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Dream Sequences


    During the first dream sequence you will see Imoen and the all too familiar Candlekeep, Gorion and Sarevok ...


    During this dream Jon Irenicus will try to teach you the meaning of "Power". If you agree to accept the gift, Irenicus will kill all the innocents in that dream, otherwise he'll say that you'll be forced to accept the gift.


    Jon Irenicus continues to sway your conscience to accept the gift that runs in your veins. He demonstrates how powerful you can be should you do so.


    You will see Irenicus in his strange lab preparing Imoen for "her", whomever that might be.



Bhaal Demon Entrance Dream - Candlekeep (AR0028)

    In this dream you'll be met by Imoen just outside of pseudo-Candlekeep. Imoen asks that you find her within for you cannot fight "it" alone.


    If you walk east you'll run into Bhaal, or his incarnation as Sarevok. Bhaal will want to fight you. There is no way you can defeat him here in the open, you must seek the shelter of the keep, however, the entrance to the keep is guarded by a Demon who will not let you in unless you make a sacrifice.


    This demon guards the entrance to the keep. In order to pass through, you'll have to make a sacrifice, as only through sacrifice you will reach the depths of your soul. Once you sacrifice something the Demon disappears at which point you could lead Bhaal here and enter the keep.

SACRIFICE HEALTH: -1 Constitution;
SACRIFICE THE MIND: -1 Intelligence;
SACRIFICE YOUTH: -1 Dexterity.


    This is the entrance to the keep.


Dream - Inside the Keep (AR0012)

    lead Bhaal to Imoen where she can help you defeat him.




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