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Jansen Home

    First Floor (AR0402)

... to the Basement ... to the Top Floor The Jansen Home - Ground Floor (AR0402)

    Here you can find two little kids and Ma Jansen. You can scour the floor for some treasure, but it is really minor.

    After Jan has spoken with his cousin Beeloo Jansen, he should go talk to Ma Jansen to get some more information. She'll criticize him for not visiting enough. Then she'll say that Lissa with her sick little daughter is currently staying in Jan's room and that he should go talk to her. You should head upstairs to talk to her.

    Scour the room for treasure (three shelves and a table).
LOOT: 11 Gold.

    Top Floor (AR0403)

... to the Ground Floor The Jansen Home - Top floor (AR0403)

    There is some minor treasure to be found here.

    Scour the room for treasure (table two locked chests, locked night table).
PICK THE LOCKS: 3 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing, 6 Gold, Cursed Antidote, Short Sword, History of Durpar and Var.

    If you are doing the "Hidden" quest, you should come up here and speak to Lissa. She'll describe her daughter's illness and mention that it began a few months ago before she broke up with her cruel husband Vaelag. Even Korgan would say that beating children is something that he won't do, compared to Vaelag. Jan will ascertain that it is the kid's mind that is hurt. Jan will send you down to the basement to speak to his Uncle Gerhardt and find out everything he knows about this illness.
    When you descend the stairs Jan will temporarily depart from your party and will stay with Lissa and her daughter.

    After you have talked to Uncle Gerhardt, Jan will tell you the story about how his Uncle has tried to save one high-ranking Shadow Thief by the name Ralg. Apparently Ralg ended up in the Asylum and Uncle Gerhardt went wacky ever since. Jan will say that Lissa also mentioned something about the Hidden. Jan will ask you to solve this mystery for him, although he'll stay with Lissa and Jaella. All you have to do is travel to Jysstev's Estate.

    After you've dealt with the Githyanki and/or the Hidden, come back here. Jan will be glad to see you and will say that the girl is healed. Lissa will then say that the scumbag Vaelag is going to take her and Jaella back. At this point Jan and Vaelag will almost come to blows. Vaelag will leave and Lissa will calmly explain that she loves this bag of scum. Jan will not this matter rest easy and will seek help from you when the time comes. After all is said and done, Jan will rejoin your party.

    Well, it turns out that Uncle Gerhardt is not so mad after all...

HEAL JAELLA: 15500 exp.

    Basement (AR0401)

... to the Ground Floor The Jansen Home - Basement (AR0401)

    There is some minor treasure to be found here. Also here is Jan's uncle Gerhardt.

    You shall need to speak to Uncle Gerhardt as part of the quest to heal Lissa's daughter Jaella. Bear in mind that the Uncle is a bit cuckoo, nevertheless, he'll say that to heal Jaella's mind you first need to heal your own. You'll need to find the "Hidden". Uncle Gerhardt will send you to Jysstev's Estate at the Government District, apparently she can lead you to the Hidden. After talking to Uncle Gerhardt you should go upstairs and relay this information to Jan.

    Scour the room for treasure (two boxes, locked crate and a locked chest).
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Elixir of Health, Potion of Freedom, 1 Gold.
    Uncle Gerhardt reveals some info about the Hidden.


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