evil artefact, you'll have to defeat the Shade Lich. Once you have both pieces, bring them back here and put them inside the sarcophagus. But before you do that, prepare yourself for one of the toughest fights of the whole game.

    As soon as you put the Golden torso and the Golden Arms and Legs, you will awaken Kangaxx the Lich.
    NOTE: There is one really cheesy thing you can do with Kangaxx the Lich, if you'd really like to know, then hover your mouse over CHEESE.

    Defeating Kangaxx the Lich is only half the job as, when you kill him in his Lich form, KAngaxx will transform into his Demi-Lich form. Kangaxx is an incredibly tough adversary. To defeat him in his Lich form the first thing you'll need is to summon some monsters so that he releases his deadly arsenal of spells on them and not on your party members. Also, you need a +3 weapons or better in order to hit him. Kangaxx's defences is a standard Lich combination of some Contingencies with Spell Turning and Mislead, and he uses the standard offensive spells - Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting etc. Need more tactics on how to defeat Kangaxx.
    Once the Lich form is dead Kangaxx appears in his true form - that of a Demi-Lich.

    Kangaxx the Demi-Lich is an ultra tough opponent. It can be hit only with +4 weapons or better, casts Imprisonment at will, regenerates, can only be dealt a few points of damage at a time. Naaaasty !!! So, first of all, get yourself some +4 weapons and only then come in here to deal with Kangaxx. You can protect yourself with Protection from Undead scroll, although then Kangaxx will not be able to talk to you, and you do really need him to talk to you. What you should do is buy some scrolls of Protection from Magic over at the Adventurer's Mart, give them to your characters with +4 or better weapons, read the scroll and send that character to hack at Kangaxx's golden skull. If you happen to have the Holy Avenger +5, Carsomyr and a paladin who can wield it, then this weapon will do wonders.

KANGAXX THE DEMI-LICH: 55000 exp, Ring of Gaxx, Jade Ring, Silver Necklace.

Cromwell's House (AR0334)

Cromwell's House (AR0334)

    This is the house of Cromwell, the renowned dwarven blacksmith. Works on commissions only. He can combine and upgrade some items for you. For a detailed list of such items see Cromwell's Forge.

    Loot the table and four chests, one of them is locked.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Short Bow +1, [Blindness], [Protection from Cold], Shandon Gem, Turquoise Gem, Jasper Gem, Composite Long Bow, Long Bow, Arrows (40).
    If you get caught stealing, Cromwell will summon a Cowled Enforcer and an Amnish Centurion.
CROMWELL: 8500 exp, Chain Mail +3, War Hammer +2, 125 Gold, Helmet;
COWLED ENFORCER: 4000 exp, 98 Gold, Bloodstone Amulet;
AMNISH CENTURION: 7300 exp, Sphene Gem, Full Plate Mail, Spear, Helmet.
    Check out a barrel near Cromwell's house.
LOOT: 1 Gold.

Room near Cromwell's House (AR0335)

Room near Cromwell's House (AR0335)

    Loot the two night tables (one locked), two dressers, bookcase and a locked chest.
PICK THE LOCK: 2 x 400 exp;
LOOT: 42 Gold, Andar Gem, Angel Skin Ring, History of the Valley of the Gods, History of Shadowdale (2).

Prebek's House (AR0407)

Prebek's House (AR0407)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    When you enter Prebek's house, you'll see Prebek, his aide Sanasha and a few Goblins. From the pre-battle conversation you can gather that Prebek has a cruel master pulling toenails for miscasting cantrips, likes to skin people and do a strange dance, sound like a skin dancer to me. Dispatch Prebek and his cronies. Then disarm the traps in the room and loot it.
    After you've killed Prebek, do not forget to talk to Rylock.

    Disarm the traps on a locked night table and two dressers (one locked).
PREBEK: 2500 exp, Wand of Magic Missile, Potion of Insight, [Fireball], [Color Spray], [Sleep], 17 Gold, Dagger;
SANASHA: 2500 exp, [Dispel Magic], [Knock], [Cone of Cold], 29 Gold, Quarterstaff;
GOBLINS: 2 x 20 exp, 8 Gold, Battle Axe (2), Arrows (80), Composite Long Bow (2);
GOBLIN: 60 exp, Arrows of Biting (5), Arrows (60), Composite Long Bow;
DISARM THE TRAP: 3 x 1750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 2 x 400 exp;
LOOT: War Hammer +1, [Detect Invisibility], [Invisible Stalker], [Horror], [Resist Fear], [Conjure Fire Elemental], 123 Gold.


    You will come here on an assignment either from Aran Linvail or Bodhi.

    If Bodhi sent you here to confiscate the shipment, then you'll have to fight Mook and her Shadow Thieves. Kill them and take the crate from Mook's body. Once you do that, return to the Lower Tombs to report about the completion of the mission.

    If Bodhi sent you, then you'll have to kill the Shadow Thieves here.
MOOK: 500 exp, Smuggled Shipment, 12 Gold, Short Sword, Studded Leather Armor;
ARKANIS GATH: 1400 exp, Rifthome Axe +3, Short Sword +2, Splint Mail;
SHADOW THIEF: 1400 exp, Splint Mail, Helmet, Small Shield, War Hammer;
SHADOW THIEF: 2 x 1400 exp, Antidote (2), Poisoned Throwing Daggers (24).


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