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Windspear Hills (AR1200)*

Welcome Party Nook in the rocks Fighters and Gnolls Lousy Goblins Stash Garren Windspear's Cabin Orcs Faerie Grove Gibberlings Entrance to Firkraag's Domain. BEWARE !!! Windspear Hills (AR1200)

    Right when you arrive to Windspear Hills you will be confronted by a bunch of enemies (Ogres, wyvern etc.). When you slay them it will turn out that they were actually paladins and that you are in a lot of booboo. This information you will learn from Garren Windspear who arrives right after the fight is over (how convenient... couldn't he warn about this before ?). Garren will say that the Order of the Radiant Heart will not let this matter rest idly. One thing he can do is to hide you for the time being while you find out what happened and why it happened.

Can you NOT slay them by going invisible or something?

OGRE: 6000 exp, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Two Handed Sword;
BABY WYVERN: 6000 exp, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Two Handed Sword;
OGRE: 5000 exp, Chain Mail Armor, Helmet, Spear;
OGRE MAGE: 5000 exp, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Two Handed Sword;
GNOLL ELITE: 5000 exp, Splint Mail, Helmet, Halberd.
    Check out the niche nearby for some gold.
LOOT: 63 Gold.


    On the way from the place where you've slaughtered a bunch of paladins to Garren's cabin you will find a small crack in the rocks. check it out for a nice gem. There's a Black bear wondering about so be careful.

BLACK BEAR: 174 exp;
LOOT: Star Sapphire.

    Garren's Cabin (AR1204)

Windspear Cabin (AR1204)

    When you come here, Garren Windspear will try to explain the predicament that you are in. He'll say that he once was the lord of these lands and that they were cruelly taken from him by Lord Jierdan Firkraag, the same one that hired you to come here. It seems that you have been cruelly tricked and that Lord Firkraag is trying to discredit you. Garren will reveal that Firkraag is the least of your worries and that you should be more concerned with the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart as it would seek your death for killing its paladins. Although Garren would try to persuade the Order members to be lenient in your case. Saying that, Garren leaves to communicate with the members of the Order.
    After Garren departs, his daughter Iltha will speak to you and ask you to deal with Firkraag. At this point a runner by the name Jum will come in saying that the bandits are heading here.
    The bandits will come in and take Garren's child hostage. during the pre-battle conversation you will learn that they were sent in by the Lord Firkraag. Apparently Firkraag wanted to set you up for the disappearance of Garren's child. Clever bastard. Never fear, dispose of the bandits and then you'll deal with Frikraag himself.

PLATH REDEDGE: 3500 exp, Garnet Gem, 20 Gold, Quarterstaff;
BANDIT: 2500 exp, Sphene Gem, 30 Gold, Plate Mail Armor, Helmet, Large Shield, Battle Axe;
ORCS: 2 x 150 exp, Flamedance Ring, Garnet Gem, Rainbow Obsidian Necklace, 114 Gold, Leather Armor, Bastard Sword, Arrows (20), Battle Axe, Composite Log Bow.
    You can pickpocket Garren Windspear for some important stuff.
PICK THE POCKET: Deed to the Windspear Hills, Composite Long Bow, Arrows (20).

    After you kill the bandits, Garren will appear. He will understand that it wasn't you who stole his daughter, however, he would not want to live in Firkraag's shadow no more. You can offer your help in this matter.

    What if you agree to help him immediately (solely him or for the cause of the two of you)  ?

    After you have talked with Garren, the runner who warned about the bandits, Jum, will come up to talk to you. He'll say that the bandits have left him a message. It is Firkraag's Challenge. Apparently Lord Firkraag has tired of simply destroying your honor and wants to give you a chance to restore it. You are to come up Northeast and meet him, the it will be decided who is the better of the two.
    Well you should head out and meet this challenge head on, however, be prepared ! Be very prepared ! Lord Firkaag is not what he seems to be.

    Upon your return from the Firkraag's Dungeon, if you've decided to betray Garren by obtaining his deed for Firkraag, Gerren will become hostile and you'll have to kill him.

GARREN WINDSPEAR: 14 exp, Deed to the Windspear Hills, Chain Mail Armor, Short Sword, Composite Long Bow, Arrows (20).

What if you pickpocket the deed before you go to face Firkraag ? Maybe then you won't need to kill Garren ?

    Return to Firkraag to get your reward.

    If you, however, rescued Iltha then Garren will thank you for that and you will receive a large experience reward. Although, if you rescue Iltha but do not slay Firkraag, reward would be smaller ?!

HELP GARREN: Each party member gains 44500 exp.

    After that, if you've killed Firkraag and talked to Garren you will receive more experience.

SLAY FIRKRAAG: Each party member gains 44500 exp.


    In this little stash in the rocks you'll find a little bit of gold. There's a wild dog guarding it.

WILD DOG: 34 exp.
LOOT: 11 Gold.


    A bit south from the stash is a group of Orcs. There is also a tiny tiny hole in the ground, although there is nothing inside it.

ORCS: 3 x 94 exp, Random Treasure (3), Leather Armor (3), Bastard Sword (3);
ORC ARCHERS: 3 x 34 exp, Arrows +1 (60), Random Treasure (3), Leather Armor (3), Helmet (3), Long Bow (3).

    Faerie Grove

    In the southeastern part of the map you'll find a bunch of Dryads. If you've been hauling the acorns that the Dryads in Irenicus' Dungeon gave you, you can give them to Vaelasa so that they are planted and the Dryads trapped in Irenicus' Dungeon will be freed. The Dryad Queen will replant the acorns, this freeing the trapped Dryads, and will thank you for your help.

BRING ACORNS TO VAELASA: 32500 exp, Party loses an item: Acorns;


    Right near the Faerie Grove you'll be attacked by a gang of Mutated Gibberlings. They don't pose much threat. Also somewhere around here you'll find an annoying acid spitting Ankheg. Kill it for it's shell? you can take it to Cromwell in Athkatla to make a good armor.

ANKHEG: 974 exp, Ankheg Shell, [Summon Djinni];
GIBBERLINGS: 2 x 34 exp, Random Treasure (2);

    Fighters and Gnolls

    When you come up here you will see some Fighters fighting with the Gnolls. You can step in and help if you feel like it. Although, after the Gnolls are slaughtered, the Fighters will turn out to be Werewolves. Fighting them is much tougher, although not impossible, than fighting Gnolls.

    Is it during nighttime only ?!

WEREWOLVES: 6 x 420 exp, Bastard Sword (6);
GNOLLS: 6 x 34 exp, Random Small Amount of Gold (6), Halberd (6).


    There are some wimpy goblins waiting to die here. Send them to a better world.

GOBLINS: 6 x 20 exp, Random Small Treasure (4), Battle Axe (4), Composite Long Bow (2), Arrows (160).

    Entrance to Firkraag's Domain

    This imposing entrance should give you some hints as to the power of Lord Firkraag. Right near the entrance you'll find a gem lying on the ground. When you enter here, you end up in Firkraag's Domain.

LOOT: Fire Agate Gem.







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