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The Planar Sphere

Main Level (AR0411)

... outside the Planar Sphere Entry Room Map room Storage room Knights of Solamnia Sahuagin Baron Feral Halflings Halfling Village Golem room Furnace room Clockwork room The Rune room The "Intruder" ... to the Navigator's room ... to the Power Core The Planar Sphere - Main Level (AR0411)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.


    This exit leads, well, outside the sphere - whatever that would mean in a given moment.

    Entry room

    When you enter this strange contraption, you'll walk into the small entry room of sorts. The locked door to the east leads to a map room. The northern door requires some special device to open it. Well, the only open door is the western one and it leads to the storage area.
    Once you obtain a strange looking key, use it on the locked door to initiate plane travel.

    Pick the lock on the door to the Map room.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.

    Map room

    This room show a bird's eye view of the location where the sphere is currently located. When you first walk in here you'll see the all too familiar Slums of Athkatla. This room is guarded by a Mephit. He probably got lost, poor thing.

    Once you initiated plane travel, the map will reveal the current location of the sphere - some twisted demonic plane.

STEAM MEPHIT: 420 exp.

    Storage area

    This area has a tougher guard - a Clay Golem. Once you defeat it, you can safely look through the various containers that are in this room. Once you obtain the Planar Key go to the entry room and use it on the northern door.

CLAY GOLEM: 8000 exp.
    Check out the three chests and a weird apparatus for some treasure.
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Coal, Golem Arm, Planar Key, Arrows +2 (40), Bolts +2 (40), Bullets +2 (40), [Breach], [Haste], [Polymorph Other], [Minor Spell Turning], [Conjure Lesser Air Elemental], Emerald, Arrows (120), Bolts (120), Bullets (120), Darts (100).

    Knights of Solamnia

    In this room you'll meet Reyna and her fellow Knights of Solamnia, Onvo and Ancan, from the wolrd Ansalon (from Dragonlance books, hehe =). They are trapped in this sphere just as you are. Reyna will warn you about the dangers ahead in particular about the crazed halflings to the west of this room. Ancan will tell you about the room directly to the north, apparently it is guarded by some sea creatures. You'd have to pick the lock on the door first however. Onvo will mention the room with a golem that was not fully constructed, somebody interrupted the wizard's work and stole key ingredients. One of such ingredients you may have already found in the storage room.

    Once the sphere is back in Athkatla, you can walk back in here and talk to Reyna. If you tell her the bad news - that the sphere is trapped here forever she and her fellow knights will leave the sphere and travel Faerun in search of adventure.

    Check out the table for treasure and pick the lock on the door.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.
LOOT: [Warding Whip], Gold Necklace, Throwing Axes (40).
    If you are really evil and can't stand the knights' presence you can kill them.
REYNA: 2000 exp, 3 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Halberd, Long Bow, Arrows (20);
ONVO: 2000 exp, Agni Mani Necklace, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Two Handed Sword;
ANCAN: 2000 exp, 8 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Long Sword, Large Shield.

    Walkthrough for Knights of Solamnia - how to return them to their home plane !!!

    Sahuagin room

    This room is populated with sea creatures called Sahuagin. Fight them, the Baron has a nice cloak.

SAHUAGIN BARON: 974 exp, Cloak of Protection +1, Paralytic Bolts (2), Bolts of Biting (3),Random Treasure, Spear, Light Crossbow, Bolts (20);
SAHUAGIN PRIESTESSES: 2 x 650 exp, Spear (2);
SAHUAGIN BARONIAL GUARDS: 2 x 270 exp, Paralytic Bolts (4), Bolts of Biting (6), [Death Spell], Random Treasure (2), Light Crossbow (2), Spear (2), Bolts (40);
SAHUAGIN: 2 x 174 exp, Paralytic Bolts (4), Bolts of Lightning (9), Flamedance Ring, Random Treasure (2), Light Crossbow (2), Spear (2), Bolts (40).

    Feral Halflings

    Just outside the door to the Knights' room you will be assailed by three hungry halflings. They are quite nasty, luckily there are only three of them. Do not advance further until you kill these three, because further west there are four more hungry halflings.

HALFLING WARRIORS: 7 x 1000 exp, Chain Mail Armor (7), Helmet (7), Morning Star (7).

    Halfling Village

    Now that you have a taste of a battle with little halflings, prepare yourself for a very tough battle. As soon as you approach the bridge leading to the halfling village, you will be attacked by a very tough group of halflings. Prepare for this battle well, do not look down on puny halflings as mere annoyance. They will give your party a beating. Togan and Mogadish can be taken out in melee fight. The person to watch out for is the mage Kayardi. He will cast disabling spells at your party, e.g. Symbol Stun and so on, and rip it to pieces. Concentrate on removing his magical defenses and disrupting his spellcasting ability. Entu isn't that tough when compared to Kayardi.
    This battle is worth the effort as you'll get the Gauntlets of Ogre Power and a nice bow - the Ripper +2.

MOGADISH: 14000 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Club;
KAYARDI: 6000 exp, 25 Gold;
TOGAN: 5000 exp, Ripper +2, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Flail, Arrows (40);
ENTU: 5000 exp, Coal, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Chain Mail Armor, Mace;
HALFLING WARRIORS: 2 x 1000 exp, Chain Mail Armor (2), Helmet (2), Morning Star (2).

    Golem room

    This is the room that the Onvo was telling you about. You would need to finish constructing the golem, if you wish to. This room is guarded by some spiders which shouldn't pose a problem at this point in the game.
    In order to construct the golem you'd need to find it's arm and a head. The book explaining how to construct it is on the table in this room. The arm you've found earlier in the storage room. Well attach it's arm at first, you'll do the same with the head later on. At this point you can't advance to the eastern room as it's door is magically locked. So go up north to the Furnace Room.

    You must power all three furnaces in order to activate the golem, but before you do that - attach it's head and arm. For activating the golem you get nice experience and a nice ally too. Once activated, the Guardian Golem will storm off to defeat the "intruder". By doing so he will open the magically closed door to the east of the golem room.

SWORD SPIDERS: 2 x 2000 exp;
ETTERCAPS: 2 x 650 exp, Random Treasure (2).
    Pick the lock on the door leading to the east.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.
    Check out what's on the table.
LOOT: Coal, Golem Building Book, Darts of Wounding (40), Emerald.

    Furnace room

    This room is guarded by some more nasty halflings. Make short work of them and use the coal that you've found throughout the level to power the three furnaces in this room. Keep in mind that powering up the furnace summons a Fire Elemental that you'd have to defeat. Watch out for the trap on the floor.

    Once you put coal into the furnace to power it up a Fire Elemental will be summoned. Keep in mind that after you power up the last furnace AND you have connected the golem parts, then the golem will be activated.

NECRE: 11000 exp, Stiletto of Demarches +2;
TAIBELA: 8000 exp;
HALFLING WARRIORS: 2 x 1000 exp, Chain Mail Armor (2), Helmet (2), Morning Star (2).
    Power up the three furnaces.
FIRE ELEMENTALS: 3 x 6000 exp.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.

    Rune room

    On the bridge leading to this room there is a trap, disarm it.

    Once inside, you'll have to click on the runes in the correct order to be able to open the door that leads to the Power Core. It's pretty easy to guess the correct order when one notices that the runes actually resemble something close to the numbers from 1 to 4. If you click the runes out of order then you'll be punished by a Fireball so beware. For the lazy ones out there, here is the correct order you should click them in: top, bottom, right, left (HIDE THIS).

DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.
CLICK ON THE RUNES: 24500 exp.

    Clockwork room

    The bridge to this room is trapped too and inside you'll find some golems worth fighting. After you defeat them do not forget to check out the strange control panel in order to get the Golem Head. Once you have golem's head, head over to the golem room and connect it.

DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp.
IRON GOLEM: 13000 exp;
STONE GOLEMS: 2 x 8000 exp;
CLAY GOLEM: 8000 exp.
    Check out the clock control mechanism for some treasure.
LOOT: Golem Head, Coal, Arrows of Piercing (30), Tchazar Gem (10).

    The "intruder"

    Apparently the "intruder" that the Guardian Golem is going to kill is actually an Elder Orb. Whether you let the golem kill it, or kill the "intruder" yourself is up to you. It is worth nice experience though. Check out the Beholder fighting tactics.
    Once you dispose of the poor lost beholder, look around - there are some skeleton remains with some nice loot. From the contents one can judge that this skeleton belongs to a dead mage. The "intruder" must've done him in.

    A bit further to the east there is the exit that leads to the Navigator's room.

ELDER ORB: 14000 exp.
    Check out the skeleton remnants.
LOOT: [Breach], [Spell Thrust], Diamond (2), Moonbar Gem (3), Throwing Daggers (40).

    Exit (to Navigator's room)

    This exit leads to the sphere's Navigation room.

    Exit (to the Power Core)

    This exit leads to the sphere's Power core.

Navigator's room (AR0410)

... back to the Main level ... to the Triangle room ... to the Mushroom cave The Planar Sphere - Navigator's room (AR0410)

    This is the room where you'll meet Valygar's ancestor Lavok. Apparently Lavok has been possessed by some nasty undead thing. That'll teach him to dabble in necromancy, right ?

    Defeat the possessed Lavok, use the usual Lich fighting techniques. After you defeat the force that possessed Lavok's body, you will be able to speak with Lavok himself. It seems that on his deathbed he'll have a change of heart and confess for all the sins that he's done. Feeling death creeping over him, Lavok will offer you a bargain. He'll tell you how to return the sphere back to Athkatla in return for allowing him to die there.
    If you agree, Lavok will tell you to go find a Demon Heart and use it to power the sphere's core.

    Should you disagree, you will earn experience for defeating the Presence. Lavok, however, will still cling to life in case you change your mind. At this point you could pick pocket him for the Ring of Acuity.

    Other Lavok behaviors ?!

    What if you have Valygar in your party ??? What would be the choices then ?

    Once you bring the sphere back to Athkatla, you'll have a choice of either allowing Lavok to see it for one last time or not. If you do not trust him and deny him the pleasure of one last breath of fresh air, Lavok will die and that's it. If you bring him out however, he'll die in peace but each of your party members will receive a large experience reward. You do not get this experience if you deny him this last wish.

ALLOW LAVOK TO SEE THE SUN: Each party member gains 45500 exp.

LAVOK: 28750 exp, Ring of Acuity, Silver Necklace.
    Check out the locked glass container nearby.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Polymorph Self], [Emotion], Bolts of Biting (40), Moonbar Gem (2), Diamond (2), 3000 Gold.

    Exit (to Triangle room)

    This exit leads to the triangle shaped room.

    Exit (to Mushroom cave)

    This exit leads to the Myconid lair.

Triangle room (AR0420)

The Planar Sphere - The Triangle room (AR0420)

    This room has a bunch of lizards crawling about. Kill them and check out the glass container for some nice treasure.

LIZARD MEN: 4 x 270 exp, Random Treasure (4), Halberd (4).
    Check out the glass container.
LOOT: Protector of the Second +2, Battle Axe +2, Ninja-to +1, Darts +1 (60), Bolts of Lightning (40), 350 Gold.

Mushroom cave (AR0419)

The Planar Sphere - Mushroom cave (AR0419)

    Beside the some overgrown mushrooms and a tree stump with treasure there is nothing else of interest here.

SPORE COLONIES: 2 x 420 exp.
    Check out the tree stump for treasure.
LOOT: Sling +2, Quarterstaff +1, Bullets +1 (40), Potion of Extra Healing (10), 150 Gold.

Level 2 (AR0412)

... back to the main level Ice room Fire room ... to the Pwer Core itself ... to the Pwer Core itself The Planar Sphere - Level 2 (AR0412)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    You will be "greeted" by your old friend Tolgerias and some other Cowled wizard. Tolgerias will be angry on you for not giving up Valygar's body. There's nothing left but to fight him.

TOLGERIAS: 18000 exp, Ring of the Ram, 29 Gold, Quarterstaff;
MAGE: 8000 exp, Quarterstaff.

    Ice room

    This room is populated with all manner of cold creatures. Defeat them to be able to move on to the Power Core. Also check out the centerpiece that seems to be emanating cold for some treasure. Be careful when walking over vents - two of them are trapped.

ICE SALAMANDERS: 3 x 3000 exp;
SNOW TROLL: 1400 exp;
ICE MEPHITS: 3 x 420 exp.
DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp.
    Check out the central device for some treasure.
LOOT: Helmet of Defense, Arrows of Ice (80), [Otiluke's Resilient Sphere].

    Fire room

    Just as in the Ice room, this room is populated by the fire creatures. You could use the Arrows of Ice that you've found in the Ice room to do some extra damage to these creatures. Just as before be careful when walking over vents, there are two more trapped vents - might as well disarm them for some experience.

EFREETI: 11000 exp;
SALAMANDERS: 2 x 2000 exp;
FIRE MEPHITS: 2 x 420 exp;
SMOKE MEPHIT: 420 exp;
MAGMA MEPHIT: 420 exp.
DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp.
    Check out the central device for some treasure.
LOOT: Staff of Fire +2, Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles, Arrows of Fire (80), [Globe of Invulnerability], [Spirit Armor].


    Once you've cleared either of the rooms, be it Fire or Ice, you can use the appropriate exit to advance to the Power Core itself.

The Power Core (AR0413)

Golems Golems ... back to Level 2 ... back to Level 2 Power Core The Planar Sphere - Power Core (AR0413)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    Golems 1

IRON GOLEM: 13000 exp;
STONE GOLEMS: 2 x 8000 exp;
CLAY GOLEMS: 2 x 8000 exp.

    Golems 2

IRON GOLEM: 13000 exp;
STONE GOLEMS: 2 x 8000 exp;
CLAY GOLEM: 8000 exp.

    Power Core

    You will have to find some way of re-powering the core in order to activate the sphere's plane travel device. Essentially you'll have to find a Demon Heart to be able to re-power it. You'll find the heart in the Demonic Plane.
    Once you bring the Demon Heart, insert it into the core to power it up. The Planar Sphere will make it's last jump and forever imbed itself in Athkatlan real estate. At this point, you should return to the Main Level and exit back to Athkatla. On the way you cold jump into the Navigation Room and bargain with Lavok if you care (and you should).

POWER UP THE CORE: 45500 exp.


    Here you will find a trapped coffer of sorts. Disarm the trap and check out it's contents for lots of gold and a nice Ring of Danger Sense.

DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
LOOT: Ring of Danger Sense, King's Tears, Black Opal (3), Bloodstone Amulet, Ziose Gem (2), 6666 Gold.


    These exits lead back to the previous area.

Demonic Plane (AR0414)

Enemies Enemies Tanar'ri Tanar'ri Lea'liyl The Planar Sphere - Demonic Plane (AR0414)

    In order to get here all you have to do is exit the sphere from the Main Level. Beware, this is one wacky level with lots of demonic creatures. Once you find the heart, bring it back to the Power Core.

    Enemies 1

    There is a bunch of enemies right at the end of the walkway. Defeat them to move further.

QUASIT: 2000 exp;
SALAMANDER: 2000 exp;
IMP: 1400 exp.

    Enemies 2

    If you walk further east you'll encounter some more imps.

SALAMANDER: 2000 exp;
IMPS: 2 x 1400 exp.

    Tanar'ri 1

    Here you'll find one powerful demon - a Tanar'ri, together with some lesser creatures.

TANAR'RI: 10000 exp, Demon Heart, Iol Gem;
SALAMANDERS: 2 x 2000 exp;
IMPS: 3 x 1400 exp.

    Tanar'ri 2

    Here you'll find yet another Tanar'ri and a slew of imps.

TANAR'RI: 10000 exp, Demon Heart, 23 Gold;
QUASITS: 4 x 2000 exp;
IMPS: 6 x 1400 exp;
FIRE MEPHITS: 3 x 420 exp.


This is the main Tanar'ri it seems.

LEA'LIYL: 16000 exp, Demon Heart;
MAUREZHI: 4 x 6000 exp.




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