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Sea's Bounty Tavern*

Ground Floor (AR0314)

... to the Basement Sea's Bounty Tavern - Ground Floor (AR0314)

    Once you received the quest from Mae'Var to kill Embarl, you shall find Embarl on this floor. He just happened to overhear a conversation between Mae'Var  and other guild members about killing Renal Bloodscalp. It is understandable that Mae'Var doesn't want to leave witnesses alive. Embarl begs you not to kill him. The only way to save Embarl's life and finish the quest is to ask for his dagger. He'll gladly give it to you and disappear. You can, however, simply kill Embarl to get the dagger should you be inclined to do so.

    Should you choose to kill Embarl, you'll get the loot below.
EMBARL: 750 exp, Embarl's Dagger, Potion of Invisibility, Elixir of Health, 37 Gold, Leather Armor.
    Check out the pillow.
LOOT: 23 Gold.

Basement (AR0313)

... to the Ground Floor Sea's Bounty Tavern - Basement (AR0313)

If you want to see the hidden door on this level hover your mouse over SHOW HIDDEN DOORS.

The Thumb - a former pirate, although he denies such allegations, Thumb is hiding some pirates in his secret den. He is also a part of the Hidden quest. If you come to him and say that you are a Seeker, Thumb will point to the two guys who are after the Hidden. Apparently they are hiding out in the room on the second floor of the Five Flagons Inn.

Officer Dirth -

Gracie -

Baron Ployer -

    There are many ways for you to get the documents from Marcus. Your fighter can snap his neck so that no one sees it, you can steal them, you can buy the documents from him for 250 gold (or 200 if you haggle), but the best one is if you have a charismatic female talk to him, for example Viconia, in this way you'll get the documents for free.

    There is a hidden door that leads to a Pirate hideout. This door is locked.
PICK THE LOCK: 400 exp.
    Pick the pockets of Officer Dirth.
LOOT: Isaea's Slavery Document, Garnet Ring, Long Bow, Long Sword, Arrows (20).
    Check out the shelf and a table.
LOOT: [Identify], 2 Gold.

Secret Pirate Hideout (AR0310)

... to the Basement Sea's Bounty Tavern - Secret Pirate Hideout (AR0310)

    The Pirate Captain has apparently paid Thumb good money to keep this location a secret.

    After you dispatch the Pirates, check out the pool for treasure.
PIRATE CAPTAIN: 6000 exp, Long Sword +1;
PIRATE MAGE - 6000 exp;
PIRATES: 4 x 4000 exp, Chain Mail Armor (4), Short Sword (4), Throwing Daggers (80);
LOOT: 1100 Gold, Pearl Necklace, Pearl (2).


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