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Trademeet (AR2000)

Trademeet (AR2000)

    Trademeet is a town under attack by wild animals.

Eastern gate

    After you arrive at this gate for the first time you enter Trademeet, you'll witness the fight between the local guards and wild animals. Help the guards defeat them. The Militia Captain will then hail you and direct you to see Lord Logan Coprith

WILD TIGER: 650 exp;
HUGE SPIDER: 270 exp;
DIRE WOLF: 124 exp.
    Pick the pockets of local militia guards.
PICK THE POCKETS: [Cursed Scroll of Petrification], Angel Skin Ring, 47 Gold, Long Sword (3).

Skin Dancer's hideout

    This walled off area is a secret hideout of the infamous skin dancer. If you've talked with Darsidian Moor, he'll tell you to come here in order to catch the Skin Dancer and his accomplice. Darsidian and Rissa will tell you that they've just knocked out the human accomplice of the Skin Dancer and that you should kill it.
    It is up to you whether you kill the unconscious being on the ground or let it live. If you do, then you'll be shortly shown to be a fool. The unconscious being is the actual Raissa, and the Raissa that was talking to you was actually Rejiek. Well, Darsidian and pseudo-Raissa are poor actors and you can easily spot their gig.
    Once you kill the actual Skin Dancers, Raissa will wake up and put her skin back on (growse). However, she is cursed to become one of them too. In order to reverse the evil magic, you have to cast a restoration spell. Either buy the Restoration scroll from a temple or cast a spell if your cleric has it memorized. There is another alternative - to kill Raissa and thusly release her from the curse.

REJIEK HIDESMAN: 14 exp, Raissa's Skin, 7 Gold.

Red Tent (AR2015)

Red Tent (AR2015)

    Here you shall find a Caravan Merchant and Driver. The merchant won't sell you anything until the whole issue with the genies not dealt. Check out the shelves for treasure.

LOOT: Jasper Gem, 1 Gold.

Dao Djinn Tent (AR2014)

Dao Djinn Tent (AR2014)

    Outside of this tent you will find a genie by the name Taquee, pick pocket him for a very nice item - Efreeti Bottle. Taquee will suggest that you go inside the tent and talk to their Khan. Do as he says and go speak with the Khan inside.
    Khan Zahraa will tell you that he and his buddies are here in Trademeet because they hunt a rakshasa by the name Ihtafeer. Apparently they gave up hunting for themselves and instead have taken over the trade in Trademeet, so that the locals would find Ihtafeer instead. You could suggest to him that you can take care of the problem.
    Khan Zahraa has some items for sale too although at the very exorbitant prices - it is for really desperate.

    You could kill the genies - this would solve the trading problem, although the merchants would need time to be resupplied.

Pick Taquee's pockets.
PICK THE POCKET: Efreeti Bottle.
    If you choose to kill the genies - you may do so.
KHAN ZAHRAA: 5000 exp, Scimitar +2, Rashad's Talon;
FAAFIRAH: 5000 exp;
TAQUEE: 5000 exp.

    Once you have Ihtafeer's head, come talk to Khan Zahraa. He will be very pleased and give you a magical sword for your troubles. However, the important thing is that  the genies will leave Trademeet, which means that the merchants will be able to trade again.

BRING IHTAFEER'S HEAD: 10000 exp, Scimitar +2, Rashad's Talon.

    As soon as you deal with the genies and step out of the tent, you will be approached by a women by the name Jenia. She'll ask you to go talk to her son Tiris, apparently he's in some kind of trouble.

Yellow Tent (AR2016)

Yellow Tent (AR2016)

    Here you can find bankrupt merchant Raafee and his wife Salahee. Raafee will describe the predicament that the town merchants are in and suggest that you go speak to the head of the merchant guild Busya.

Southern Gate

    Check out the nearby crates for some treasure.
LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing, 5 Gold, Helmet (7).

Blue Tent (AR2017)

Blue Tent (AR2017)

    This is a pleasure tent and it seems that it has been occupied by a fella named Wilfred the Red. The proprietor of this little pleasure house, Misstress Jeanne, will explain the troubles that her business is going through because of the genies.
    You should speak to the Wilfred fellow and listen to the story of how he killed a dragon and looted a dragon hoard. If you expose his lies by threatening him, he'll give you a thousand gold and boot the hell out of this tent.

    Killing Wilfred will set the two women in the tent hostile as well and you'll end up losing reputation, so it is better to rob the "adventurer". You can pickpocket him for some nice gems, although you should do it before you talk to him.

    Lighten the "adventurer's" pockets.
PICK THE POCKETS: Pearl, Shandon Gem, Heavy Crossbow, Bolts (20).
EXPOSE WILFRED'S LIE: 1000 exp, 1000 Gold.
    Should you choose to kill him - do so at the risk of your reputation.
WILFRED THE RED: 650 exp, 435 Gold, Splint Mail, Helmet, Medium Shield, Morning Star.

Western Gate

    Nearby you'll meet a Rom family: Rinin, Mastav, Jidek and Kveroslava. Kveroslava will tell the character's fortune for a mere 10 gold pieces. She'll tell Viconia that soon she will return home and have a difficult choice to make. Protagonist's path will overwhelm her small gift, although she will discern that you have a blood of the God in you and that you are not alone. Edwin is apparently "an evil, bitter man lusting for power" =)
    Once you saved the town from druids and / or from genies, Jidek will state that he is ready for an adventure and will ask you about Athkatla. You can either dissuade him from going there or encourage him.

DIRE WOLF: 124 exp.
    Lighten the Militia Soldier's pockets.
PICK THE POCKETS: [Summon Djinni], Long Sword.

    Roddy and his cows. Roddy is a drunken "ranger". Roddy will "explain" to you why the animals have turned on Trademeet.

    Check out the sacks near Roddy's cows.
LOOT: Silver Necklace, 4 Gold, History of Halruaa.

    Once you've spoken to Tiris at his home, you should come up here to investigate Tiris' story. You'll be met here by a man by the name Darsidian Moor. He is apparently on the hunt for the creature known as the Skin Dancer and ask for your help in dealing with it. Apparently the Skin Dancer's lair is a bit north of the eastern gate, in a walled off section.

The Market

    Here you will find the Trademeet's merchants be it night or day, although at night you'll only see Wallace. Unfortunately, until you solve the problem with the genies, the merchants will have nothing to sell. Wallace has a scroll case for sale.

    Check out the sack near the southern gate and a table with books further east.
LOOT: Fire Opal Ring, History of the Vast, History of the Unicorn Run, History of Tethyr, History of Sembia, History of the Red Ravens, History of Amn.

    During the day you'll witness an argument between the two Trademeet philosophers. One of them uses his pet bully by the name Huntley to prove the point. It is up to you whether you kill Huntley or not, although it would change the winning side of the argument.

HUNTLEY: 480 exp, [Identify], 18 Gold, Splint Mail, Helmet, Medium Shield, Long Sword (2).

Vyatri's Pub (AR2010)

Vyatri's Pub (AR2010)

    When you first approach the bar desk, you'll run into Viekang who will sense the essence of Baal in you and get really scared. So scared in fact that he'll get teleported away.

    There are a bunch of patrons in this pub: Alenina, Lady Merana plus the usual crowd of drunkards.

    Talk to Vyatri, the barkeep, to learn about the animal attacks and the captured druid that's been held in prison.

    Outside of the pub you'll find Lord Khellon, the halfling who can't build roads because the druids in the Grove won't let him. If you've done your foul deed and poisoned the Grove's Holy Font, then come speak to Lord Khellon to receive your reward.

DESTROY THE DRUIDS: Shield of Harmony +2, 1000 Gold.

Temple of Waukeen (AR2008)

    There are two priests here, Barl and Overgold Renwellyn. You can pick their pockets for some nice stuff. Other than that, expect the usual temple services. Overgold Renwellyn will explain to you the common misconception that Waukeen is dead.

    Pick the priests' pockets.
PICK THE POCKETS: [Conjure Lesser Elemental], Potion of Extra Healing (2), Waterstar Gem.

Mayor's House (AR2007)

Hall Bedroom cabinet ... to Prison Mayor's House (AR2007)

    After you've talked to Lord Coprith and Cernd, and accepted the quest to investigate the Druid Grove, you'll be approached (at night ?) by an ambitious Halfling by the name Lord Khellon Menold (maybe only if you are evil ?). This halfling has ambitions to become the new High Merchant of the town and will propose you to kill the druids and exorcise the Grove of its "evil" spirit. Apparently he has his own motives, so you should be careful when deciding whether to accept his proposal or not. If you accept his proposal, he'll give you a sulphurous poison that you should pour in the druid's font. The reward for doing will apparently be some gold and an enchanted shield. He shall wait for you near Vyatri's Pub entrance.
    Should you not trust him and go tell about what he's said to Logan Coprith, the halfling will simply disappear.


    Guildmistress Busya - will explain about the problems with the genies that seemed to monopolize the trade in the entire town. Once you solve the problem with the druids  Busya will tell you to do something about the genies, the reward will be nice.

    Pick the pockets of Guildmistress Busya.
    Check out the drawers for treasure.
LOOT: 17 Gold.
RID TRADEMEET OF THE DJINN: Shield of Harmony +2, Rogue Stone, Diamond, Jade Ring, Pearl Necklace, 7500 Gold.


    Check out the two night tables for some treasure.
LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing (2), 32 Gold.


    Talk to the High Merchant Logan Coprith. He'll tell you about animal attacks and about a captured druid. Lord Coprith does not believe in the guilt of the captured druid, but would like that you go and interrogate him and help him in his task. Lord Coprith allows the druid to leave under your care too.
    What if you don't ask him for a reward ?

    Pick the pockets of High Merchant Logan Coprith.
    Check out the three bookcases here.
LOOT: Potion of Invisibility, History of Amn, History of Tethyr, History of the Chosen of Mystra, History of Cormyr, History of Halruaa (2), History of the Drow, History of Dambrath, History of Luiren.

    If you've accepted the evil halfling's offer and wiped out the Druid Grove, then Lord Logan Coprith will be severely dissatisfied with you and will no longer talk with you. Otherwise he'll be pleased and  give you a nice monetary reward. After you solve the problem in the Grove, Lord Coprith will ask you to deal with the Dao Djinnis that seemed to occupy the trade in the town.
    When you deal with the Djinnis abd report your progress to Coprith, he'll shower you with money, affection, and even have a little reward ceremony in one of the rooms where you will be proclaimed the "Heroes of Trademeet" and your likenesses shall be displayed on the city fountain.

    As soon as the ceremony will end, you will be approached by Lady Lilith Lurraxol and Lord Skarmaen Alibakkar. Both of them claim to come from a founding family of Trademeet and want you to perform a task for them. Once you've obtained the mantle you can bring it to Lord Coprith to end the feud between the two families.

DESTROY THE DRUIDS: -1 Reputation.
SAVE THE GROVE: Each party member gains 18000 exp, 2000 Gold.
DEAL WITH THE DJINNIS:  +1 Reputation, Each party member gains 25250 exp, 10750 Gold.
BRING THE MANTLE: +1 Reputation, 8000 exp, 250 Gold.


    These stairs lead to the prison below the mayor's manor.

Prison (AR2009)

Trademeet Prison (AR2009)

    Talk to Cernd, the captured Druid. Cernd will tell you that he was sent from the north to investigate the goings on in the area. He suspects the change of leadership in the nearby Druid Grove. If you deny him your company, Cernd will tell you that he'll wait for you at the grove at which point he marks the location of the Druid Grove on your map. If you accept him in your party, he'll also mark the grove on your world map and urge you to travel there as soon as possible.

    Check out the table for some gold.
LOOT: 3 Gold.

Northern gate

    When you arrive at this gate you'll witness yet another assault by animals. You can help the guards fight off the wild animals. Don't forget to lighten the militia's pockets - they don't need all that gold now that there's nothing to buy in town, right ?

WILD TIGER: 650 exp;
GIANT SPIDER: 450 exp;
HUGE SPIDER: 270 exp;
DIRE WOLF: 124 exp.
    Pick the soldiers pockets.

    Through the gates at night you'll find a Shadow Thief by the name of Itona (only after you've accepted the quest to find the rakshasa Ihtafeer). She'll tell you where to look for this shapechanger, apparently you should be on the lookout for an old womanby the name Adratha somewhere near the Druid's Grove.
    You can decide to kill Itona, this way you'll end up having nice Gloves of Missile Snaring ???.

ITONA: 270 exp, Gloves of Missile Snaring, Short Sword +1, Studded Leather Armor.

    A bit further east, inside the city's you'll find two more Shadow Thieves, one of which, Kich, sells fenced items.

Alibakkar Estate (AR2011)

Kitchen Bedroom Alibakkar Estate (AR2011)

    This is the estate of one of the feuding families of Trademeet, the Alibakkars.

    Once you've been invited by Lord Alibakkar for a chat (after becoming the town's heroes), come here and listen to what he has to offer. Lord Alibakkar wants you to retrieve the Mantle of Waukeen from the haunted crypt near the cemetery, he needs it in order to prove that in fact it was his family that founded this town. You are to get a thousand gold for fetching it. if you agree you'll get the key to open the crypt.


    Check out the locked dresser for treasure.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Pearl Necklace, 35 Gold.


    Check out the table and a sack for some treasure.
LOOT: Bullets +1 (2), 20 Gold.

Tiris' Home (AR2006)

Tiris' Home (AR2006)

    This is a home of one young man named Tiris. Talk to him after you've been approached by his mother Jenia. Tiris will describe about the attack on him and his girlfriend Raissa. The attackers apparently had no skin (ski dancers perhaps ?) and one of them goes by the name Rejiek, yep the tanner from Athkatla. Tiris is so ashamed of leaving his Raissa behind that he wants you to go and rescue her. Tiris will tell you that you should go check out the south western gate, perhaps you may find the traces of the skinless creatures.

    Once you've defeated the Skin Dancers you should come up and talk to Tiris. If you've ended up killing Raissa, Tiris will be upset, but you'l get experience nonetheless. If you've saved and healed Raissa, Tiris' parents will thank you for that.

    Check out the shelves, table and a chest for some treasure.
LOOT: Silver Ring, Fire Agate Gem,9 Gold, Dagger (2), Leather Armor, Short Sword, Sling, History of Amn.
KILLED RAISSA: 20000 exp.
HEALED RAISSA: +1 Reputation.

The Smithy (AR2001)

The Smithy (AR2001)

    The smith here won't have anything to sell initially as well until you deal with the genies. After that though, do come here as he sells some nice items including the Robe of the Good Archmagi.

    Check out the two tables and two locked chests for treasure.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: [Summon Fiend], [Magic Missile], 74 Gold.

Fentan Home (AR2002)

Fentan Home (AR2002)

    This is the home of Mazzy Fentan and you will be able to find he here after you've rescued her from the clutches of the Shade Lord and did not accept her into your party. Here you'll find Mazzy and her relatives: Danno Fairfoot, Pala Fentan, Vara Fentan,

    Check out the two chest (one locked) and a closet for treasure.
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Lynx Eye Gem, 9 Gold, Heavy Crossbow.
    You can pickpocket Mazzy for her sword.
PICK THE POCKETS: Sword of Arvoreen.

Luraxxol Estate (AR2012)

Luraxxol Estate (AR2012)

    Nothing of interest here, until you've become a town hero that is. After Lady Lurraxol has approached you, you can come here and talk to her in more detail about the proposition that she has in mind for you. Lady Lurraxol will want you to go and retrieve the Mantle of Waukeen from the haunted crypt. She offers 1000 gold for bringing it. If you agree, you'll get the key to open the crypt.

The Fountain

    Neeber - this is probably a close relative of a guy named Noober that you may have ran into in the vicinity of Nashkel Mines (Baldur's Gate I). This annoying dude will bombard you with silly questions. If you withstand his onslaught and don't kill him, Neeber will thank you for it and give you the rocks that people have been throwing at him.

LISTEN TO NEEBER: Each party member gains 1000 exp, Bullets +2 (5).

    If you've solved the Druid Grove and Dao Djinnin problems and attended Lord Coprith's reward ceremony, then you shall find the statues of your party members here.

The Crypt (AR2013)

Trademeet - The Crypt (AR2013)

    When you agreed to obtain the Mantle of Waukeen for one of the feuding families, on the approach to the crypt you'll be stopped by Lord Coprith who will ask you to bring the mantle to him in order to end the feud. It turns out that the mantle has belonged to the common ancestor of Lurraxols and Alibakkars.

    With the key that you were given, you'll be able to open the doors of the crypt. The fight here is not tough, just beware the Skeleton Warriors as they summon more skeletons.

SKELETON WARRIORS: 2 x 4000 exp, Mantle of Waukeen, Two Handed Sword +1 (2), Random Treasure (2), Helmet (2);
SKELETONS: 2 x 64 exp.

    Once you have the mantle you can bring it to one of the feuding families or to Lord Coprith.


    If you bring the mantle to one of the feuding families, the other contender will appear and each of them will try to grab the mantle from your dead hands. Essentially it becomes one big free for all. You'll have to kill them all. Eventually Lord Coprith will appear in order to stop the bloodshed, be careful because you may accidentally attack him too.

LADY LILITH LURRAXOL: 4000 exp, 25 Gold;
LORD SKARMAEN ALIBAKKAR: 2000 exp, Elven Chain Mail, Small Shield
LURRAXOL GUARDS: 3 x 174 exp, 30 Gold, Plate Mail Armor (3), Helmet (3), Arrows (60), Two Handed Sword (3), Long Bow (3);
ALIBAKKAR GUARDS: 3 x 174 exp, 30 Gold, Plate Mail Armor (3), Helmet (3), Arrows (60), Two Handed Sword (3), Long Bow (3).
    If you kill Lord Coprith, you'll suffer greatly.
HIGH MERCHANT LOGAN COPRITH: 4000 exp, -8 Reputation, Two Handed Sword +1, Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, Full Plate Mail.



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