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Waukeen's Promenade (AR0700)*

Jerlia the Ore Merchant

    She can be found in the south western portion of the Promenade. Jerlia is an ore merchant and can sometimes sell rare metals. You should go speak to her if you are on a quest to commission a work from Sir Sarles. She's familiar with Sir Sarles and thinks that he is much overrated and when you tell her that Sir Sarles wants 200 pounds of illithium she'll declare him insane. Jerlia says that she can only procure about 50 pounds of illithium a season and, since you don't have that kind of time, she presents you with two options.
    The first option is to go to her source and try to get the extra illithium directly from the source. The second option is to use a substitute, an alloy - Jerlia thinks that Sir Sarles wouldn't know that it is a substitute. If you choose to get the alloy, she'll fashion it in a day so you'll have to come back to get it. For her services you'd have to give her 200 gold. Once she returns with the alloy she will tell you that the conditions changed slightly and she demands that you give her 500 gold instead of 200.
    If you decide to go to her source directly, Jerlia will demand a compensation for revealing her source. You'll have to give up a thousand gold to make her divulge her source - it is a duergar named Unger Hilldark who stays at the Copper Coronet. You should go and talk to Unger to procure that much illithium.

    After you have procured the pure illithium you can return to Jerlia to get the alloy as well. This way you can use the pure illithium to upgrade your Mace of Disruption and an alloy to complete the quest for the church.

GET THE ALLOY: Party loses 500 gold.
GET THE NAME OF THE SOURCE: Party loses 1000 gold.

Northern Exit

    Belmin Gergas

    You'll find this man near the northern gate during the day. If you have Viconia in your party and talk to this guy, he'll expose her for being a drow and attack. Even though he is a wimp, his death will make the nearby Amnish Guard hostile and killing him will lower your reputation.

BELMIN GERGAS: Turquoise Gem.
AMNISH SOLDIER: Party Reputation Decreased by 5, 14 exp, 38 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Spear.


    Near the northern exit out of this district of Athkatla you can find a storekeeper that sells some mundane items.

Fennecia's Home (AR0710)

Fennecia's Home (AR0710)

    This house is pretty much devoid of treasure and action, all you can do here is find some gold.

    Scour the room for treasure (dresser).
LOOT: 6 Gold.

Armorer and Fletcher (AR0706)

Armorer and Fletcher (AR0706)

    In this little shop you can talk to the fletcher by the name Porter and the armorer Arnolinus. You could try to loot the store, however, you may get caught and then fight the Amnish Guards, thus losing reputation.

    If you try to loot the store, you'll have to llok through the locked chests, weapon stands and tables.
PICK THE LOCKS: 4 x 950 exp;
LOOT: 25 Gold, Silver Ring, Throwing Axe, Chain Mail, Battle Axe.

House (AR0713)

House (AR0713)

    This empty house hold some minor treasure.

    Scour the room for treasure (table and shelf).
LOOT: 10 Gold.

Enge's Shop (AR0707)

Enge's Shop (AR0707)

    This is the shop of a wacky merchant named Enge, who has a slight German accent =) You can buy a few trinkets from him.

    Scour the room for treasure (barrel and shelf).
LOOT: 8 Gold.

Cernd's Former Home (AR0708)

Cernd's Former Home (AR0708)

    This is the house of Cernd the Druid. It is empty, but you can find some small treasure here.

    Scour the room for treasure (two bookcases, barrel, sack and a box).
LOOT: 21 Gold, Fire Agate Gem, Arrows (40), Dagger, Composite Long Bow, History of the Western Heartland, History of Amn.


    Maheer is not just the simple weapon merchant, he can upgrade the musical instruments that you find well, just one instrument really - the Silver Horn of Valhalla that you can find in the fish merchant's house in Bridge District.
        Silver Horn of Valhalla + Diamond + 2000 Gold = Bronze Horn of Valhalla.
        Bronze Horn of Valhalla + Beljuril Gem + 5000 Gold = Iron Horn of Valhalla.

    You can upgrade the Silver Horn of Valhalla.
PARTY LOSES: Silver Horn of Valhalla, Diamond, 2000 Gold;
PARTY GAINS: Bronze Horn of Valhalla.
    Upgrade the Bronze Horn of Valhalla.
PARTY LOSES: Bronze Horn of Valhalla, Beljuril, 5000 Gold.
PARTY GAINS: Iron Horn of Valhalla.

    Nearby you will also find an art seller Quataris.


    Merchant Mira is standing under the tent a little bit north from the circus. She just sells regular stuff. However, nearby you can find an empty locked chest - at least you can pick the lock for some experience.

    Pick the lock on a chest for experience.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.

    There is also an Amnish Guard nearby that you can pickpocket for a nice level 7 scroll.

PICK THE POCKET: [Summon Efreeti].

Temple of Ilmater (AR0703)

Temple of Ilmater (AR0703)

    When you walk into this temple, you will be assaulted by the ever present Habib. Apparently he feels so bad about his deeds that he just throws money at you. Heh.
    Priest of Ilmater will offer regular temple services.

    Take Habib's gold and scour the room for treasure (barrel).
HABIB'S GOLD: 20 Gold;
LOOT: [Identify].

Den of the Seven Vales

    Ground Floor (AR0709)

    This is the main floor of this inn, Den of the Seven Vales, here you can find a multicolored crowd of nobles, drunks, liars etc. You can hear some tales from Alatelo De Bonito and, in the meantime, pick his pockets for a nice spell scroll. The place is run by a firm woman named Patricia, she'll be able to offer you a place to rest, some ale and good stories.

    Pick the pocket of Alatelo De Bonito, check out the tables.
PICK THE POCKET: [Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental];
LOOT: 3 Gold.

    In the back room you'll be able to find some minor treasure in one of the tables.

    Scour the back room for treasure.
LOOT: Lynx Eye Gem.

    Top floor (AR0712)

Den of the Seven Vales - Top Floor (AR0712)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    Here at the top floor of the Den of the Seven Vales you will find a tough bunch of adventurers, Mencar Pebblecrusher and Co. It seems that Mencar and Korgan already know each other from before. Mencar accuses Korgan of a double-cross and Mencar's companions seem to rain insults on Korgan. Eventually it comes to blows. Mencar's party members, Smaeluv Orcslicer - a berserker, Brennan Risling - a thief, Sorcerous Amon and his familiar Pooky, can be a tough challenge for a beginning party. Brennan Risling, however, when damaged enough decides that retreat is a better part of valor.

    Defeat Mencar Pebblecrusher and his gang. Then do not forget to scour the room for treasure (three locked chests, one of them is trapped).
MENCAR PEBBLECRUSHER: 10000 exp, War Hammer +1, Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Extra Healing (2), [Charm Person], 80 Gold, Full Plate Mail, Helmet;
SMAELUV ORCSLICER: 4000 exp, Cursed Berserking Sword +3, 42 Gold, Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, Hide Armor;
BRENNAN RISLING: 4000 exp, Short Sword +1, Studded Leather Armor +1, Ring of Invisibility, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Potion of Invisibility, 32 Gold, Gold Ring, Small Shield;
SORCEROUS AMON: 6000 exp, Cloak of Non-Detection, Wand of Lightning, Potion of Extra Healing, 131 Gold;
POOKY: 4000 exp;
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCKS: 3 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Arrows +1 (4), 216 Gold, Garnet Ring.

Mithrest Inn (AR0704)

Mithrest Inn (AR0704)

    This is another place where you can safely and comfortably rest during the night, or day for that matter. Mithrest Inn is run by Pugney. You can look into the lover's triangle of Lady Lasalla, Alicia and Count Claylan. Lady Lasalla is Count Claylan's former girlfriend and now he is taken with the debutant Alicia. Well, there is not much you can do here, let them sort it out.
    Largo has apparently found a vein of mithril but got ripped off. Now he has no mithril and no money to rent a room.

    Scour the room for treasure (shelf plus two more shelves in the backroom).
LOOT: 10 Gold, Turquoise Gem.


    On a tier above the Mithrest Inn and Den of the Seven Vales you will find two merchants peddling their wares. One of them, Galoomp the Bookkeeper, sells scrolls that can be stolen from him (and then sold to Roger the Fence). the other merchant, Hes, just sells mundane items, he also can be stolen from.

Lord and Lady Ophal

    A way south, on a patio, you will find two nobles of high standing, Lord Dermod Ophal and Lady Shareen Ophal, sitting and drinking their coffee. When you approach to talk to them, they'll realize that you are not worthy conversation partner, because you do no have high standing in the society, and will completely ignore you. He he, too bad for them - pick their rich pockets and let these highfliers know who is who. You will get one very nice spell out of this.

    Pick the pockets of Lady and Lord Ophal. You can also pick the lock on an empty chest nearby - for experience.
LORD OPHAL: Potion of Extra Healing (5), Elixir of Health, 36 Gold, Flamedance Ring;
LADY OPHAL: [Summon Fiend], 6 Gold, Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Jade Ring;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.


    At night you'll find a black market merchant Jayes. He sells lots of neat stuff, among it yet another scroll case. He can be robbed of his prized posessions. Keep in mind however, that if you reload the game - Jayes dissapears.

    There is also a guard nearby that you can pickpocket for a nice sixth level mage scroll.

PICK THE POCKET: [Invisible Stalker].


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