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Ghoul Town (AR0201)*

Undead Undead Undead First Entrance Second Entrance Mayor's House Ghoul Town (AR0201)


    This exit is too steep to climb back up.

Undead 1

    Right near the entrance from the Cult Domain you will be attacked by a bunch of undead. They aren't too difficult to kill. Do not forget to check out a dried up corpse nearby for some gold.

    Kill the undead and check out a skeleton nearby.
GHASTS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2);
MUMMIES: 3 x 3000 exp;
LOOT: 1 Gold.

Undead 2

    Kill the undead that are guarding the second entrance to the Mayor's House.

    Kill the undead.
GHASTS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2);
MUMMIES: 3 x 3000 exp.

Undead 3

    Kill the undead that are guarding the exit.

    Kill the undead.
GHASTS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2);
MUMMIES: 3 x 3000 exp.

Entrance 1

    Near this entrance to the Mayor's House you'll find a Zombie that runs away to report once it sees you. Well, the "runs away part" may be slight exaggeration, once the Zombie makes it inside it'll fight by the Mayor's side. If you're fast enough you can kill this Zombie-runner.

    Kill the zombie messenger.
ZOMBIE: 64 exp.

Entrance 2

Mayor's House (AR0206)

... to the First Entrance ... to the Second Entrance Undead Undead The Mayor, Theshal Mayor's House (AR0206)

    Depending on which entrance you took you will arrive either right at the Mayor's doorstep or land some distance away from him.

Undead 4

    Here you will face a small group of undead.

    Kill the undead.
ZOMBIES: 2 x 974 exp, Random Small Gold Amount (2), Long Bow (2);
GHOUL LORD: 3000 exp, 47 Gold.

Undead 5

    There is a pile of bones and skeletons here that holds a nice treasure - Gauntlets of Dexterity, but before you can get there you'll need to destroy a group of undead.

    Kill the undead and scour the pile of bones for treasure.
GHASTS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2);
SHADOW FIENDS: 2 x 2000 exp;
MUMMIES: 3 x 3000 exp;
SKELETON WARRIORS: 2 x 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1 (2), Random Treasure (2), Helmet (2);
LOOT: Gauntlets of Dexterity, [Dire Charm], 15 Gold.


    Theshal, the Mayor of this little Ghoul Town, tells you that his ghouls are trying to be more civilized - they eat only the dead and try not to eat the living. He'll also tell you that the Great Feeder, the one that throws down all the dead bodies, is just beyond the bridge. Theshal cannot stand the smell of living flesh, however, and attacks you.

    Kill Theshal and the Ghoul Lord, scour the area for treasure (the ground and a barrel).
THESHAL: 1050 exp, Skin of the Ghoul +4;
GHOUL LORD: 3000 exp, Random Scroll;
LOOT: Bullets +2 (20), Darts of Wounding (20), Arrows of Fire (30), Bolts of Lightning (30), Silver Ring.

The Pit of the Faithless (AR0205)

Entrance A niche in the wall Four Gauths Pulsating Blob 1 Blind Priests Pulsating Blob 2 A niche in the wall Pulsating Blob 3 ... to the Upper Reaches The Lair of the Unseeing Eye (AR0205)


    When you descend from the Ghoul Town, you appear on the west side of the Pit.

Right nearby you can see a pulsating nipple-like object. If you explore it, you'll find some treasure inside.

    Scour the pulsating blob for treasure.
LOOT: Bolts +1 (40), [Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental], Aquamarine Gem.

Niche 1

    A little bit further down in a passageway, somewhere inside a wall you'll find a hidden niche with treasure.

    Check out the hidden niche for treasure.
LOOT: Greenstone Ring.

    There is also a Gauth nearby, so be careful.

    Kill the Gauth.
GAUTH: 9000 exp.


    In this area you'll find four Gauths that will shred an unprepared party to pieces with their quick eye attacks, your mages would be especially vulnerable. Use an invisible character to scout ahead and then have your mage cast Web and Cloudkill into their general area. If the Cloudkill doesn't kill them it will at least weaken them enough so that they can be finished off with ranged attacks.

    Kill the Gauths.
GAUTHS: 4 x 9000 exp.

Pulsating Blob 1

    This pulsating blob is guarded by a beholder so be careful. Luckily the beholder is all alone. Once the beholder is dead you can check out what treasure this pulsating blob contains.

    Kill the beholder and check out the blob for treasure.
BEHOLDER: 9000 exp
LOOT: [Secret Word], 326 Gold, Andar Gem, Bloodstone Gem.

Blind Priests

    The center of the level is guarded by six blind Priests. Although they are a tough bunch, there is nothing that a few Fireballs or Cloudkills can't solve. Just kill them quickly because otherwise they'll summon lots of monsters.

    Kill the Blind Priests.
BLIND PRIESTS: 4 x 4000 exp, [Protection from Energy], [Protection from Petrification], [Charm Person], Zircon Gem, Silver Ring, Leather Armor (3), Chain Mail Armor, Helmet (3), Small Shield (3), Flail (2), Quarterstaff, Mace.
BLIND PRIESTS: 2 x 6000 exp, 67 Gold, Silver Necklace, Plate Mail Armor, Full Plate Mail, Large Shield (2), Mace, War Hammer.

Pulsating Blob 2

    This is where you find the second part of the Rift Device, beware as this blob is guarded by a lonely Gauth. As soon as you put it into your inventory, this piece will combine itself with the part of the device you got from the Avatar at the Ancient Temple. You'll get a warning that you should immediately equip it in your quick slot.

    Kill the Gauth to get at the treasure in the blob.
GAUTH: 9000 exp;
LOOT: Rift Device Part, 227 Gold.

    For assembling the Rift Device your party gains some experience and a few short seconds later an Unseeing Eye itself shall appear a little bit to the southwest to attack your party. Use the Rift Device on it to put it at Near Death and finish the blind beholder with melee attacks. Once you used up the charge on the Unseeing Eye, the Rift Device becomes useless. You will not be able to use it and you will not be able to take it out of the Upper Reaches - the Protagonist will immediately due to the curse put on the device.

UNSEEING EYE: 30000 exp, Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance.

    Once you defeated the Unseeing Eye, you should return the used up Rift Device back to the Avatar in the Ancient Temple. You will be nicely rewarded if you do so.


    In this niche in the wall you will find some more treasure so be sure to check it out.

    Check out the niche for treasure.
LOOT: Bloodstone Ring, Throwing Axes (40), Throwing Daggers (40).

Pulsating Blob 3

    The northern pulsating blob is guarded by a lone beholder. It shouldn't be too difficult to defeat it, you can even sneak up on it. The pulsating blob itself holds a nice treasure - the Dragon's Bane halberd.

    Kill the beholder to get at the treasure (pulsating blob, ground and an eyestalk).
BEHOLDER: 9000 exp;
LOOT: Dragon's Bane +3, Arrows +1 (40), Dart +1 (40), Bullets +1 (40), [Protection from Acid], 8 Gold, Zircon Gem, Tchazar Gem, Iol Gem.


    These stairs lead up to the Upper Reaches.








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