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Graveyard District (AR0800)*

    The first time you enter the graveyard Edwin, should you have him in your party, will mention the Nether Scroll and suggest to go look for it in the lower tombs.


    If you turned Ms. Cragmoon in to the Cowled Wizards, then at some point you will be attacked by her associates (does it always happen on the graveyard?) headed by Strachan Fireblade. Apparently she wrned them about you (you can read about that from the note that you find on his corpse). Strachan cannot be reasoned with, so it remains for you to slay him.

    Kill Strachan's party.
STRACHAN FIREBLADE: 474 exp, Note, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Medium Shield, Short Sword;
ADVENTURERS: 2 x 270 exp, Chain Mail Armor (2), Helmet, Arrows (20), Short Sword, Composite Long Bow, Medium Shield, Mace;
ADVENTURER: 350 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Arrows (20), Short Sword, Composite Long Bow;
ADVENTURER: 400 exp, 7 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Medium Shield, Short Sword;
DUNBAR THE FIFTH: 100 exp, 58 Gold, Leather Armor, Long Sword, Composite Long Bow.


    Right near the entrance you will be approached by a ghost of a boy Wellyn. He has been cruelly murdered 10 years ago and his stuffed bear Littleman taken from him by his killer. Wellyn can not go to sleep without his bear so go and find it for him in order to put Wellyn to rest. The boy's spirit tells you that the bad man is in the Copper Coronet in one of the bedrooms at the back and that his name is Llynis. Wellyn's spirit has tried to go to persuade Llynis to return Littleman, however, the killer was too scared to understand anything.
    During the day you can see two mourners near Wellyn's grave - those are his parents.
    Once you return Littleman to Wellyn, the little ghost will finally attain rest.

BRING LITTLEMAN: 15500 exp, Party loses: Littleman.


    If you come to the Graveyard District after sunset, as Vale told you, you will be hailed by Bodhi. She'll show you the entrance to her hold, the Lower Tombs, and make you a "better" proposal - she'll find Imoen for just 15000 gold. Coincidentally this is just as much money as you'd pay Gaelan Bayle as he'd also lower the price to 15000. So the choice of who to side with is really up to you.
    It is worth mentioning that as soon as you pay the 15000 gold to either Bodhi or Gaelan Bayle, the other guild will immediately know about your choice and so will be hostile to your party.
    Before Bodhi can help you find Imoen / Irenicus, she wants you to do a few small tasks aimed at undermining the Shadow Thieves' position in the city, she wants to destroy this "largest criminal organization south of Waterdeep" as she puts it. Bodhi will also let it slip that she has a personal interest in finding  Irenicus. What if you deny her now ???
    Paying the 15000 Gold sets off Chapter 3 and you'll see a little cut scene where Jon Irenicus slays some Cowled Wizards and takes Imoen with him. What if you choose different answers when joining her?

    Bodhi's first task is to disrupt the shipment of supplies by Shadow Thieves, you a have a few days to successfully finish this task. You are to go to the Docks under cover of night and confiscate the shipment. What if you fail this assignment ??? After you complete the assignment, report to Bodhi in the Lower Tombs.

JOIN BODHI: 36750 exp for each party member, party looses 15000 Gold.

    Crypt 1 (AR0810)

Crypt (AR0810)

    The sarcophagus in this crypt is guarded by two Skeleton Warriors. Kill them and pick the lock on the sarcophagus to loot it.

SKELETON WARRIOR: 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1, [Protection from Fire], Helmet;
SKELETON WARRIOR: 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1, [Spell Trap], Helmet;
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: 38 Gold.

    Crypt King (AR0806)

Crypt King (AR0806)

    This crypt is a resting place of the Crypt King and you have apparently disturbed its rest. Well, send it to the grave one more time.

    Kill the Crypt King, then loot the locked sarcophagus and a locked chest.
CRYPT KING: 15000 exp, Namarra +2, Angel Sking Ring, Helmet;
PICK THE LOCK: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Angel Skin Ring, Tchazar Gem, Moonstone Gem.

    Jeeves' Tomb (AR0807)

Jeeves' Tomb (AR0807)

    Near the eastern stairs down to the Lower Tombs, you will find two nobles, Arthur and Maggie, discussing the death of their poor butler Jeeves. Apparently he was a much finer butler than the Jysstev's butler, Jeeves. Arthur and Maggie grow tired of this conversation and decide to go home where their new butler, Jeeves, is already making lunch for them. =) Well Jeeves was probably one damn good butler, otherwise he wouldn't have his own tomb. You can walk inside the tomb, crack open the locked sarcophagus and take a peek inside.

    Open Jeeves' locked sarcophagus.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Identify].


Tomb (AR0813)

        This tomb is guarded by a couple of Shadow Fiends and a Mummy, so be real careful - do not get level drained.

    Kill the enemies and loot the locked sarcophagus.
SHADOW FIENDS: 2 X 2000 exp;
MUMMY: 3000 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Simulacrum], [Protection From Cold].


    When you walk by this partially filled grave, you will hear muffled cries for help. You can do some dirty work and do some grave digging. There you'll find a coffin with a corpse and a barely alive man, whose name is Tirdir. Tirdir thanks you for releasing him from clutches of certain death and tells you that he was buried by the men who kidnapped him. He can tell you that there were three men and the youngest one, who carried him here, was dressed all in red at which point Tirdir gives you a piece of red cloth that he tore off the man's shirt. Tirdir suggest talking to the gravekeeper, as he may have seen something.
    If you try to send Tirdir to the garrison Jan, if you have him in your party, will tell you a hilarious story about his unlucky cousin Biffle.

    Help Tirdir out of his grave.
DIG UP TIRDIR: 6500 exp;
ITEM: Piece of Red Cloth.


    Sethle is the local gravekeeper. If you intimidate him during the conversation, Sethle will spill the beans and say that it is the man in red shirt that you should go after and that you can find him in the Bridge District. After telling you all he knows Sethle runs away - a right thing to do, lest he rot in one of his graves.


Crypt (AR0805)

    This crypt is guarded by two Mummies and a Skeleton Warrior. Dispatch them and loot the sarcophagus.

    Kill the undead and raid the sarcophagus.
MUMMY: 2 x 3000 exp;
SKELETON WARRIOR: 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1, [Warding Whip], Helmet;
LOOT: [Identify], 9 Gold, Silver Necklace.


Tomb (AR0812)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    This tomb's sarcophagus is trapped so watch out.

    Check out the locked chest and a sarcophagus.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Battle Axe +2, Gold Necklace, Lynx Eye Gem.

    Nevin and Uncle Lester

    You shall be a witness to the encounter between Nevin and his, now undead, Uncle Lester. Nevin wants your help as his Uncle has risen from his grave. Nevin then describes his Uncle Lester as a cheap bastard, because all he got in the will was a sweater. =) Uncle Lester begs to differ with regards to the sweater and begins describing his funeral. Apparently Nevin sold Uncle Lester's clothes and kept the casket closed, brought some flowers for the funeral from near the swamp and bribed a drunken Pries of Talos to speak lines of profanity as a eulogy. Nevin makes a come back by blaming Uncle Lester with spending all his money on a Calimshite whore. =) Their polemics turns nasty as Uncle Lester tries to kill Nevin at which point Nevin want you to save his cheap arse.
    If you kill Uncle Lester, Nevin gets upset because he'll need to spend money on the funeral again =) If you let Nevin die, Uncle Lester will go off looking for that Calimshite whore of his in order to get one last quickie. =)

    Kill Uncle Lester, if you want.
HELP NEVIN: 6500 exp.
UNCLE LESTER: 1000 exp, Random Jewelry.

    Arenthis and Risa

    Here you shall meet a Dawnlord Arenthis  from the Temple of Lathander and an orphan girl named Risa. Arenthis believes that putting the girl into an orphanage will do her no good and is instead looking for someone who would care for her. At first he proposes you to care for her, but that is not an option. Eventually he tells you that is you find someone to care for her, you should return and speak with him.
    You'll need to speak to the paladin named Kamir who can be found at dawn near the entrance to the Crypt King's Tomb.


Crypt (AR0811)

    This crypt is right near Arenthis and Risa. Open its locked sarcophagus to get a Staff of Curing.

    Loot the locked sarcophagus.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Staff of Curing, 15 Gold.


    Near the entrance to the Crypt King's Tomb, at dawn, you will find a grieving paladin Kamir. He mourns the loss of his foster-son. If you've spoken to Arenthis, then you'll know that there is an orphan girl named Risa. You can tell about this to Kamir, at which point he will grasp at this opportunity to atone for his previous failure and depart to see this girl.


    Once Kamir approaches Arenthis and Risa, he will chat with the girl and take her with him because she will agree to be his protectee. For bringing these two people together you will gain a small amount of experience.




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