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Galvena's Festhall


Galvena's Festhall - Main Corridor (AR1608)

    This long thin corridor has many doors and guards. Be careful treading here.

1st door on the right leads to AR1609

2nd door on the right leads to AR1612, the kitchen. Nearby you'll be challenged by some guards.

3rd door on the right leads to AR1613, the Captain's personal quarters.

The last door leads to prison (AR1610) and needs a key in order to be opened. The key you can find in Captain's quarters.

GUARD CAPTAIN: 7500 exp, Large Shield, Morning Star;
GUARD: 5000 exp, Halberd +2, Plate Mail Armor;
GUARD: 2000 exp, Plate Mail Armor, Halberd.


Galvena's Festhall - AR1609

There is nothing of interest in this room


Galvena's Festhall - AR1609

    Here you'll find Ellie the cook and nothing else. No treasure.


Galvena's Festhall - Captain's Quarters (AR1613)

    This is the Captain of the Guard's personal quarters. In one of the closets you'll find the key to prison.

    Check out the closet for the key.
LOOT: Galvena's Key.

Prison (AR1610)

Galvena's Festhall - Prison (AR1610)

    Check the table near the exit for some gold.
LOOT: 8 Gold.

    Here you will confront Galvena and her pet mage Vadek. You will not be able to reason with them ... without a sword.

VADEK: 8000 exp, Quarterstaff +2, Dart +1 (1), 25 Gold;
GALVENA: 4000 exp, Leather Armor +3, Flail +2.

    Claire will be very thankful to you for saving her life. Tell her about Sanik's death. Claire will get upset but will introduce you to Sanik's captain, Golin.


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