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Jan Jansen

Jan Jansen

    His name should be pronounced "Yawn Yawnson" - no kidding =) That's the way Jan, err Yawn, pronounces his name.


Jansen AdventureWear, Jansen Techno-Gloves, Jansen Spectroscopes, Flasher Launcher, Flasher Master Bruiser Mate (10), Bolts (20).

    About two weeks after joining the party, a wee little fellow by the name Beeloo Jansen, Jan's cousin, who just got out of prison =) will strike up a conversation with Jan if he's in your party. Beeloo will say that Jan should go to their house and speak to Lissa - Jan's old love. If you agree to help him Jan will tell the backstory about his relationship with Lissa. You should be heading to his family's house.


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