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Gaelan Bayle's House*

    Ground Floor (AR0311)

... to the Second Floor Gaelan Bayle's House - Ground Floor (AR0311)

    This is where you find Gaelan Bayle, a man working for Shadow Thieves.

    Check out the mini-table and two dressers (one of them locked).
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: 23 Gold, Silver Necklace, Throwing Axe, Chain Mail Armor, Battle Axe.

    If you are on a mission from Bodhi to kill Aran Linvail, then you'll need to get the key to Shadow Thief Cellar from Gaelan Bayle. He won't give it up without a fight of course.

    Kill Gaelan Bayle to get the key to Shadow Thief Cellar.
GAELAN BAYLE: 1300 exp, Shadow Thief Cellar Key, Leather Armor +3, Cloak of Protection +1, Short Sword +2, Light Crossbow +2, Bolts +1 (10), Bolts of Biting (10), Potion of Extra Healing (2), Potion of Invisibility (2), 142 Gold, Bolts (20).

    Second Floor (AR0312)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    On this floor you'll be able to find a thief merchant named Alredrian. She sells some nice items, notably the Glasses of Identification, and you can even steal some of the equipment from her. You can also pickpocket her for additional items.

    Pickpocket Alredrian.
PICK THE POCKET: Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Extra Healing, Angel Skin Ring.
    Should you get caught stealing or simply decide to kill her, in addition to the items mentioned above you'll get the following.
ALREDRIAN: 800 exp, Short Sword +1, Arrows +1 (10), 7 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Short Bow, Bolts (10).
    Check out the locked chest, locked dresser and a bookcase. Watch out they are all trapped.
DISARM THE TRAP: 3 x 1750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 2 x 400 exp;
LOOT: Wand of Magic Missile, Dart +1 (10), 110 Gold, Water Opal, Tchazar Gem, Horn Coral Gem, Pearl Necklace, Moonstone Gem, Aquamarine Gem, Throwing Daggers (10), History of Amn.


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