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Umar Hills (AR1100)*

Umar Hills (AR1100)


    When you first approach here you will be a witness of a conversation between the worried citizens of this little village and their mayor, Minister Lloyd. It turns out there are people going missing. Some of the citizens will blame it on the wolves, the others on the ogre and even on Umar the Witch herself. Mayor will try to calm them down by saying the he already hired one group of adventurers to solve the disappearances enigma. Although the group hasn't came back yet. Minister Lloyd will thus be looking for another band of adventurers. through the course of their ramblings you'll also learn that a local ranger by the name Merella has gone missing too.
    After this cut scene you can talk to the local guard Nelleck to learn his point of view on what is going on in the village. Neleck is sure that it's the wolves behind all the killings in the area. Talk to him an you'll learn a lot of new information.


    Here you'll find some worried merchants who are trying to do business in this village. The merchants will put in their 5 cents about the happenings in the area. You can lighten their pockets should you wish to.
    One of the merchants, Fael, is more than he seems to be. If you buy History of Zhentarim from him or if you already have one in your inventory, as was explained in the Tanner's letter, and name him by his true name (DARCIN COLE - hide this) he'll gladly explain that in order to finish the armor he needs the blood of a silver dragon, although he doesn't have an idea of where to find it. Keep in mind that Fael will leave if you call him by a wrong name or try to say anything else, he'll pretend that he knows nothing about this.
    You can decide to slay him out right, at which point he'll mention that it was a big mistake to cross the Rune.

    Pick the pockets.
BEHERANT DIIR: [Protection from Magic Energy], Lynx Eye Gem, 9 Gold;
ELENCE FIELDING: Silver Ring, 8 Gold;
FAEL: Arrows +1 (5).
    Kill Fael.
FAEL: 250 exp, Leather Armor +1, 40 Gold, War Hammer.

Umar Inn (AR1105)

Storeroom Room 1 Room 2 Umar Hills - Umar Inn (AR1105)

If you want to see the traps on this level, hover your mouse over SHOW TRAPS.

    This shoddy inn is run by a man named Vincenzo. He's quite nuts with Umar the Witch and thinks that it is due to her that there are all these disappearances in the village. If you agree to hear his long story he'll present you with the Umar Witch Project Journal - a clear pun on the Blair Witch movie =).

    Pick the pockets.


    Here you'll find a massive archive of the Umar Witch Project Journal, some 70 copies in all.

    Check the three crates and shelves for some treasure.
LOOT: Potion of Extra Healing (2), Antidote (2), Umar Witch Project Journal (76).

    Room 1

    There is not much here. Check out the locked closet.

PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Bloodstone Ring, 410 Gold.

    Room 2

    In this room you'll find a Book Merchant whose business is going bad. Hey if he had all those copies of Umar Witch Project Journal maybe it would get better, who knows.

    Pick the pockets of the poor Book Merchant.
    Check out the trapped closet.
DISARM THE TRAP: 2750 exp;
PICK THE LOCK: 950 exp;
LOOT: Wad of Fear, Iol Gem, 3 Gold.

Mayor's Home (AR1104)

Umar Hills - Mayor's Home (AR1104)

    This is the humble abode of a mayor of this village. When you talked to Minister Lloyd you can mention that you were sent here by a boy, Delon, in Athkatla. You can offer to solve their problems in return for a reward. What if you don't ask for a reward ?! If you do ask for a reward, the Mayor will promise to give you a suit of magical armor. If you are REALLY nasty, you can demand a payment of gold in advance too. You'll receive a small gold sum. After the deal is sealed, Minister Lloyd will describe the situation about the missing ranger Merella, the disappearances of people in the area and Mazzy Fentan's adventuring party. After his longwinded speech he'll tell you to go check out Merella's cabin to the east or go talk to Madulf up north.
    If you've spoken to Madulf and agreed to help his group to establish peaceful dealings with the villagers, talk to Minister Lloyd and convince him that Madulf's bunch isn't responsible for the killings.

    Check out the two chests and a crate for some treasure.
LOOT: Lynx Eye Gem, 2 Gold.

    After you've returned from the Temple Ruins and slain the Shade Lord, go talk to the mayor to collect your reward. If you are going to press him for extra gold, he'll give it to you albeit you'll lose some reputation.

DEMAND GOLD: 25000 exp, Party loses 1 reputation, The Night's Gift +5, 267 Gold.
DON'T DEMAND GOLD: 25000 exp, The Night's Gift +5.

    It is really up to you whether the 267 gold worth 1 reputation point.

Jermien's Home (AR1103)

Umar Hills - Jermien's Home (AR1103)

    Near this house you'll find a man by the name of Daar. He's a boyfriend of Jermien's daughter Colette and has trouble coming to terms with her father. The young man is clearly stricken by his inability to do something about his predicament.
    Just go inside the house and talk to Jermien. He is a licensed Cowled Wizard. He'll chit chat with out about this and that, however, he'll get really excited when you ask him about the golem that he's building. This overconfident fool is actually trying to build a Stone Golem, although he's missing a key ingredient - the blood of a mimic. If you agree to find this ingredient, he'll give you a magical sword that he won in a bet with a wizard by the name Tolgerias. You may have already ran into him. You are to go and look for this shapechanging creature that most often turns itself into a treasure chest.
    When you bring the blood of a mimic and give it to Jermien, he'll activate his creation, however, the Stone Golem will turn on it's master. You can help Jermien kill it, thus earning his respect. If you do so, Jermien will thank you for it and will agree his daugter to date this Daar fellow. Then Jermien will depart. If you are skilled enough - you can kill him before he disappears thus earning yourself a huge load of gold.

BRING MIMIC'S BLOOD: 19250 exp, Ilbratha +1.
STONE GOLEM: 8000 exp.
    Pick the pocket.
JERMIEN: Bloodstone Amulet.
    Kill Jermien before he departs.
JERMIEN: 4000 exp, 4000 Gold.
    Check out the two chests, shelves and a closet for some treasure.
PICK THE LOCKS: 2 x 950 exp;
LOOT: [Power Word Sleep], [Protection from Normal Weapons], [Contingency], Potion of Fire Resistance, Potion of Clarity, Potion of Genius, 11 Gold.


    Just above Jermien's home you'll be hailed by a bunch of kids, Dirbert, Neler and Valsben, who would like to become adventurers. They'll ask you to buy them three bastard swords and some ale. You have a few choices here: refuse to that outright, buy just the swords, buy just the ale, or buy swords and ale.
    If you refuse to buy them anything, then they'll simply run off - no harm done. Really ?!
    If you decide to buy them swords and ale they'll give you their 200 gold worth of savings. After you bring them the ale and swords they'll venture off to Umar cave and try to fight a dragon there. The dragon would actually be a Deceased Gibberling.
    If you decide to buy just the swords you'll receive 100 gold to do it. What happens after you buy them the swords ???
    If you decide to buy them ale you'll receive 100 gold to do it. What happens then ???

BUY SWORDS AND ALE: 2000 exp, 200 Gold.
BUY SWORDS: 1000 exp, 100 Gold.
BUY ALE: 1000 exp, 100 Gold.


    There are a bunch of peasants here that you could talk to in order to gain some information about the killings etc. Pay attention to Kaatje's story - she's got a lot to say.


    There is a bunch of tasty chickens here. You can try to pickpocket one of them (if such thing is possible). You'll find a Beljuril gem hidden away in one of the chickens. You should take this gem before you complete the Temple Ruins area, otherwise the chickens and hte gem will be gone. Ogres probably ate them =)

    Pick the chicken's pocket (if there is such a thing).


    You'll find some hostile wildlife near this crossing way.

SPOTTED LION: 974 exp.

Ranger Cabin (AR1102)

Umar Hills - Ranger Cabin (AR1102)

    This is the cabin of the ranger Merella who has gone missing. Just carefully search this place to collect clues as to how to proceed further. If you find Merella's Journal or the Note from Mazzy Fentan you will gain important clues as to what to do next (See *).


    Check out the containers for treasure and clues.

    Check out the two tables, shelves and a barrel.
LOOT: Merella's Journal, Bolts of Lightning (20), 9 Gold.


    This bedroom shows clear signs of struggle. It looks like someone was killed here and dragged outside. Pay attention to the floor - you will find a valuable item.

    Check out the room (ground and shelves).
LOOT: A Note from Mazzy Fentan, Acid Arrows (20), 2 Gold.

*FIND CLUES: 22500 exp, World map updated - Temple Ruins.


    When you are ascending the massive stone stairs, somewhere near the top you will be hailed by a bunch of rangers. Should you be the enemy to Valygar, i.e. you've accepted the quest from Tolgerias the wizard to hunt Valygar down, the rangers will attack you. If you prove them that you mean no harm to Valygar, they'll let you through.

    Kill the rangers if you have to.
RANGER: 5000 exp, Flail +1, Gold Ring, 46 Gold, Studded Leather Armor, Large Shield;
RANGERS: 2 x 3200 exp, Jade Ring, 29 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Chain Mail Armor, Arrows (80), Long Bow (2), Long Sword (2);

Valygar's Cabin (AR1101)

Umar Hills - Valygar's Cabin (AR1101)

    This is the hideout of a ranger Valygar who you were to find. Valygar is a capable ranger and will be a great addition to the party.


    The hall is pretty much empty.

    Check out the crate for some gold.
LOOT: 7 Gold.


At first Valygar will be quite suspicious of your intentions and rightly so. Afterall, he's got the Cowled Wizards after him. If you decide to listen to his story you'll learn that his body, whether alive or not, seems to be the key to the Planar Sphere that appeared in the Slums some weeks ago and was created by his ancestor - the necromancer by the name Lavok. Valygar will propose you to go on a quest of ridding Faerun of Lavok's existence. It is up to you whether you let him join your party or kill him for his body. You could also refuse his offer and let him live, however, Valygar will abandon his hideout and could be located later through his servant in Athkatla.

    This is Valygar's equipment if he joins your party: Corthala Family Blade, Corthala Family Armor, Spear, Dagger, Long Bow, Arrows (60).

VALYGAR JOINS: 9500 exp.
    If you decide to kill Valygar for his body...
VALYGAR CORTHALA: ??? exp, Valygar's Body, do you get his equipment too ???.
    Check out the chest and a closet for some treasure.
LOOT: Spear +1, Arrows +1 (10), 47 Gold, Arrows (40), Composite Long Bow, Katana.

Umar Cave (AR1106)

Umar Hills - Umar Cave (AR1106)

    Main cave

    In this cave you will find the Mimic that Jermien has sent you to find. The Mimic shapechanged into a treasure chest. Kill it in order to get it's blood. In the chest you'll find some nice treasure.

    Kill the mimic and take the treasure from the chest.
KILLER MIMIC: 3000 exp;
LOOT: Mimic's Blood, Bullets +1 (40), Darts +1 (40), Diamond.

    If you've given the spoiled brats some swords and ale then you'll find them here fighting a "dragon". The "dragon" turns out to be a Diseased Giberling and it scares them away.

DISEASED GIBBERLING: 50 exp, [Color Spray].


    There are some Umberhulks here, so watch out. They can confuse the hell out of your party. After you kill them, check out the rocks for some treasure.

    Kill the beasts and scour for treasure.
UMBER HULKS: 2 x 4000 exp;
LOOT: Short Sword +1, Arrows +1 (40), Bolts +1 (40), Silver Ring, 89 Gold, Throwing Daggers (40), Throwing Axes (30).

    Madulf the Ogre

    Before you go speak with the Ogre and his animal friends, go a bit north and look for a necklace that lies on the grass. What a pity - someone lost it.

LOOT: Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace.

    Madulf and his fellas are one of the main suspects in the recent slayings in Umar Hills. By talking to them you will learn that they are actually Sythsillian deserters. All they want is to be left alone and, perhaps, do some trading with the village. If you leave his group alone, Madulf will ask you to deliver a word to the mayor that Madulf and his bunch will protect the village from the orcs in the mountains. In return they just want to be left alone. Should you decide to deliver this message, go talk to Minister Lloyd.

    While you are talking to them, you can lighten their pockets of some valuables.

    Pick the pockets.
MADULF: Black Opal, 47 Gold;
MINOTAUR: [Cure Serious Wounds], Potion of Extra Healing (2), 34 Gold;
GNOLL: 47 Gold;
ORC: 29 Gold.

    You may decide to slay them regardless of their stories and report to the mayor about the job done. If you do so, Minister Lloyd will tell you to wait a few hours while he finds that item that he was going to give you. When you return to him a few hours later, you'll learn that there was another killing in the village and that you killing Madulf didn't solve the problem.

MADULF:1750 exp, Morning Star;
MINOTAUR: 1400 exp, Battle Axe;
ORC: 500 exp, Bolts +1 (20), 10 Gold, Splint Mail Armor, Helmet, Heavy Crossbow, Two Handed Sword;
GNOLL: 400 exp, Plate Mail Armor, Halberd, Short Bow;
OGRE: 270 exp, 3 Gold, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Morning Star, Composite Long Bow, Long Sword, Arrows (20).

    If you kill them you will also get the stuff that is pickpocket able too, unless you already stole it.

    After you've slain the Shade Lord (is it ?) talk to Madulf to receive your reward for brokering the deal between the village of Imnesvale and the Ogre.

REWARD: Shield of the Lost +2.


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