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The Sewer (AR0701)*

Kobolds Tough Mercenaries Rakshasa and some Kobolds Goblins Keldorn Firecam Mustard Jelly Roger the Fence Kobolds Goblins Escaped Imp ... to the Mind Flair Lair Roger's Troll

If you would like to see hidden doors on this level then highlight SHOW HIDDEN DOORS.

Kobolds 1

    Near the northeastern exit from the sewers you will be assaulted by a small group of Kobolds. You shouldn't have trouble killing them.

    Kill the Kobolds.
KOBOLDS: 3 x 6 exp, Arrows (40), Composite Long Bow (2), Short Sword (3);
KOBOLD COMMANDO: Arrows of Fire (2), 34 exp, Short Sword, Short Bow;
KOBOLD CAPTAIN: 14 exp, Arrows (20), Short Sword, Composite Long Bow;
KOBOLD SHAMAN: 64 exp, Mace.


    The center part of the sewers is guarded by a Rakshasa and a host of Kobolds. There is also a small wheel a little bit to the west that houses some nice treasure.

    Kill the Kobolds and Rakshasa, loot the wheel.
RAKSHASA: 3000 exp, Cloak of the Sewers, Long Sword;
KOBOLDS: 5 x 6 exp, Arrows (60), Composite Long Bow (3), Short Sword (5);
KOBOLD CAPTAIN: 14 exp, Arrows (20), Short Sword, Composite Long Bow;
KOBOLD COMMANDOS: 2 x 34 exp, Arrows of Fire (4), Short Sword (2), Short Bow (2);
KOBOLD SHAMAN: 64 exp, Mace;
KOBOLD WITCH DOCTOR: 64 exp, Short Sword +1;
LOOT: Darts of Wounding (20), Bolts +2 (20), Arrows +2 (20), Bullets +2 (20), [Conjure Earth Elemental], 6 Gold.


    A little bit up north you will walk in on some mercenaries hiding out in the sewers. They'll demand 1000 gold, you can give it to them or you can choose to fight your way through them. If you give them the gold they'll let you through and disappear. Should you decide not to pay gold, prepare for a fight - they are a tough bunch so be careful. There is a mage, Gaius, two priests, Zorl and Rengaard, one archer, Gallchobhair, and two dwarven fighters, Draug Fea and Tarnor the Hatchetman. A Cloudkill spell, some Fireballs and Magic Missiles work great to defeat this bunch. Watch out for their priests as they cast Fear on you, which is quite annoying.

    Donate some gold to the mercenaries.
GIVE GOLD: Party Looses 1000 Gold.
    Kill the mercenaries.
ZORL: 2000 exp, 12 Gold, Skydrop Gem, Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield, Mace;
GAIUS: 4000 exp, 34 Gold, Tchazar Gem;
RENGAARD: 6000 exp, [Stone to Flesh], Plate Mail Armor, War Hammer;
GALLCHOBHAIR: 7200 exp, Gold Ring, Bloodstone Ring (2), Full Plate Mail, Arrows (40), Long Bow, Long Sword;
DRAUG FEA: 7000 exp, Wyvern's Tail +2, Plate Mail +1, Helmet of Charm Protection, Small Shield +2, 119 Gold, Skydrop Gem (2),
TARNOR THE HATCHETMAN: 8000 exp, Hangard's Axe +2, Full Plate Mail +1, Small Shield +2, [Protection From Fire], 119 Gold, Garnet Gem.

The Secret Mind Flayer Lair (AR0711)

Room Room with Mind Flayers Alhoon and his Illithids Entrance Sewer - Secret Mind Flair Lair (AR0711)

    Right near where you fight the mercenaries, you will find a locked door that cannot be opened by normal means, i.e. lockpick, bash or Knock spell. This door can be opened once you have the Sewer Key that you get from Tazok in the Windspear Hills Dungeon Level 2.

    It leads to a secret Mind Flayer Area. You can get the idea of where you are headed when you just approach this hidden door. Corpses all around and a strong psychic force lashing out at you.


    This is where you appear when you ascend the stairs in the sewer. This is a safe room - you should use it to prepare yourself for the battles ahead. Use your thief or other invisible character, like a mage with the Staff of the Magi, to scout ahead into the next room.

Room 1

    Here you will encounter stiff resistance from a couple of Mind Flayers and a few fighters controlled by them. Prepare yourself for this battle. Use all mind stabilizing spells that you have or put on things like the Ring of Free Action etc. You can toss in a Coudkill to soften the enemies up.

MIND FLAYER: 9000 exp;
ASSASSIN: 7000 exp, Short Sword +1, 18 Gold, Studded Leather Armor;
FIGHTERS: 2 x 6000 exp, Random Treasure (2), Chain Mail Armor (2), Short Sword (2);
UMBER HULK: 4000 exp;
MAGE: 2000 exp, Quarterstaff;
CLERIC: 2000 exp, [Charm Person], Plate Mail Armor, Large Shield, Mace;
ARCHERS: 2 x 2000 exp, Leather Armor (2), Arrows (40), Composite Long Bow (2).

Room 2

    This room has more Mind Flayers and is therefore a tougher encounter. Use potions of Mind Focusing or cast Chaotic Command to avoid being confused, controlled etc. When meleeing them make sure you have a good enough AC or enough Intelligence so that you won't be drained do death.

ULITHARIDS: 2 x 19000 exp;
MIND FLAYERS: 3 x 9000 exp;
UMBER HULK: 4000 exp.

Mind Flayers

    This is the main room of this hideout. This is where Mind Flayers, led by Alhoon, plan to grow their army by controlling other beings. Put an abrupt end to his plans.

ALHOON: 10000 exp;
ULITHARIDS: 2 x 19000 exp;
MIND FLAYERS: 3 x 9000 exp;
UMBER HULKS: 2 x 4000 exp.
    Check out the pot in the center for wicked treasure.
LOOT: Hammer of Thunderbolts +3, Illithid correspondence, Wand of Wander, 57 Gold.

    What if you bring this Illithid Correspondence to authorities or show it to the Hidden ?!

Roger the Fence

    Roger the Fence can be found in the southern part of the sewers, he sells potions but can buy fenced items from you. You can, however, steal all the potions that he is selling and can even pickpocket him for some more items.

    Pick the pockets of Roger the Fence.
PICK THE POCKETS: Potion of Invisibility (2), Potion of Extra Healing, Oil of Speed, Garnet Gem.

    He is also a part of the Limited Wish quest. If you've spoken to Vittorio and Dennis over at Delosar's Inn, you'll have to find out what happened to the gong that Vittorio sold to Roger. Apparently Roger has already sold it to someone, although he won't reveal the identity of the buyer unless you o a favor for him. The favor is to kill an annoying Sea Troll in the southwest corner of the sewers.
    Once you kill the troll and come speak to Roger, he'll actually forget the reward that he was to give you. If you ask for money instead of the information about the gong, you'll receive 500 Gold (regardless of how much you ask for) and some experience, although you won't learn who he sold it to. If you ask  for information about the gong, you'll learn that Roger has sold it to a troll shaman Grae in the Druid Grove. Korgan's remark regarding this situation are particularly funny.

DEMAND GOLD: 9500 exp, 500 Gold.
DEMAND INFORMATION: 9500 exp, Map updated with Druid Grove.

Mustard Jelly

    A little bit westwards from Roger the Fence you can find a Mustard Jelly, magic attacks are useless against it.

    Kill the jelly.
MUSTARD JELLY: 2000 exp.


    You have to kill this troll in order to gain confidence of Roger the Fence.

SEA TROLL: 1400 exp.

Goblins 1

    A little bit way to the southeast from where Roger the Fence is hiding out, you'll encounter a ragtag band of Goblins. Put their worthless souls to rest.

    Kill the Goblins.
GOBLINS: 6 x 20 exp, Random Small Treasure, Arrows (160), Composite Longbow (2), Battle Axe (4).

Kobolds 2

    A little bit up north from where you fought the Goblins you'll find more pesky Kobolds. Kill them.

    Kill the Kobolds.
KOBOLDS: 3 x 6 exp, Arrows (40), Composite Long Bow (2), Short Sword (3);
KOBOLD COMMANDO: Arrows of Fire (2), 34 exp, Short Sword, Short Bow;
KOBOLD CAPTAIN: 14 exp, Arrows (20), Short Sword, Composite Long Bow;
KOBOLD SHAMAN: 64 exp, Mace.

Goblins 2

    Near the second hidden door you'll fins another small group of Goblin fodder. Send them to a better place.

    Kill the Goblins.
GOBLINS: 6 x 20 exp, Random Small Treasure, Arrows (160), Composite Longbow (2), Battle Axe (4).


    When you approach here, you'll see Keldorn fighting some Zombies. Keldorn hails you by saying that he feels a great evil down here somewhere. If you tell him that you are on a quest from the temple to learn about the "Unseeing Eye", Keldorn will offer to join your party. Should you decline, he'll say that after you finish with this place to come seek him out in the Order of the Radiant Heart.
    What if you quiz him a bit more???

Exit to the Old Tunnels

    This exit leads you to the Upper Reaches (AR0202).

Mekrath's Lair (AR0705)

Room 1 Room 2 ... down to the sewer Library Haer'Dalis Bedroom The Altar Mekrath Sewer - Mekrath's Lair (AR0705)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    This is the lair of the wizard Mekrath who kidnapped Haer' Dalis and his gem from the Sigil troupe. Beware, it is heavily trapped and guarded by various Mephits and other beasties.


    When you ascend the stairs to Mekrath's Lair you will be assailed by some mephits. Defeat them to move on.

MEPHITS: 3 x 420 exp.


    Nothing here, except bookcases thankfully.

LOOT: [Spell Deflection], [Contingency], History of the North, History of Shadowdale, History of Harluaa, Gondegal the Lost King.

    Room 1

    Disarm the traps here before moving on or opening the chests.

DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: Necklace of Form Stability, Chrysoberyl Gem, Angel Skin Ring, Gold Necklace, Silver Necklace, 89 Gold.


    The bedroom is guarded by a swarm of Umber Hulks and a Minotaur, so be very careful. There is a trapped chest right near the bed, it is locked too.

UMBER HULKS: 5 x 4000 exp;
MINOTAUR: 3000 exp, Battle Axe;
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Carrion Summons], Oil of Speed, 400 Gold.

    The Altar

    Be careful here as there is a huge trap right on the floor. Common sense should tell you that the altar is trapped too. Even once you disarm the traps you will not be able to open the Altar's lid as it is magically locked.
    Once WHAT HAPPENS ? the altar will be opened and you can retrieve the Portal Gem and other goodies from it.

DISARM THE TRAPS: 2 x 2750 exp.
LOOT: Portal Gem, Harp of Discord, Laeral's Tear Necklace.


    In this room you shall find Haer'Dalis - the wizard's prisoner. At the moment Haer'Dalis is totally under the power of Mekrath, the wizard. For now, check out the barrel for a healing potion.

    When you kill Mekrath, Haer'Dalis will sense his freedom and if you tell him that you were sent by Raelis to free him, he'll offer to join your party.
    Once Haer'Dalis is freed he'll thank you for doing it and mention the gem that lies hidden in the Altar on this level. You are to bring this gem to him in the Playhouse beneath the Five Flagons Inn.
    He would offer to join your party if WHAT ?.

LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing.

    Room 2

    There is a skeleton on the table in this room and a trap on one of the chests. The room is guarded by a couple of Mephits. There is also a locked closet with some treasure in it.

MEPHITS: 2 x 420 exp;
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: [Aganazzar's Scorcher], [Ghoul Touch], Potion of Stone Form, Potion of Genius, Cursed Potion of  Invulnerability, 63 Gold.


    In this room you'll meet the wizard himself. If you are going to be rude to him or ask him about the gem - he'll attack right away. If you try to barter for Haer'Dalis's freedom, you'll learn that Haer'Dalis is actually a thief and that Mekrath will release him if you do one favor for the wizard.
    The favor is the following: to find an Imp who stole Mekrath's mirror. Mekrath tells you that the Imp would likely be found somewhere in the sewers and warns you about the Imp's abilities. Once you bring the mirror, Mekrath will complain that the bloody Imp has broken it. He will give you your reward and depart to fix the mirror.
    Whether you killed the wizard or brought him the mirror, at this point Haer'Dalis will be freed from his geas spell.

    There is a barrel and a magically locked stove in Mekrath's room. You will not be able to loot the stove while Mekrath is nearby.

BRING MIRROR: 18750 exp, Party loses an item: Mekrath's Mirror.
MEKRATH: 14000 exp, Quarterstaff +1, Mage Robe of Fire Resistance, Potion of Extra Healing (2), Skydrop Gem, 25 Gold.
LOOT: Rod of Resurrection, Wand of Cloudkill, Potion of Genius, Potion of Mind Focusing, 17 Gold.

The Imp

    This is the Imp that stole Mekrath's magical mirror. Beware the Imp's powers, he may summon elementals at you. In order to retrieve the mirror you'll have to dispose of the Imp. Once you do that return back to Mekrath for your reward.

IMP: 420 exp, Mekrath's Mirror, 6 Gold;





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