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Temple Ruins (AR1404, later AR1400)*

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SHADE WOLVES: 2 x 500 exp;
SHADOWS: 3 x 420 exp.

Wolf Cave (AR1403)

Temple Ruins - Wolf Cave (AR1403)

    Before you approach a wolf cave you'll see a werewolf shout something and hide in the cave. Since one of the main culprits in the deaths in Umar Hills are wolves - you might as well investigate this cave. There is also a Shade Wolf nearby.

SHADE WOLF: 500 exp.

    When you walk inside, you'll see Anath chewing on some nice human meat. During the conversation you'll learn that her wolf pack has fallen under the influence of the Shade Lord that has occupied the temple ruins nearby. She'll ask you whether you will allow her to have her revenge or will you fight her. If you decide to aid Anath she'll tell you to meet her at the temple to the east and come prepared.

    Kill Anath should you disbelieve her.
ANATH: 2200 exp, Gold Necklace, Onyx Ring, Random Treasure.

    What if you talk to her AFTER you have cleansed the temple ruins ???

    Also check out the little stash in the tree for a random gem.
LOOT: Random Gem.

    Shadow Thief

    Up in the northern corner you'll witness the death of the Shadow Thief by the name Lellyn. It turns out that he was from Mazzy Fentan's party. Be sure to read his journal - there is a lot of useful information.

LELLYN: Lellyn's Journal, 39 Gold, Leather Armor, Arrows (20), Long Sword, Composite Long Bow.


    More shades and stuff.

SHADE WOLF: 500 exp;
SHADES: 2 x 420 exp.
    After you defeat the Shade Lord there will be different enemies (in AR1400).
SPOTTED LION: 974 exp.

    Temple Ruins

    As Anath mentioned you should really be prepared when walking in here. There is a mass of Shades and Shade Wolves. You will see Anath's last moments of life, she'll warn you that it is a trap and that you should use the mirror to gather the light and defeat the shades. Keep in mind though that if you do that - you will get no experience for enemies' deaths. If you feel really confident - you could take on all of them, it is possible.
    If you use the mirror to reflect the light, there will be two effects. The first is the appearance of additional Shadows and the second is that the area around the crystal will brighten and any shadow that walks in there will die.

    After you defeat the shadows, explore a bit and you'll see a massive pit with the signs of recent use as if something large clawed its way in. Hmmm, just what kind of a creature that might be?

SHADOW FIEND: 2000 exp;
SHADE WOLVES: 3 x 500 exp;
SHADOWS: 11 x 420 exp.
    After you've used the mirror you'll fight additional enemies.
SHADE WOLF: 500 exp;
SHADES: 4 x 420 exp.


    These stairs lead to the dungeon below the Temple's Ruins.


SHADE WOLVES: 4 x 500 exp.
    After you defeat the Shade Lord there will be different enemies (in AR1400).
WILD DOGS: 2 x 34 exp.

Dungeon Level 1 (AR1401)

... back to Temple Ruins Shadow Barrier Room Prison Statue Corridor Pillar Sun Gem pedestal Impassable barrier Bridge ambush Lava room Crypt Amuana's Tomb Another statue Letter room Shadow barrier Tricksy Shadow ... to the Shadow Dragon Temple Ruins - Dungeon Level 1 (AR1401)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.


    In this corridor you'll find a lone wolf. Kill it.

SHADE WOLF: 500 exp.

    Shadow Barrier

    This is an impassible barrier of magical shadows. You'll need to find a Sun Gem in order to move through it.


    This room is full of wolves and other nasties. It does contain an important item though, the bones of a child prophetess Amuana.

SKELETON WARRIORS: 2 x 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1 (2), Laeral's Tear Necklace (2), Helmet (2);
SHADE WOLVES: 3 x 500 exp.
    Check out the room for treasure (some kind of a sarcophagus).
LOOT: Amuana's Bones, Arrows (80), Bolts (80), Darts (40), Throwing Axes (40).
    After you take the Sun Gem more wolves will appear.
SHADE WOLVES: 3 x 500 exp.


    When you approach the jail cells, the Shadow Jailor will yell that he will not let you free the master's consort. Well, prove him wrong. The consort, as it turns out, is Mazzy Fentan. If you really evil you can let her rot in the cage, otherwise free her. She will offer to join your party if you agree, otherwise she'll wait for you in Trademeet. She has a lot to say about the Shade Lord and the Shadow Dragon that lurks nearby, so pay close attention to what she says. Mazzy believes that in order to lift the shadow you have to destroy the Shade Lord and his altar.

    In the neighboring cell you'll find a pile of rubbish. Check it out for some treasure.

SHADOW JAILOR: 620 exp, Shadow Prison Key, Leather Armor;
SHADOWS: 2 x 420 exp.
    Free Mazzy Fentan.
MAZZY JOINS: 12250 exp.
MAZZY DOESN'T JOIN: World map updated - Trademeet.
    Check out the pile of rubbish in the next cell.
LOOT: Tombelthen's Journal (2nd half), 1 Gold, 40 Bolts, 80 Bullets.


    This statue is a depiction of the sun god Amaunator. It's purpose is to ask riddles and your purpose is to answer them, correctly. For each wrong answer you'll get fried by a Flamestrike.
    One thing worth mentioning is that the statue's eye can be seen to have a container of sorts. However, you cannot click on the container - your mouse cursor turns into the dialogue icon. There is a way to see what's inside, but first you'll have to disarm the trap that is on it's eye. To disarm the trap and open the container you'll need to do the following procedure: move everyone away so that the fog of war covers the statue, now move your mouse over the eye until the cursor changes into respective icon (disarm trap or pick up); now click with your mouse. This little bit of hassle will earn you a diamond, but what's more important is the feeling of accomplishment isn't it? =)

DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
LOOT: Diamond.

    The statue will ask you riddles regarding the different rituals of the sun god. If you answer everything right you'll get a god's symbol.

Morning Ritual

  1. Say a prayer to the Light;
  2. Hold high the Holy Book that the Sun might bless it;
  3. Reflect on the glory of the Light as it conquers the Dark.

Noontide Ritual

  1. Sing a hymn of praise to Amaunator;
  2. Raise your hands to the Light;
  3. Rejoice at the dominance of Light.

Evening Ritual

  1. Recite the Tenets of the Faith;
  2. Hold high your children that they might see the Sun;
  3. Mourn as you watch the Sun give way to the onslaught of night.

COMPLETE THE RITUALS: 45500 exp, Sun Ray Symbol.


    This corridor that leads west from the statue room has some enemies lurking in the shade, hah pun intended.

SHADE WOLF: 500 exp;
SHADES: 2 x 420 exp.


    This pedestal contains a gem that is lighting up the room, if you take it - the shadows will engulf the room, i.e. you'll get attacked by some Shadows. This Sun Gem will allow you to pass past the first Shadow Barrier. Note that once you take the Sun Gem from the pedestal, more wolves will appear in the entrance room.

SHADOWS: 4 x 420 exp.
LOOT: Sun Gem.

    Pillar room

    There is one tall pillar in this room and some Shadows as well. Defeat them to be able to collect the first part of the three Amaunator's rituals, the Morn Ritual.

SHADOWS: 5 x 420 exp.
LOOT: Morn Ritual.

    Shadow Barrier

    This is an impassable barrier of shadow. You'll have to find another way to get on the other side of it.


    In order to move past the impassable shadow barrier you'll have to cross this bridge just a bit north of the barrier. Keep in mind that as soon as you pass the bridge, enemies will spawn and attack you. Now you will enter the lava room.

SHADE WOLVES: 2 x 500 exp;
SHADOWS: 3 x 420 exp.

    Lava room

    This room is filled with hot steaming lava and stepping onto it will burn your characters. Therefore, movement through this room has to be carefully planned and organized. Boots of speed really do help here. There are piles of stone lying among this lava pit. To get the treasure that's in those piles you'll have to get burnt.

    Check out the piles of rubble on the ground and a trapped wall relief.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
LOOT: Pearly White Ioun Stone, Wand of Lightning, [Identify], Bolts of Lightning (40), Arrows of Ice (40), Darts of Wounding (40).


    Past all the lava there is an old crypt of sorts. It is populated with some nasty undead.

BONE GOLEM: 18000 exp;
GREATER MUMMY: 8000 exp;
SKELETON WARRIORS: 2 x 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1, [Armor], Black Opal, Helmet (2), Arrows (20), Composite Long Bow, Two Handed Sword.
    Check out the trapped pillar for treasure.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
LOOT: Tome of Amaunator, Noontide Ritual, Bullets +1 (40), [Wyvern Call].


    This is the tomb of the child prophetess Amuana. When you walk in here for the first time you'll be greeted by two ghosts, her former guardians, Badon and Dettseh. They will ask you to find and return Amuana's bones so that she may finally rest in peace. You may have already found the bones in the room near the entrance.
    When you bring Amuana's bones, the ghosts will summon Amuana herself and, their duty being fulfilled, die. Amuana's ghost will give you a wardstone that will allow you to pass unnoticed past the Shadow Dragon. As long as you don't draw it's attention and do not attack it, the Shadow Dragon will not notice you. Amuana will also give you a part of the Amaunator's symbol.

BRING AMUANA'S BONES: 17750 exp, Shadow Dragon Wardstone, Dawn's Light Symbol.
    Check out what one of the ghosts left on the ground and Amuana's tomb as well.
LOOT: Sunstone Bullet +1 (20), [Pierce Magic], 250 Gold.

    Letter room

    On the approaches to this room you'll run into some more tough undead.

BONE GOLEM: 18000 exp;
GREATER MUMMY: 8000 exp;
SKELETON WARRIORS: 2 x 4000 exp, Two Handed Sword +1, [Improved Mantle], Tchazar Gem, Helmet (2), Arrows (20), Composite Long Bow, Two Handed Sword.

    In order to pass on the other side you'll have to step on the letters that spell out the "name of the Master". If you still haven't figured out the name of the master then click here: Amaunator (hide this). However, on the other side you'll be greeted by yet another Bone Golem.

BONE GOLEM: 18000 exp.

    Another Statue

    In this room you will see yet another statue, this time of a woman who's just waiting for something to be placed in her arms.
    For now, just check out what treasure there is in the container.

LOOT: Sun Gem, Dusk Ritual, Sling +3: Arla's Dragonbane, Sunstone Bullet +1 (10), [Protection from Magic Weapons], [Disintegrate].

    The sun gem that you've found here lifts yet another barrier of shadow.


    In this room you will find an unusual Shade. It wants to deal with you: you get it across the trapped letter floor and it gives you the last piece of Amaunator's Symbol. If you deny it, the Shade will attack you right away. If you agree to help it and take it across the trapped floor, the Shadow will betray you and attack. End it's existence. Then carefully explore the room where the Shadow was in, there is a secret container in the wall, there you will find the last piece of Amaunator's Symbol. With this symbol you'll be able to open the doors that lead further into the dungeon.

SHADOW: 620 exp.
    Check out the secret container in the wall.
LOOT: Lightstone Symbol.
COMBINE AMAUNATOR'S SYMBOL: 21250 exp, Symbol of Amaunator.

    Shadow Barrier

    This is an impassible barrier of magical shadows. You'll need to find a Sun Gem in order to move through it.


    In order to pas through this door you'll have to piece together a symbol of the old god Amaunator. Apparently it has been broken into the three pieces. When you have the symbol combined, the doors will open and you'll be able to descent further into the shadows...

Shadow Dragon Cavern (AR1402)

... back to Dungeon Level 1 Temple Ruins - Shadow Dragon Cavern (AR1402)

    If you walk in here without the Shadow Dragon Wardstone that Amuana gives you - then you are in big trouble because the Shadow Dragon, Thaxll'ssillyia, will attack you immediately. However, if you do have the wardstone then you can take all time you have to prepare yourself for the battle with the dragon right in front of it. Keep in mind though that if you summon creatures, Thaxll'ssillyia seems to attack them. In the meantime, cast protective spells, drink various potions, lay traps etc.

Shadow dragon fighting techniques...

    Defeat Thaxll'ssillyia.
Thaxll'ssillyia: 45000 exp, Shadow Dragon Scales, Crom Faeyr Scroll, Moonbar Gem (2), Water Opal, Black Opal, Sphene Gem, Pearl, 3299 Gold.


    This exit leads you to the corrupted Altar back in the Temple Ruins.

    The Altar

    The Shade Lord is a far less dangerous opponent than the Shadow Dragon. Shade Lord is weak physically, so a good fighter can go one on one and defeat him. Destroy the Altar right away too lest it summon more shades.
    After Shade Lord is defeated, Merella, whose body he inhabited will finally be able to die peacefully. After her dying words, the area will reload and instead of AR1404 now it will be AR1400.

SHADE LORD: 25000 exp;
SHADOW ALTAR: ??? exp;
SHADOW PATRICK: 7000 exp, Darkmail +3, Halberd +2: Duskblade, Composite Long Bow, Leather Armor, Long Sword, Arrows (60);
SHADOW: 420 exp.
    By destroying the Shade Lord you will gain lots of experience.
DESTROY THE SHADE LORD: 44250 exp for each party member;
MERELLA: Cloak of the Stars, King's Tears, Rogue Stone, 4872 Gold.


    This secret stash appears after you've destroyed the Shade Lord (AR1400). However, if your main character is not a ranger - you will not be able to look inside it. What if it is a ranger ...




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