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The Lower Tombs (AR0801)*

Antenos - Bodhi's servant.

    Check out the locked chest and a table near the entrance for some loot.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Wooden Stake (2), Potion of Insight, 3 Gold.

Pool of Blood

    You can enter the pool of blood to gain a nice mace, although you will take some damage, but it is well worth it.

    Enter the Pool of blood.
LOOT: Mace of Disruption +1, Damage Taken (10).


Fetch - a slave in the employ of Bodhi. He does what he is named after.

Chore - in the corridor leading to Bodhi.

Main Room

Cohn Ta'glaen - wants to be addressed Master Cohn.

    Bodhi - you can find her here after you've agreed to work for her guild.
    After you have dealt with the shadow thieves in the Docks, report o Bodhi here and each one of your party members will get tons of experience.
    Upon completion of this mission Bodhi gives you a choice of two other missions - you have to choose one. One of them is a heroic like "Saving Private Ryan" kind of mission - you have to rescue a Shadow Thief traitor named Palern Flynn. Bodhi tells you that he is inside the Shadow Thieves Guild on the second floor. If the traitor dies - you fail, simple as that.
    This task is easy enough, just walk in to the Shadow Thief Guild, go to the second floor (AR0306) and kill all the thieves. They aren't really attacking Palern Flynn, so just do not toss fireballs into the room where he's in and you'll be OK. Upon the completion of the mission return to Bodhi for an experience reward.
    The second, bloodier choice, is to go and kill a merchant named Senior Armagaran Vulova in his house in the Government District and plant the evidence against the Shadow Thieves, by putting it in the fountain. She will give you the Shadow Thief Cloak and Shadow Thief Dagger.
    If you've spared Vulova's life, Bodhi will berate you for that and you will get no experience reward. However, if you've killed him, you'll be generously rewarded with experience.

    After finishing the second mission, Bodhi will give you one final task - to kill the Shadow Master himself, Aran Linvail. Aran Linvail is in the basement of the Shadow Thief Guild, so you'll need to procure a key, Bodhi suggests "asking" Gaelan Bayle for it. You are to return to Bodhi when Aran Linvail is dead. Bodhi also says that one of her employees, Tizzak, who is missing as the Shadow Thieves may have him, may tell you how to access Aran Linvail's sanctum.

    When you report to Bodhi about the death of Aran Linvail, you'll receive a large experience reward and she will tell you that she can help you find Imoen and Irenicus, although she says not to slay Irenicus until she is satisfied with him too. Bodhi knows that you are a Child of Bhaal, and proceeds to tell you that Irenicus was trying to help you by releasing your true potential and you, apparently, misinterpreted the effects of this for torture. Perhaps more striking is when she tells you that Jon Irenicus is her brother. Regardless, she is set to help you and knows where to find Irenicus and Imoen - they are locked up in the "Residence for the Magically Deviant" or Spellhold, which is located on an island. Apparently Bodhi used the 15000 gold you gave her to secure your, and her, passage to the island.

CONFISCATE SHIPMENT: 28500 exp for each party member.
KILL VULOVA: 28500 exp  for each party member.
RESCUE PALERN FLYNN: 28500 exp for each party member.
KILL ARAN LINVAIL: 50000 exp for each party member.

Spiky Room

    The main feature of this room is a big pool of blood in the center. Apparently victims are thrown into this room to bleed to death and their blood is collected in the central drain. Tread careful here as the floor is laid out with many undetectable traps.

Spiders 1

    There are some spiders crawling about. Have an antidote ready in case they poison you. A little ways to the southwest there is a sarcophagus in an alcove but beware - it is trapped and there is a trap on the floor nearby.

    Kill the spiders.
SPIDER: 3 x 10 exp;
GIANT SPIDER: 450 exp;
PHASE SPIDER: 1400 exp;
SWORD SPIDER: 2000 exp.
    Disarm the traps to loot the locked sarcophagus.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2 x 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Wooden Stake, [Ray of Enfeeblement], [Minor Spell Deflection], Arrows (80), Throwing Axes (30), Bolts (80)


    This is the southwest exit out of the Lower Tombs. If you take it, you will appear near the Pyramid on the Graveyard. Right near this exit you'll find an urn with some minor treasure and a sarcophagus, but beware - there traps on the way.

    Disarm the traps to loot the locked sarcophagus and an urn.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2 x 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Protection From Cold], [Protection From Fire]*(Mage Spell), Angel Skin Ring, Iol Gem, Jasper Gem, Throwing Daggers (30), Bullets (80), Darts (40).

Spiders and Ettercaps 1

    These spiders and Ettercaps are guarding the exit to the Southern Dungeons. When you approach here, if you have Korgan in your party, he will let you know that this is the way to go in order to find his lost Book of Kaza. But before you go there, dispatch the enemies.

    Kill the spiders and ettercaps.
SWORD SPIDER: 2 x 2000 exp;
ETTERCAP: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure.

Exit to Southern Dungeons

    This exit leads to Southern Dungeons within the Lower Tombs. this area is an important part of Edwin's and Korgan's quests.

Spiders 2

    A little bit further north is another spider ambush, this time the spiders are guarding the entrance to Pai'Na's lair.

    Kill the spiders.
SWORD SPIDER: 2000 exp;
WRAITH SPIDER: 1400 exp;
PHASE SPIDER: 1400 exp.

Pai'Na's Lair (AR0804)

The Lower Tombs - Pai'Na's Lair (AR0804)

    This is the lair of a Drow Priestess named Pai'Na. She doesn't like you walking in on her and decides to kill you, to accomplish this she directs a horde of little spiders at you. Nothing a Fireball can't cleanse. If you have Viconia in your party, Pai'Na will show her bewilderment at the fact that another drow can watch spiders being killed. Regardless, send Pai'Na to her accursed god and do not forget to scour this room for treasure.

    Kill Pai'Na and scour the room.
PAI 'NA: 4000 exp, Black Spider Figurine, Quarterstaff;
SPIDERS: 20 x 10 exp;
LOOT: Pale Green Ioun Stone, [Spider Spawn], [Spell Immunity].

Spiders and Ettercaps 2

    The entrance to the eastern corridor is guarded by more spiders and ettercaps. Dispatch them and carefully move on watching out for traps, well, there is only one trap nearby. This corridor itself leads to stairs up to the Graveyard.

    Kill the enemies and disarm the trap.
ETTERCAPS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Small Treasure (2);
SWORD SPIDERS: 2 x 2000 exp;
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.

Eastern Exit

    If you ascend these stairs you will come out on the east side of the Graveyard District.

Lower Tombs - Second Level (AR0803)

The Lower Tombs - Second Level (AR0803)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    There is the central room with pools of blood in it and two other rooms, one to northwest and the other to the northeast of the central room.

    NW Room

    The small table in the center of this room is trapped so watch out, however some nice items are inside it.

    Check the small table and a vase.
DISARM THE TRAP: 1750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp;
LOOT: Katana +2, Ashen Scales +2, 1 Gold.

    NE Room

    Here you can find an empty funeral boat.

Southern Dungeons (AR0802)

Main Hall Shadows Sarcophagus Some undead Eastern Tomb - lich Nevaziah Southern tomb The Lower Tombs - Southern Dungeon (AR0802)

If you want to see the traps and hidden doors on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS AND HIDDEN DOORS.

    Main Hall

    The minute you advance a little bit inside the big hall, you will be assaulted by a multitude of undead when they spring their ambush. Really pay attention to Wights as they will level drain you, the rest can be dealt with quite easily. There is also an urn on the east side of the hall and, a little bit to the south, there is a lone Vampyre - so watch out.
    The hall is also quite heavily trapped, both eyes, hand and mouth of the painting on the floor are trapped, so be careful during the fight with the undead.
    Once you clear the hallway from traps and undead scout its southwestern side to find a hidden door which will lead you further down the dungeon.

    Kill the undead.
WIGHT: 2 x 174 exp, Random Small Treasure;
GHAST: 2 x 650 exp, Random Small Treasure;
ZOMBIE: 974 exp;
SKELETON WARRIOR: 2 x 2200 exp, Helmet (2), Two Handed Sword (2).
    Kill the Vampyre, disarm the traps and check out the urn.
DISARM THE TRAPS: 4 x 2750 exp;
VAMPYRE: 2000 exp;
LOOT: Bullets +1 (40), Darts +1 (40), [Protection From Electricity] *(Mage Spell), 100 Gold, Pearl Necklace.


    After you go through the hidden door you will be attacked by shadows. Slay them all, but be careful - do not get level drained. A little bit past the site of the battle you can find an urn and two traps.

    Slay the Shadows and Mummies.
SHADOW: 2 x 420 exp;
WRAITH: 2 x 2000 exp;
SHADOW FIEND: 2000 exp;
MUMMY: 2 x 3000 exp.
    Disarm the trap and check out the urn.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2 x 2750 exp;
LOOT: Arrows +1 (40), 70 Gold, Silver Necklace, Fire Agate Gem, Onyx Ring.

    Southern Tomb

    When you approach this tomb, if you are on Korgan's quest to find the book of Kaza, he will say that this tomb appears to be looted and that his former companions seemed to beat him to it. He gets really angry at them. However, simply getting to this area while helping Korgan find the book will net you some experience. Beware, right near the entrance to this tomb there is a trap, so disarm it before walking in.
    Once you are inside you will be "greeted" by a Mummy, apparently Nevaziah's student, who confirms that Kaza's tome is stolen and you are about to die. Prove it wrong.
    Once you slay the Mummy, Korgan goes on a tirade about his former associates and swears to dance on their graves in the end. Korgan suggests to head over to Pimlico's Estate in order to catch them and take the Book of Kaza.

    Disarm the trap and kill the Mummy and Skeleton Warriors, then scour the tomb for whatever has been left over by the previous robbers by checking the two urns.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
MUMMY: 3000 exp;
SKELETON WARRIORS: 2 x 4000 exp, Random Treasure (2), Helmet (2), Two Handed Sword +1 (2);
LOOT: Arrows +1 (8),  Potion of Defense, 110 Gold, Throwing Axes (10), Composite Long Bow.


    This is a usual looking sarcophagus except for one thing - you can open it. Unfortunately this sarcophagus is not being highlighted when you hit TAB to see all the containers so he is really easy to miss. Access to it is trapped as well, so before you try to open it, disarm the trap. Then, if you open the sarcophagus - a Skeleton Warrior will appear and attack your party. Take it down.

DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
SKELETON WARRIOR: 4000 exp, Spear +1 Halcyon, Helmet, Tchazar Gem.


    Further down the corridor you will encounter a group of undead, slay them in order to move on to the Eastern Tomb.

    Kill the undead.
GHAST: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2);
MUMMY: 4 x 3000 exp.

    Eastern Tomb

    When you approach this tomb you will see a lich named Nevaziah, Keeper of Wisdom, and he thinks that you are the Cowled Wizards that came for his hide. Apparently the Cowled Wizards have found out that Nevaziah and his pupils were practicing magic without permission and so, Nevaziah was forced to flee together with his students and books to this dungeon. After the initial chitchat with the lich, Korgan will step in and ask about the Book of Kaza at which point Nevaziah will answer that one of his pupils has it nearby.
    Edwin will demand the Nether Scroll from Nevaziah, but the "senile lich" will not want to give it away and instead wants to destroy it. This will really anger Edwin as he wants the scroll for himself. You'll have to kill the lich to get the scroll. After you kill the lich and Edwin picks up the scroll, you will get a nice experience reward and Edwin will say that he needs some time to study this precious scroll.

    Kill the lich Nevaziah.
NEVAZIAH: 8000 exp, Nether Scroll, [Stone to Flesh].
    Raid the urn and a box for some treasure.
LOOT: Dagger +1, Wand of Fear, Bolts +1 (40), [Reflected Image], Silver Ring, Moonbar Gem.


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