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Druid Grove (AR1900)

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    Right where you enter the map you'll be hailed by a druid by the name Pauden. If you tell him that you are here on the order of Cernd, Pauden will let you through. Pauden will mention about Faldorn and that she took control of the grove.

    What if you attack him or propose gold ?

Trolls 1

TROLLS: 3 x 1400 exp;
ICE TROLLS: 2 x 174 exp.


SWORD SPIDER: 2000 exp;
PHASE SPIDER: 1400 exp;
GIANT SPIDER: 450 exp;
SPIDERS: 3 x 10 exp.


    If you are on the Limited Wish quest and talked to Roger the Fence, he'll direct you here, to the Troll Mound, to talk to shaman Grae. Grae will not cooperate with you, although after severe beating, will relent and agree to tell you the info if you spare her life. If you agree, Grae will say that she sold the gong to Drush, the Ogre mage in the tower nearby. She'll then bolt for her life, although if you are quick enough, you can still kill her.

GRAE: 1400 exp;
TROLL: 1400 exp.

Troll Mound (AR1904)

    Guarding the entrance to the mound are some tough trolls, so beware. The spirit Troll will drain your stats, temporarily.

SPIRIT TROLL: 12000 exp;
TROLLS: 2 x 1400 exp;
GIANT TROLL: 1400 exp.

    The mound itself:

Trolls Trolls Trolls Troll Mound (AR1904)


    You will be "greeted" by a few trolls.

SPIRIT TROLL: 12000 exp;
TROLL: 2 x 1400 exp.


    Check out the pile of bones for some very nice treasure.

GIANT TROLL: 1400 exp;
TROLLS: 2 x 1400 exp.
    Check out the pile of bones for treasure.
LOOT: Bracers of Archery, 421 Gold.


    Top pile of bones is guarded by the trolls too.

GIANT TROLLS: 2 x 1400 exp.
    Check out the pile of bones for treasure.
LOOT: Spear of the Unicorn +2, Silver Necklace, 6 Gold.

North of the mound

    A bit north of the mound you'll find a lone Troll wandering about.

TROLL: 1400 exp.


    Here you will witness the fight between the three Trolls and four humans. Once the trolls are dead, the humans will turn on you, so you'll have to slay them too.

TROLLS: 3 x 1400 exp;
FIGHTERS: 2 x 2000 exp, Arrows of Fire (20), Arrows +1 (20), Small Random Treasure (2), Plate Mail Armor (2), Helmet (2), Spear (2), Composite Long Bow (2);
DRUID: 2000 exp, Leather Armor +1;
MAGE: 974 exp.

    A bit to the south you'll find an Ettercap.

ETTERCAP: 650 exp, Random Treasure.

Kyland Lind

    About in the center of the map you'll find some Shadow Druids led by Kyland Lind. He will not let you pass, well, at least try not to.

KYLAND LIND: 4000 exp;
SHADOW DRUID: 4000 exp;
SHADOW DRUIDS: 2 x 2000 exp;
SHADOW DRUID: 974 exp.

Ogre's Tower (AR1905)

Ogre's Tower (AR1905)

    The entrance to the tower of Ogre Mage by the name Drush is guarded by a few trolls. Dispatch them.

TROLLS: 2 x 1400 exp;
ICE TROLLS: 2 x 174 exp.

    Once inside, you'll meet a somewhat friendly ogre mage Drush. Apparently it was him that Grae has sold the gong to. You can confront him about the gong. If you choose the violent way of dealing with him, you'll end up to have to kill him, well duh.

DRUSH: 650 exp, Dennis' Mother's Gong, Random Treasure (3), 10 Gold, Bastard Sword.

    Otherwise, you can ask him for the gong. Drush has apparently found an "appropriate" use for it (I'm not going to spoil it for you) but will give it up if you bring him the Wand of Frost. Drush suggests that Adratha in the cottage nearby might have one.
    Once you bring the wand Drush will give you the gong, hehehe (Korgan's remakrs are just hilarious). You could kill Drush after that if you wish, he won't go anywhere.
    You could also pick pocket Drush for the gong, although this way you'll get no experience. Drush's treasure that you pickpocket is random, however, you can get and 8th level spell from his pockets. Just don't save the game inside his tower, save it outside, because once inside - the item is already determined.
    If you kill Drush after you've traded for the gong, you'll end up having the Wand of Frost back from his corpse.

OBTAIN THE GONG: 12250 exp, Dennis' Mother's Gong.
    Do not forget to check out the pile of hay for a nice sword.
LOOT: Belm +2, Random Treasure.

Adratha's Cottage (AR1902)

Adratha's Cottage (AR1902)

    Well, this is the hideout of the rakshasa that the Dao Djinns from Trademeet are after. Srangely enough you can pickpocket Rakshasa's head and make off with it without even killing the rakshasa itself (What will the Dao Djinns say then ?).

    Pick Adratha's pockets.
PICK THE POCKETS: Ihtafeer's Head, Periapt of Proof against Poison.

    When you talk to Adratha after you've accepted the quest from the genies, it will smell betrayal and reveal its true form. Must figure out what happens when you talk to her BEFORE you speak with Dao Djinns. Kill Ihtafeer / Adratha and his two friends. Then bring the head to the Dao Djinns.

    Dispose of the rakshasa and his friends.
IHTAFEER: 15000 exp, Ihtafeer's Head, Periapt of Proof against Poison, Long Sword;
SAADAT: 3000 exp, Cleric's Staff +3, Long Sword;
JALAAL: 3000 exp, Long Sword.
    Check out the chest for treasure.
LOOT: Arrows of Fire (40), Acid Arrows (40), Bolts of Biting (40), Bolts of Lightning (40), Random Treasure.


    At the base of the stairs you'll find some Spore colonies. Dispatch of them quickly lest they spawn a whole number of Myconids.

SPORE COLONIES: 2 x 420 exp.


    Here you'll find Cernd should you have not allowed him to join your party. You'll have a chance to do so now. If there is no druid in your party, i.e. Jaheira, Cernd will offer to challenge Faldorn. You can choose whether to be a simple observer or reap the experience reward too.

Entrance to the Druid Grove

    Entrance to the Grove is guarded by a few druids let by Davok. Kill them to advance further.

DALOK: 3000 exp, Flame Tongue, Club +2, Gnasher, [Grease];
ADHERENT: 6000 exp, 3 Gold, Splint Mail, Scimitar;
SHADOW DRUID: 2000 exp, 12 Gold, Hide Armor, Club.

Druid Grove proper (AR1901)

The Pit Faldorn Holy Font


    Only another druid can stop Faldorn's plans, that is unless you decide to poison the Holy Font.

    If Cernd is going to challenge Faldorn single-handedly, then, for obvious reasons, you will not get any experience for it - you will be a simple observer. If Cernd is in your party while he challenges her, you'll gain the experience for her death. Cernd will be able to rip her to pieces in his Werewolf form.

The Pit

    The actual fight will occur in the pit. When Cernd defeats Faldorn, Cernd will say that now the land needs time to heal and that Verthan will serve as challenge master until all is healed. At this point, if Cernd is not in your party he will once again offer his services. Do not forget to pick up any equipment that was dropped before the challenge.

FALDORN: 14000 exp, Quarterstaff.

Holy Font

    This is the Holy Font of the Druid Grove that helps to keep the Grove alive and prospering. If you've talked to the little ambitious halfling, Lord Khellon, in Trademeet and accepted his proposal, then this is the font that you have to poison. WARNING: poisoning the Holy Font will cut off a number of quests in Trademeet. Only do so if you must role-play your party's actions.

    When you pour the poison in the font's waters, all the Druids in the area will turn hostile and you'll have to fight them. After you kill Faldorn, Master Verthan will gate in and curse you for dooming the land to death. You'll have to fight him too and his pets.

    The evil deed done, you should return to Lord Khellon in Trademeet for your reward.

POISON THE FONT: 24750 exp.
FALDORN: ??? exp, 10 Gold, Leather Armor, Club;
ADHERENTS: 2 x 6000 exp, Random Gold (2), Splint Mail (2), Spear (2);
SHADOW DRUIDS: 2 x 2000 exp, Random Treasure (2), Hide Armor (2), Quarterstaff (2);
MASTER VERTHAN: 2000 exp, Quarterstaff;
GRIZZLY BEARS: 2 x 1150 exp;
PANTHERS: 2 x 420 exp.



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