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The Most Noble Order of The Radiant Heart (AR0903)*

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    This is the exit to the Temple district.


    When you first enter the High Hall of the Radiant Heart, you will appear in this storeroom. You can rummage through the barrels and sacks here to find some items of worth.

    Scour this room for treasure (two barrels and a sack).
LOOT: Darts +1 (4), Potion of Fortitude, Potion of Healing (8), 7 Gold, Dagger, Small Shield.

    Sir Ryan Trawl

    When you first walk into this hall, you may speak with Sir Ryan Trawl, he will give you an opportunity to help the Order of the Radiant Heart. You are to find the former paladin, Anarg, who was implicated in smuggling slaves. Apparently Anarg has convinced other knights from the Order to join him. These Fallen Paladins would recognize anyone from the Order, therefore, Trawl needs an outsider for this job. Trawl wants you to infiltrate this group of Fallen Paladins. You would be rewarded with the Gloves of Healing.
    Sir Ryan Trawl tells you to look for Anarg in the Bridge District. Should you have Edwin in your party, he'll get really excited to have the ability to fling spells at the paladins, former or not.
    When you return to Sir Ryan Trawl after having spoken to Reynald de Chatillon, you can tell Sir Trawl about the cup. He seems reluctant to give it to you at first, however, will soon understand that you need it in order to gain trust of the Fallen Paladins. He then gives you the cup. At this point you can bring it to Reynald de Chatillon. Sir Trawl will tell you to bring this cup back, otherwise you will not receive your reward.
    Once you defeated the Fallen Paladins, Sir Ryan Trawl shall give you your much deserved reward, you must return Anarg's cup of course, without doing this you will not receive your reward.

ASK FOR THE CUP: Party Gains an Item: Anarg's Cup.
    Pick Sir Ryan's pockets.
KILL ANARG: 17500 exp for each party member, Party Reputation +1, Party loses Anarg's Cup, Party gains: Gloves of Healing.

    Northern Room

    Here you'll find Prelate Wessalen. He stands near a table that you can raid.

    Scour the room for treasure (table).
LOOT: Potion of Heroism (2), Horn Coral Gem.

    Eastern Room

    In this room you will find an aspiring paladin wannabe, the Squire Melvin. Also, if you've refused Keldorn's help during the Unseeing Eye quest, you will fin him here. You can ask Keldorn questions about the Order - he will gladly tell you about it.

    Pick Melvin's pockets.
PICK THE POCKET: Sunstone Gem.

    Statue of Torm

    In this wide hall you will find paladin guards standing by. You can pickpocket one them for a nice scroll of Tenser's Transformation.

    Sir Donalus - Guardian of Helm.

    Sir Mardus - Guardian of Torm.

    Sir Zarath - Guardian of Tyr.

    Pickpocket one of the guards for a magic scroll.
PICK THE POCKET: [Tenser's Transformation].
    You can also pickpocket the three knights near the statue of Torm.


    A couple of rooms to the south of the statue of Torm, you will find another storeroom. Check its contents for some treasure.

    Scour this room for treasure (crate and two sacks).
LOOT: Arrows +1 (10), Bullets +1 (5), Bolts +1 (10), Angel Skin Ring, Arrows (40), Buckler.


    This exit leads to a blocked off area of the Temple District that can only be accessed via this exit of the Radiant Heart building.


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