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Firkraag's Domain

Dungeon Level 1 (AR1201)

Chieftain Dig-Dag Mists Hobgoblins Ruhk Transmuter and Kamikaze Kobolds Ogrillons Exit to Level 2 Firkraag's Domain - Level 1 (AR1201)

    Chieftain Dig-Dag

    Just as you enter the dungeon you will be confronted by the Chieftain Dig-Dag and his Hobgoblin bunch. He lets his troops loose while escapes himself. Wipe the floor with them. Watch out for two Vampiric Mists though.

VAMPIRIC MISTS: 2 x 1000 exp;
HOBGOBLIN CAPTAIN: 420 exp, [Cure Serious Wounds], Potion of Healing (2), Helmet, Medium Shield, Long Sword;
HOBGOBLIN ELITES: 2 x 94 exp, Random Treasure (2), 10 Gold, Leather Armor (2), Arrows (40), Short Bow (2), Bastard Sword (2);
HOBGOBLIN WIZARD: 34 exp, Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace, Mace;
HOBGOBLIN SHAMAN: 34 exp, Silver Ring, Studded Leather Armor, Helmet, Mace;
HOBGOBLIN ARCHER: 34 exp, Arrows +1 (20), Random Treasure, Leather Armor, Helmet, Long Bow, Long Sword.


    A bit further down you'll encounter more lousy Hobgoblins.

HOBGOBLIN CAPTAIN: 420 exp, [Cure Serious Wounds], Potion of Healing (2), Helmet, Medium Shield, Long Sword;
HOBGOBLIN ELITE: 94 exp, Random Treasure, 5 Gold, Leather Armor, Arrows (20), Short Bow, Bastard Sword;
HOBGOBLIN SHAMAN: 34 exp, Random Treasure, Studded Leather Armor, Helmet, Mace;
HOBGOBLIN WARRIOR: 34 exp, Silver Necklace, Leather Armor, Helmet, Bastard Sword;
HOBGOBLIN ARCHERS: 2 x 34 exp, Arrows +1 (40), Random Treasure (2), Leather Armor (2), Helmet (2), Long Bow (2), Long Sword (2).

    Ruhk Transmuter and Kamikaze Kobolds

    Guarding the stairs down to the next level you will find Ruhk Transmuter and his Kamikaze Kobolds. These guys can be dangerous. As their name implies, they'll run up to you and blow up. However, you can wipe out the whole bunch with a single arrow - just aim for one of the Kamikaze Kobolds. His death will set off a chain of explosions that will fry everybody in the area.

RUHK TRANSMUTER: 7000 exp, Ring of Fire Resistance, 6 Gold, Long Sword.

    Stairs to Level 2

    These stairs lead down to level 2 of Firkraag's Dungeon.


    These guys are standing near a large pit that some creature has dug up before. Must have been one big creature, it should give you an idea of what you are about to face.

OGRILLONS: 4 x 174 exp, Random Treasure (4).


    Entrance to this tranquil cave is guarded by Vampiric Mists and other spiritual baddies. Be very careful when fighting them as they can level drain your party.

CRIMSON DEATHS: 2 x 9000 exp;
VAMPIRIC MISTS: 6 x 1000 exp.
    Check out the water pool and a hole in the rock for some treasure.
LOOT: Amulet of Protection +1, [Burning Hands], Aquamarine Gem, Horn Coral Gem (2).

Dungeon Level 2 (AR1202)

Back to Level 1 Orc Ambush Golems Troll Cook Otyugh Orcs Lousy Orcs Undead Ruined Chapel Samia Maze Entrance Room Guardian Guardian Guardian Guardian Guardian Room Room Guardian The Invisible Guardian King Strohm's Tomb Wolfweres Bridge Golems Cavern Secret Cavern Adventurers Wounded Room Orogs Chieftain Dig-Dag Prison Cells ... to Firkraag's Cavern Firkraag's Domain - Level 2 (AR1202)

If you want to see the traps and hidden doors on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS AND DOORS.

    Orc ambush

    Right when you descend from the first level, you'll be ambushed by a group of Orcs. They've set up a crossfire on you. Move in quick to kill them or they'll weaken you considerably. There are two locked doors that you can open to advance on the Orcs and fight them in melee. The Orcs are well armed and will stand their ground even in melee.

    Open the locked doors.
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
ORC ARCHERS: 8 x 1000 exp, Arrows of Fire (80), Plate Mail Armor (8), Large Shield (8), Arrows (160), Composite Long Bow (8), Morning Star (8).


    When you defeat the Orcs, you should heal the wounds and prepare for the fight ahead. As soon as you open the doors into the corridor you will be attacked by a swarm of Golems. Ready the appropriate weapons to fight them (WHICH ONES?).

IRON GOLEM: 13000 exp;
STONE GOLEMS: 2 x 8000 exp;
CLAY GOLEM: 8000 exp.

    Troll Cook

    Once the corridor is clear you can head right. If you do so, you'll end up in the room of the twisted Troll Cook. He would like to cook you on the nearby grill. If you disobey his command, he'll summon some fodder for you to deal with. Once you deal with them do not forget to fry the cook on that same grill. If you want some intellectual reading material then check out the broken table for something to read.

TROLL COOK: 1400 exp;
HOBGOBLIN CAPTAIN: 420 exp, [Cure Serious Wounds], Potion of Healing (2), Helmet, Medium Shield, Long Sword;
HOBGOBLIN WARRIORS: 2 x 34 exp, Silver Necklace (2), Leather Armor (2), Helmet (2), Bastard Sword (2);
HOBGOBLIN SHAMAN: 34 exp, Random Treasure, Studded Leather Armor, Helmet, Mace;
HOBGOBLIN WIZARD: 34 exp, Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace, Mace;
HOBGOBLIN ARCHERS: 2 x 34 exp, Arrows +1 (40), Random Treasure (2), Leather Armor (2), Helmet (2), Long Bow (2), Long Sword (2).
    Check out the broken table for some treasure.
LOOT: Orcish Cookbook, Arrows +2 (40), Bolts +2 (40), [Magic Missile].


    This is probably some kind of a sewer room. It has an Otyugh guarding it.

OTYUGH: 5000 exp.


    The corridor is guarded by another unit of Orcs. Dispatch them to move on.

ORCS: 3 x 94 exp, Random Treasure (3), 15 Gold, Leather Armor (3), Bastard Sword (3);
ORC ARCHERS: 3 x 34 exp, Arrows +1 (60), 24 Gold, Leather Armor (3), Helmet (3), Long Bow (3).

    Orc Room

    In this room you'll find two cowardly orcs, Derg and Flaylan. they'll beg for your mercy and say that they were just carrying out orders. It is up to you whether you let them go or put them out of their misery. Keep in mind that letting them go will not benefit you at all. Well at least letting Derg live won't benefit you. Flaylan can tell you about the dungeon a bit. From him you'll learn that Firkraag awaits your arrival and has Garren's child with him. Flaylan will flee right after spilling his guts to you, although if you are quick enough you can still kill him.

DERG THE ORC: 14 exp, Flamedance Ring, 94 Gold, Leather Armor;
FLAYLAN THE ORC: 14 exp, Spear.


    This room is choke full of undead. If you have the Daystar sword - now is the right time to use it's special Sunray ability. Besides that, cast Negative Plane Protection because otherwise the Vampires will drain levels fast. Use the cleric's Turn Undead ability, well, to put it short use everything you have that helps you fighting the Undead. You can use the door to your advantage by parking a tough fighter there and slugging it out, while the rest of the party shoots missiles and spells at the Undead. Just do not forget to cast Negative Plane Protection on this fighter.
    After you finish with the Undead do not forget to check out the trapped chest in the room for some nice stuff.

VAMPIRE: 14500 exp;
VAMPIRE: 12500 exp;
VAMPIRES: 2 x 10500 exp;
VAMPIRES: 2 x 8500 exp;
MUMMIES: 3 x 3000 exp;
GHASTS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2).
    Check out the trapped chest for some treasure.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Darts of Wounding (20), [Polymorph Other], 29 Gold, Arrows (120), Bolts (120).

    Ruined Chapel

    This room is guarded by various Shadows. After you defeat them do not forget to check out the pike of wood for some treasure. The Chapel key that you find here opens the door to the Maze section of the level.

WRAITHS: 2 x 2000 exp;
SHADOW FIEND: 2000 exp;
SHADOWS: 2 x 420 exp.
    Check out the pile of wood for treasure.
LOOT: Chapel Key, Bullets +2 (40), Darts of Stunning (20).


    Right at the entrance to the Maze you will be parlayed by a women named Samia, she'll mistaken you for an orc. Samia will tell you that she is a scholar searching for the Tomb of King Strohm III of Tethyr. Apparently she has the key to go further but some magic stops her from doing it. She'll ask you to go look for the texts describing King Strohm's life. If you agree to this deal (why shouldn't you) Samia will give you the key to the first door and warn you that according to the legend the King's tomb contains seven guardians. The last one guards the burial chamber itself and is invisible. You are to find the text in the burial chamber and return to Samia to collect your reward.

    In the room where Samia was you'll find three traps on the doors that lead to nowhere. Well at least it's good practice for your thief.

What if you lie to her at the beginning by saying that you are here after the tomb as well ?!

ACCEPT SAMIA's QUEST: Party gains an item: Samia's Key.
    Pick Samia's pocket.
PICK THE POCKET: Potion of Extra Healing (2), 23 Gold.
    Disarm the traps on the doors.
DISARM THE TRAPS: 3 x 2750 exp.

    Maze Entrance

    When you walk into the first room, which also has a trapped door that leads to nowhere, you'll need to use Samia's key to get into the Maze itself.

DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.


    This room is the first room in the maze. It is guarded by a Ghast. After you defeat it do not forget to seach trhough the pile of books on the floor. In this pile you will find the Book of King Strohm III. By reading it you'll learn that you need to assemble a special six piece mask in order to get access to the Tomb. Each piece of the mask is guarded by a Guardian.

FELL GHAST: 850 exp, Random Treasure.
    Check out the pile of books.
LOOT: Book of King Strohm III, [Stone to Flesh], [Wizard Eye].

    Guardian 1

    The first Guardian is right near the room where you've found the Book of King Strohm. The Guardian is a Geenie so uses annoying Fire Shield - be careful. After you kill him you'll get the first Piece of the Burial Mask. There is another fake trapped door in this room.

    Pay attention to what the guardians are saying, you can learn a lot of information from them.

GUARDIAN: 8000 exp, Piece of Burial Mask.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.

Piece of Burial Mask

    Guardian 2

GUARDIAN: 8000 exp, Piece of Burial Mask.

Piece of Burial Mask

    Guardian 3

GUARDIAN: 8000 exp, Piece of Burial Mask.

Piece of Burial Mask

    Guardian 4

    There is a trap in the corridor leading to this guardian. The trap is on the door that leads to nowhere. Go figure, well, at least it's good practice.

GUARDIAN: 8000 exp, Piece of Burial Mask.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.

Piece of Burial Mask

    Guardian 5

GUARDIAN: 8000 exp, Piece of Burial Mask.

Piece of Burial Mask


    This room leads to a junction of sorts. The room is guarded by a Fell Ghast.

FELL GHAST: 850 exp, Bloodstone Ring.


    This room has a big beholder guarding it. There is also a trap on a fake door.

DIRECTOR: 10000 exp.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.

    Guardian 6

    After you kill the last guardian and have all six pieces of the Burial Mask in your inventory, they will combine itself into the Mask of King Strohm III. The beauty of this mask, besides it's usefulness in the immediate quest, is that anyone can wear it regardless of class/kit restrictions.

GUARDIAN: 8000 exp, Piece of Burial Mask.
FIND ALL SIX PIECES: 24550 exp, Party gains an item: Mask of King Strohm III.

Piece of Burial Mask


    When you enter this hallway you will be attacked by an invisible guardian of King Strohm's Tomb. You will only be able to see it if one of your characters outs on the Mask of King Strohm III. Even then, only the character wearing it will be able to see the last guardian of the King's tomb. Give it to your best fighter, (s)he should be able to deal with the guardian one on one.

GUARDIAN: 10000 exp.

    Once you loot King Strohm's Tomb Samia will betray you and try to take the loot by force. Teach her a lesson.

SAMIA: 9000 exp, Plate Mail +1, Medium Shield +1, Scimitar;
AKAE: 8000 exp, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Oil of Speed, 23 Gold, Katana, Wakizashi;
FERRIC IRONBLADE: 8000 exp, Studded Leather Armor +2, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Silver Ring, 50 Gold, Arows (20), Long Sword, Short Bow;
KAOL: 8000 exp, Wand of Fear, Potion of Extra Healing, 9 Gold, Quarterstaff;
LEGDORIL: 6000 exp, 72 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Mace, Small Shield;
CHAK: 6000 exp, Large Shield +2, Battle Axe +2, 41 Gold.

    King Strohm's Tomb

    Once you get here there is nothing left to do but to loot the tomb. Contrary to what Samia has told you there are no books in the tomb. As soon as you loot the tomb, Samia and her gang will try to take the stuff you've found by force. Her gang will appear in the room where you've slain the invisible guardian.

LOOT: Dragonslayer, Dragonscale Shield +2.


    This central corridor is choke full of wolfweres and other dreadful things. Tread carefully here.

WOLFWERES: 2 x 1400 exp;
DREAD WOLVES: 2 x 650 exp.

    The Bridge

    There is an old well nearby. You can winch up the bucket to get a nice helm. Beware though - you will be attacked by an Air Elemental.

LOOT: Dragon Helm.
AIR ELEMENTAL: 7000 exp.


    Across the bridge you'll find some more golems. Be careful as there are a lot of them and they'll hurt you bad.

IRON GOLEM: 13000 exp;
CLAY GOLEM: 8000 exp;
STONE GOLEMS: 2 x 8000 exp.


    You'll walk in on the conversation between a Hobgoblin Captain and his lackeys, Gerg and a troll. Apparently they are doing a bad job cleaning Firkraag's Golems. You can kill the Captain, if you do so the lackeys will flee. Although if you're quick enough you can get them too.

CAPTAIN: 1800 exp, Silver Necklace, Random Treasure;
GERG: 34 exp, 9 Gold, Leather Armor, Helmet, Bastard Sword.
TROLL: ???

    Secret Cavern

    This is where Firkraag hides his best Golem - Adamantite. This golem is nearly invincible you need a +X weapon to hit it. Staves and bullets will do a good job too. You can park a fighter in the entrance to the secret cavern and use the fact that the Adamantite Golem is too big to fit through. How did they get him there in the first place?

STONE GOLEMS: 2 x 8000 exp.
    Check out the niche in the north for treasure.
LOOT: Heartseeker +3, Beljuril, Moonbar Gem (2).


    when you walk in you'll be greeted by two adventurers, Grancor and Falik. They will tell you that they got lost in this dungeon and beg you to heal their wounded. During the conversation you can figure out that they are not the adventurers that they say they are. If you pressure them with question Grancor will attack you. They turn out to be wolfweres after all.
    Once you kill them, check out the room for some items and go to see the so called "Wounded" adventurers.

GRANCOR (GREATER WOLFWERE): 15000 exp, Plate Mail Armor;
FALIK (WOLFWERE): 1400 exp, Plate Mail Armor.
    Check out the crate and a barrel for treasure.
LOOT: Bolts of Lightning (20), Arrows of Ice (40), Darts of Wounding (20), [Chaos], 52 Gold.

    The Wounded

    The "Wounded" are actually two more wolfweres.

WOLFWERES: 2 x 420 exp.


    This room has a giant table and a closet. Check them out for some nice treasure, including the wicked Horn of Blasting.

LOOT: Horn of Blasting, Arrows of Piercing (40), Bullets +2 (40), Darts of Wounding (20), Bolts of Biting (40), [Hold Undead], [Domination], [Hold Monster], 2120 Gold.


    This is the Orogs' guard room.

OROGS: 2 x 600 exp, Random Treasure (2), 10 Gold, Leather Armor (2), Two Handed Sword (2);
OROGS: 2 x 174 exp, 78 Gold, Leather Armor (2), Bolts (40), Bastard Sword (2).
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.

    Chieftain Dig-Dag

    To get to his room you'll need to pick the lock on the door by the stairs. When you walk inside you'll find Chieftain Dig-Dag, his cronies and, what's more surprising, your old "friend" from Baldur's Gate - Tazok. Apparently the last time you've fought Tazok - you didn't kill him enough. LOL
    Tazok will say that his master, Frikraag, brought him here just to face you.

PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.
TAZOK: 6000 exp, Sewer Key, Full Plate Mail +1, Two Handed Sword +2, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Silver Necklace, Flamedance Ring, 490 Gold;
CHIEFTAIN DIG-DAG: 2000 exp, Delver's Plate +2, Long Sword, Helmet, Large Shield;
ORCS: 3 x 94 exp, Random Treasure (3), 15 Gold, Bastard Sword (3), Leather Armor (3).
    Check out the table and a closet for more nice treasure.
LOOT: [Fire Shield (Red)], [Minor Sequencer], [Teleport Field], Rogue Stone (2), King's Tears, Laeral's Tear Necklace, Star Sapphire (2), 920 Gold, Darts (80), Bullets (80), Bolts (80), Arrows (80)


    One of the cells is magically locked and in the other one you'll find Iltha, Garren's daughter. Iltha will say that the mage that brought her here has some sort of a magic key that opens the cell doors. You should find it and set her free.

    Iltha will be killed by the mage Conster if you decide to betray Garren Windspear.

ILTHA: 6 Gold.


    This is the stairs down to the lair of Firkraag himself.

Firkraag's Cavern (AR1203)

Firkraag's Domain - Firkraag's Cavern (AR1203)

    Well, Lord Jierdan Firkraag, as it turns out, is a red dragon !!! Well the 'Fir' in Firkraag may have given it away because it is too close to the word 'Fire' - red dragon's trademark.
    Firkraag will tell you that he has tired of this game with you. If you inquire Firkraag will explain the reasons why he has destroyed your reputation. He seems content enough to leave you alone. Questions is whether you would leave him alone. You can tell Firkraag that you won't leave without Garren's child, he'll agree to that if you manage to wrestle her from his pet mage Conster's grasp.

    During the conversation, after Firkraag has mentioned about the deed to Windspear Hills, you may have an opportunity to propose him a deal. This is the EVIL path as you will betray Garren Windspear. Keep in mind that if you are going to go for it then Conster will kill Iltha. At this point you should go to Garren Windspear to set matters straight.
    After you've obtained the deed, bring it to Firkraag and he'll give you one item from his massive hoard as a reward. If you think that this was not enough you can try to kill him.

BRING THE DEED: Each party member gains 40500 exp, Cloak of the Shield.
    If you decide that his reward was not sufficient you can kill him.
FIRKRAAG: 64000 exp, Carsomyr +5, Red Dragon Scales, Jade Ring, Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, 1500 Gold.

    If you decide to stick by your promise to Garren Windspear, then you'd first have to run and rescue Garren's child from the mage Conster. Go back to the room with the cells and defeat Conster. After killing him you'll get the key to the cells. Set Iltha free and she'll thank you and run to her father.

CONSTER: 6000 exp, Firkraag Prison Key, 48 Gold, Quarterstaff.
RESCUE ILTHA: 23750 exp.

    At this point you can go talk to Garren Windspear or go slay Firkraag.

FIRKRAAG: 64000 exp, Carsomyr +5, Red Dragon Scales, Cloak of the Shield, [Death Spell], Bloodstone Ring, 1500 Gold.

    Strategies for defeating Firkraag

    Firkraag is a mighty red dragon and by one of his remarks you should know that he would deal with an Amnish army merely as a nuisance. Before you actually fight him you should get yourself properly prepared. this includes casting all beneficial party spells, like Oritection from Fire, Stoneskin, Resist Fear etc. Also in the dungeons above you have collected various items that could help you in the fight with the dragon. These include Ring of Fire Resistance, Dragonslayer, Dragonscale Shield +2 and a Dragon Helm. Giving them to one or two characters would make his/her resistances like XXX.
    Another part of the preparation is to summon as many creatures as you can. Surround him from all sides, don't stand in one line so that he can use his wing buffet.

    The best way to open the battle is to fire a sequencer of Lower Magic Resistances. Three such spells should take his magic resistance down below zero. This is essential if you want to use your spells on him. One properly equipped melee fighter may go toe to toe with Firkraag, just don't forget to switch him out for another fighter when he takes too much damage.

    There is also one cheese tactic of planting traps right where Firkraag stands while he is still neutral. This way, when he becomes hostile they will spring up and damage him, in some cases even instantaneously killing him.



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