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Lower Reaches (AR0204)*

The Ancient Statue Stairs Destroyed bridge The other side of the rift The Ancient Temple The Lower Reaches (AR0204)

    If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.


    When you arrive here, in order to advance further, you will set of an invisible trap that even a powerful thief cannot detect. This trap will spawn three Huge Spiders that are easy enough to kill.

    Kill the spiders.
HUGE SPIDERS: 3 x 270 exp.

Statue's Mouth

    When you click on the big statue's mouth, another undetectable trap will be set off, this time summoning a Wandering Horror and two Sword Spiders. Watch it, the Wandering Horror can level drain your characters. Once these monsters are defeated you can loot the container inside the mouth, but watch it - it is also trapped.

    Defeat the monsters, disarm the trap and loot the container.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
SWORD SPIDERS: 2 x 2000 exp;
LOOT: [Tenser's Transformation], [Enchanted Weapon], [Vampiric Touch], [Hold Undead], Star Diopside Gem, Shandon Gem, Aquamarine Gem, Garnet Gem.


    These stairs are guarded by random monsters, Gibberlings or Yuan-ti, whatever the case - they are not that difficult to kill. The top of the stair is guarded by some undead - one blast from the Daystar's special ability and they are all dead.

    Dispatch the Yuan-tis.
YUAN-TIS: 5 x 1500 exp, Long Sword (5);
YUAN-TI MAGE: 7000 exp.
    Dispatch the Gibberlings.
Kill the undead.
GHASTS: 2 x 650 exp, Random treasure (2) or was it Ghouls???
MUMMIES: 3 x 3000 exp.

Bridge Structure

    After ascending the stairs you will come to this bridge structure that was torn asunder. Watch it, the first step of this structure is trapped. When you check out the markings on its roof, the Guardian will end up asking you riddles before he lets you pass by showing the "true path". There are a total of three riddles, for incorrect answers you will get punished.

    Disarm the trap on the first step.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.

    The first riddle is the following: "The bridge has fallen and ends in death. Call forth the name to summon the path. What is the bridge ?". You have the following choices:
        - Ruin
        - Age
        - Mercy
        - Existence
        - Life
        - Disease
        - Honor
        - Wealth
    If you'd like to know the correct answer, hover your mouse over the Answer to the first riddle.

1ST RIDDLE (WRONG ANSWER): Greater Ghoul is summoned to attack you;
GREATER GHOUL: Random Treasure.

    The second riddle is the following: "You are not alone on the bridge. Call forth the name to summon the path. It travels with you, and through it you travel, and yet it does leave you behind. Who is with you ?". You will be presented with the following choices:
        - The bridge
        - Life
        - My Father
        - Charity
        - The air
        - Friendship
        - Time
        - The road
    If you'd like to know the correct answer, hover your mouse over the Answer to the second riddle.

2ND RIDDLE (WRONG ANSWER): Skeleton Warrior is summoned to attack you;
SKELETON WARRIOR: Two Handed Sword +1, Random Treasure, Helmet.

    The third and final riddle is the following: "The bridge is not stable, and the end changes place. Call forth the name to summon the path. Choose the most difficult step on the bridge." There are only three choices to choose from:
        - The first one, for there is fear in the unknown
        - The current one, for it alone is my choice
        - The last one, as the end of the journey is death
    If you'd like to know the correct answer, hover your mouse over the Answer to the third riddle.
    Once you answer the third riddle, the bridge will appear and you will get a nice experience reward.

3RD RIDDLE (WRONG ANSWER): Greater Mummy is summoned to attack you.

The other side

    The other side of this chasm is guarded by three Gauths and some Shadows. The little alcove on this side of the structure has some nice treasure so do not forget to check it out.

    Kill the enemies and check out the contents of the alcove.
GAUTHS: 3 x 9000 exp;
SHADOWS: 4 x 420 exp;
SHADOW FIENDS: 2 x 2000 exp;
LOOT: War Hammer +2, [Protection From Petrification].


    Be careful when you approach this bridge, there is one big nasty trap right in front of it.

    Disarm the trap to move up the bridge.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.

Ancient Temple (AR0203)

The Ancient Temple (AR0203)

    You can talk to the residents of this forgotten land to get the general idea about the situation they are in. The guardians, the Diseased Ones, used to worship a God, but it was so long ago that they've forgotten the God's name and have forgotten what it is that they guard. They are doomed to guard this temple and whatever is inside it.

    When you enter the temple, you will be attacked by an Empathic Manifestation. The trick to killing it is to actually heal it, any healing spell would do. If you do not have any healing spells memorized, check out the altar - you can find some healing scrolls there. The Manifestation has been fed by hate from the guardians of this temple, the hate for their fate of eternal servitude.

    Once the Empathic Manifestation is dead, an Avatar of the long forgotten God will appear and talk to you. The Avatar will tell you that you've killed the Manifestation only for a brief period of time, it will be reborn. Apparently, the Avatar it is too weak to defeat this creature as the guardians' constant loathing feeds the creature and so it became the object of the Diseased One's worship. This is why the Avatar cannot defeat the creature. However, the Avatar comes up with a plan to save his servants, himself and help you as well.
    You'll need to combine the artifact from the two pieces, one that the Avatar will give you and one that the Unseeing Eye has, use it to destroy the beholder and then return it to the Avatar. He does warn you to use it only once, or you will perish and not to expose it to starlight. While doing it, you should tell the guardians that you intend to destroy it. By bringing together the two pieces of the artifact the Avatar hopes that enough faith will be instilled in the guardians to grant him enough power to destroy the artifact, thus ending the service of the guardians - so that they can finally die.

    The Avatar will give you half of the rod.
ITEM: Rift Device Part.
    Check out the altar for some items.
LOOT: [Skull Trap], [Cure Serious Wounds] (2), Moonbar Gem, Black Opal.

    When you walk out of the temple you should speak to the Diseased One right near the entrance. Tell him that you intend to destroy the device.

    Upon returning here after slaying the Unseeing Eye, the Diseased one that stands near the entrance to the temple shall speak to you. Tell it that you have depleted the device and are returning it back, the Diseased one will not believe you, but your party will be teleported to the Temple where the Diseased One, with a shaky faith, will summon the Avatar of the long forgotten god Amaunator. At this point the Avatar appears and proclaims that the term of service of his guardians has ended and that they can finally by his side in the Keep of the Eternal Sun.
    At this point, with your quest being completed, you can return to the Temple of Helm in the Temple District to report about the successful completion of the mission.             

    Return the used up Rift Device to the Avatar of Amaunator to receive a nice reward.
PARTY GAINS AN ITEM: Saving Grace +3.


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