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Slums (AR0400)*

    The first time you enter Slums, and you have to go through them in order to open up other areas of Athkatla, you will be approached by Gaelan Bayle. He'll tell you to follow to his house in order to do some talking. Apparently Yoshimo has heard of him before. He'll offer to help you locate Imoen, albeit for a steep sum of 20000 Gold, which is quite a lot at the beginning of the game. Although, Gaelan Bayle motivates this with the danger of crossing the Cowled Wizards. He points out that if you want to make some money then go to Copper Coronet and find a girl named Nalia - she has a job for a fighting (wo)man like yourself. While you're in Copper Coronet, Gaelan Bayle tells you to pass his greetings to Lehtinan. After talking to Gaelan Bayle you'll be taken to Chapter 2.

<Intro Sequence> You'll see a movie of Imoen and Irenicus being taken to Spellhold, a prison for magical deviants, by Cowled Wizards.

    Just outside Gaelan Bayle's house there's this kid Brus who also tells you about Nalia's problem - her homeland was invaded. He offers to show you the way to the Copper Coronet.

    At night, near Copper Coronet, on the way to Gaelan Bayle's house you will be assaulted by a couple of thugs, Cohrvale and Bregg. There is nothing you can do except kill them. Although during the pre-battle conversation, they divulge that their employer is a mysterious Mr. F.

COHRVALE: 6000 exp, 12 Gold, Gold Ring, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Medium Shield, Battle Axe;
BREGG: 4000 exp, 15 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Short Sword.

    Near Jan Jansen's house there is a crack in the wall.
LOOT: Silver Necklace.


    Near Jan Jansen's home, at night, you'll find another black market merchant.

    Also (at night ???) you shall see a couple of Slaver Guards escorting a Slave somewhere. This is noticed by the Amnish Guard nearby, however, the Amnish Guard is duly paid off by the Slaver. At this point, you can help the lamenting Slave and serve justice. For freeing the Slave you will gain some experience.

FREE THE SLAVE: 5500 exp;
SLAVER GUARD: 134 exp, 32 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Short Sword, Buckler, Throwing Daggers (20);
SLAVER GUARD: 164 exp, 17 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Long Sword.

Jansen Home

    Right near Jansen's Home you will find Kylie Jansen, Jan Jansen's cousin, selling turnips. It seems that turnips are Jansen's family business. Kylie asks Jan, well actually Jan Jakobar Jansen =), why he didn't visit home in a long time. She'll then go off on a tale of Uncle Furnbottom and his shiny armor. I won't spoil it for you. Kylie can be pick pocketed for some potions.

    Pick pocket Kylie.
PICK THE POCKETS: Potion of Invisibility (2), Potion of Extra Healing, 34 Gold.

Derelict House (AR0409)

Derelict House (AR0409)

    This is the house of a confrontation with Baron Ployer on a Jaheira's curse quest. You can find a note here from Terrece to Ployer explaining the preparations that were made.

    Scour the room for treasure (dresser and a table).
LOOT: Note, 24 Gold.

Northern District Exit

    Here you will find lots of beggars. What is really interesting, near one of the beggars there is a barrel with some gold in it. Is he so dumb as not to look into this barrel or is it his stash ? Well, it is one of the two.

    Check the barrel and a stall for some gold.
LOOT: 3 Gold.

Planar Sphere

    There are stairs leading up to this weird sphere that fused itself into the surrounding buildings. If you have spoken to Tolgerias at the Council of Six Building, then you know that in order to open the door to the sphere you need Corthala family's blood.

    Near the sphere you'll find a historian who will explain to you that he believes that this is the same sphere that was built by Lavok five centuries earlier, it was meant to be a planar travelling device of some sort. He'll also tell you that the Cowled Wizards have tried investigating the sphere, albeit fruitlessly. Tirthold nearby thinks that the sphere was sent from the heavens and should be made into an object of worship, paid worship of course.

    Also nearby you will find a person who goes by the name Waylane, who tries to sell you the Planar Sphere for 500 gold. If you buy in to that conman then you'll lose 500 gold, silly you, and Waylane will make legs. If you have Yoshimo in your party, then he will tell Waylane that he's selling the sphere too cheaply. Yoshimo thus improves Waylane's skill to sell things, he now demands 10000 gold for the sphere that he doesn't own. =)
    In the meantime, you can lighten Waylane's pockets of the heavy items that he carries.

"BUY" THE SPHERE: Party Loses 500 Gold.
    Pick Waylane's pockets.
PICK THE POCKET: Potion of Invisibility, 1 Gold.

    Once you have Valygar in your party or Valygar's body in your inventory, you can enter the sphere. Just approach the door and try to enter it, Valygar's blood will give acces to the Planar Sphere.

Slaver Stockade

    This is the entrance to the Slaver Stockade. The door is locked however.

PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp.


    You can find the thief Travin near the northern exit from the Slums. Unfortunately he doesn't happen to have the Dawn Ring - he's just the contact, however, he can point you to the one who has, for a price that is. You can try to intimidate him, thus saving yourself the 400 gold coins. Whatever the way you choose to get information from him, Travin will tell you to go check out the red brick house on top of the Copper Coronet. After giving this information out Travin will make legs, however, if you are quick enough, you can drop him.

TRAVIN: 100 exp, 38 Gold, Leather Armor, Long Sword, Composite Long Bow, Arrows (20).

Borinall's House (AR0417)

Borinall's house (AR0417)

    Right near the entrance to this red brick house, you will find a barrel and a box with some minor treasure. Moreover the door to Borinall's house is locked, so you'll need to pick the lock.

    Scour the nearby surroundings for treasure (box. barrel) and pick the lock on the door.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Infravision], 1 Gold.

    Once you are inside this red brick house, you will be "warmly" greeted by Borinall himself. Borinall will tell you that he'll be glad to get rid of it, but only after you perform a test for him. He wants you to swear your devotion to Talos. If you are a worshipper of Talos then you'd gladly swear it, otherwise, by lying, you may bring the wrath of Talos himself on you.
    If you are presented only with an option to decline such test, then Borinall, together with his goons, will attack you.
    If you lie about your allegiance to Talos, you will be struck down. (How much damage exactly?) What if you ARE a servant of Talos???
    Once you recover the Dawn Ring, return to the Temple of Lathander for your reward. 

    Kill Borinall and loot his house (table, shelf and two locked chests).
BORINALL: 100 exp, Dawn Ring, 45 Gold, Leather Armor, Long Sword;
MUGGERS: 3 x 1000 exp, Random Treasure (3), Studded Leather Armor (3), Short Sword (3), Light Crossbow (3), Bolts (60);
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: War Hammer +1, [Identify], 122 Gold, Silver Ring.

Market Stalls

    On the top of the Copper Coronet you will find some stalls with minor treasure.

    Check out the two stalls and a barrel for treasure.
LOOT: 17 Gold.

Temple of Ilmater (AR0408)

Temple of Ilmater (AR0408)

    At the top of the Copper Coronet you will find yet another temple of the suffering god Ilmater. Other than the Priest of Ilmater, who offers regular temple services, there is a barrel with some gold and that's it.

    Check out the barrel.
LOOT: 2 Gold.

Black Market Thief

    When you visit the top of the Copper Coronet at night, near the Temple of Ilmater you will find a small little fellow peddling his goods of a doubtful origin. You can pickpocket him for a magic scroll.
    Note that the top of Copper Coronet is swarming with Thugs at night, although they should be easy to deal with.




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