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Harper Hideout*

    Ground Floor (AR0308)

... to the Forbidden Second Floor Harper Headquarters - Ground Floor (AR0308)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    Meronia mentions that Galvarey is the leader of Harpers here in Athkatla. She also mentions that in order to obtain a magic license, you need to bribe Corneil in the Government District. Meronia says that you can identify Harpers in Athkatla by the amulets they wear and that there are guardian who attack anyone who is not a Harper. She also has more information about he Cowled Wizards, the Shadow Thieves (in particular she'll mention that the Shadow Thieves are run by Aran Linvail) and their rivals.

    Berinvar - near the statue of Mystra. He recognizes that you are the one that helped Harpers eliminate all the creatures over in Prebek's house. He tell you to stay away from the second floor where the guardians do their duty. He can tell you that Jon Irenicus is a really powerful wizard and that the Cowled Wizards have bitten off more than they can chew.

    Pace - can tell you general information about the Shadows Thieves, Cowled Wizards, the Harpers and their ability to spin really complex schemes, at which point Jan, if you have him in your party, says that nobody span the schemes like his Uncle Rufus.

    The stairs on the right near the entrance lead to the roof.

    Pickpocket Meronia for some nice treasure.
PICK THE POCKET: Wand of Fear, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Oil of Speed, Horn Coral Gem.
    Pickpocket Berinvar for some items.
PICK THE POCKET: Potion of Extra Healing, Bloodstone Ring.
    Pickpocket Pace for some items.
PICK THE POCKET: Potion of Extra Healing, Potion of Invisibility (2), 38 Gold.
    Check out the four rooms at the east for some treasure. Room 1 - table and a pile of books. Room 2 - trapped eye and a table. Rooms 3 and 4 - table.
DISARM THE TRAP: 1750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT (ROOM 1): Harper Amulet, Helm of Charm Protection, Potion of Insight, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Potion of Mind Focusing, [Conjure Lesser Air Elemental], 110 Gold, History of the Bell in the Depths, History of Estagund, History of the North, History of Calimshan, History of Amn, History of the Dragon Coast, History of Durpar and Var;

    Second Floor (AR0309)

... to the Ground Floor

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    If you have the Harper Amulet in your inventory (not necessarily wearing it) then the Spectral Harpists will not harm you and let you explore the level (and even rob it blind). If you talk to the Spectral Harpists, you can learn some information about Harpers and what happens to thieves when they try to steal from Harpers. Quite an interesting way to deal with thieves I'd say.

    Two stairs that lead to the roof. In one of the rooms southeast you can find a note written by someone T. to Berinvar explaining some details about the thief in custody, i.e. Montaron.

    You'll see a golden cage with a bird flying there. When you approach the cage from the walkway, you can grab the bird with your hands, for this you'll get a nice experience reward.

    Catch the bird in the cage.
GRAB THE BIRD: 20000 exp, Harper Bird.
    Check out the barrel near the golden cage.
LOOT: Potion of Strength.

  Between the stairs there is a room with six locked chests. Definitely check it out, although be careful - one chest is trapped.

    Check out the twelve bookcases.
LOOT: Bolts of Biting (40), Potion of Extra Healing (5), [Phantom Blade], 1 Gold, Throwing Daggers (50), Throwing Axes (40), History of the Unicorn Run, History of the Valley of the Gods, History of the Vast, History of the Western Heartland (2), History of the Ulgarth, History of Waterdeep (3), History of Amn.
    Check out the rooms in the southwest (two tables and a sack).
LOOT: Note, 50 Gold.
    Check out the room with six chests.
DISARM THE TRAP: 1750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 6 x 400 exp;
LOOT: Bullets +1 (40), Darts +1 (40), Acid Arrows (40), [Spell Shield], [Detect Evil], [Mirror Image], 155 Gold, Bloodstone Ring.



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